As your premier provider of storage products in various areas such as gaming, sports and creative, Ultra Pro boasts impressive list of awesome products that cater to your needs. Read more about Ultra Pro Malaysia here.


Ultra Pro Malaysia - All About Establishing The Standard In Safe Storage

More often than not, we always take things for granted when it comes to storing and securing our own personal belongings. This is because we just get and grab whatever that can be used such as plastic bags and others in organizing our items. Not only these are just poor attempts in sorting them out, but also it shows that there is a lack of standard when it comes to safe storage. Additionally, these simple solutions are hardly effective in protecting your items, especially your beloved collections.

Once you have proper way of storing and securing your items, it will be easier in transporting them and bringing them around. If you are looking for a brand that can guide you in storing and organizing your items, you can take a look at Ultra Pro. For more that fifty years, Ultra Pro is the world's leading manufacturer of sports and gaming collectibles accessories, scrapbooking albums and pages and sleeves for computer tablets.

Short Tale Of Ultra Pro

Since 1952, Ultra Pro has been designing, developing and manufacturing premium quality products that are well-regarded for being highly innovative in solving problems. Not just that, Ultra Pro products are famous for being durable and reliable at the same time. Among gamers and collectors alike, Ultra Pro products are just popular because they just offer surprisingly high level of protection despite being affordable.

As a privately-held, family-owned company, Ultra Pro continues to grow with vigor despite looking like a small time player. The strength of Ultra Pro lies in a top tier network of over 150 distributors and customers in North America, Europe and Asia. From such powerful network, Ultra Pro is able to supply all of its products to hobby shops, retails and toy stores around the world. Unsurprisingly, Ultra Pro products can be said to be common among gamers and collectors around the world as it is able to provide a comprehensive storage solution that caters to all kinds of situations. Thanks to its long history of operation, Ultra Pro definitely boasts a solid reputation when it comes to premium quality storage.

Investing Protection For Peace Of Mind

"I Wanna Be The Very Best!"

- A familiar rallying cry that is followed by epic guitar solo.

Most people always underestimate the value of being able to store and secure your stuff. As mentioned earlier, storing and securing your item gives you the benefit to be able to carry them around. When it comes to bring your collections to other places such as hobby centers and others, it is important to store them inside storage cases that are highly portable. Additionally, it is about giving your items to enjoy total protection from all angles and all elements. Thanks to Ultra Pro, it is able to design and provide you with various options to store your wonderful collection of cards, comic books, sport equipment,memorabilia and others. In other words, Ultra Pro products are the best products to protect your valuable items. Whether you are card player, comic book ormemorabiliacollector, Ultra Pro products are perfect in taking care of your collection.

A True Guardian Of Your Collection

Built with highest standards, Ultra Pro storage products are your faithful guardians of your collection since they are able to last for a long time. This makes them to be perfect in protecting your collection as you do not have to worry about replacing them frequently. Aside from boasting such endurance, these Ultra Pro products also possess one of the most qualities in protecting your collection: durability. Designed to offer total protection from inside and out, Ultra Pro storage products are tough so that your collection will be safe and sound.

Essential Guide In Getting Ultra Pro Products

Ultra Pro Gaming
Boasting tons of Ultra Pro for gaming purpose, you should take a look at Ultra Pro Gaming for more specialized Ultra Pro gaming accessories. These Ultra Pro storage products are essential in sroting and securing your collection for both gaming and display purposes.
Ultra Pro Card Sorting Tray
Simple and lightweight,Ultra Pro Card Sorting Tray is what you need in organizing your trading cards. With its 18 slanted compartments that store your trading cards, you can also use it to display your vaunted collection of beautiful cards. Not just that, this Ultra Pro product is extremely easy to carry around.
Ultra Pro PRO Tower Deck Box
Designed for supreme convenience when it comes to storing your cards effortlessly,Ultra Pro PRO Tower Deck Box boasts different compartments for different items. The Ultra Pro PRO Tower Deck Box comes with a swinging oversized card compartment. For its top compartment, you can trust it to hold more than 100 sleeved cards. You can use its inner bottom tray to store 80 sleeved cards, tokens or dices. As its top flap holds the box securely with its magnetic button, you do not have to worry that its content will be spilled out!
Ultra Pro Sports

When it comes to storing your favorite sports memorabilia, Ultra Pro Sports series boasts many storage products that are designed to protect your valuable collection. At the same time, they are also designed to display your sports memorabilia in their stunning glories. In simpler terms, these Ultra Pro Sports products are able to perform the roles of both protective and display cases at the same time.

Ultra Pro Jersey Holder

This Ultra Pro product is designed to hold and protect your valuable memorabilia especially that particular jersey that was signed by your favorite player. In addition, the Ultra Pro Jersey Holder is alsohangable for easy home or retail display.

Ultra Pro Z Design
This unique Ultra Pro Z Design series is truly incredible when it features several different display cases for you to proudly display your favorite sports memorabilia in the form of balls such as footballs, basketball, baseball, puck and American football.
Ultra ProTraveler's Bat Tube
Combining Ultra Pro Bat Tube with a premium padded shoulder strap,Traveler's Bat Tube has been designed exclusively to hold a regulation size bat, maps, document, blueprints, posters and drawings. The shoulder strap is also highly adjustable in order to suit your shoulder when carrying it around. Basically, it operates like a well-crafted scabbard to a sword. In fact, the design of Ultra Pro Bat Tube exudes such high level of craftsmanship that will probably make you feel like a lone swordsman.
Ultra Pro Creative

For those that require protection of their "creative items" such as photos that usually come in different sizes, Ultra Pro Creative series is contains many products that perform their duties of protecting them very well. Fascinating, this Ultra Pro Creative series also offers amazing tablet sleeves in the form of Ultra Pro Ultra Sleeves.

Ultra Pro Ultra Sleeves
As your computer tablet is vulnerable to all forms of attack, you will definitely take something to cover and protect it. You are going to need something like... Ultra Sleeves! Basically, Ultra Sleeves is best to be described as disposable protection for computer tablets. With that incredible protection, you can protect both yourself and computer tablet against contamination.
Despite being disposable, each Ultra Sleeves is made from premium quality plastic film that is remarkable for being acid-free and recyclable. At the same time, the material also features anti-static capability in order to protect your expensive electronic device thoroughly.
Thanks to the use of special double adhesive strips that come with resealable adhesive and strong seal, you will be able to open and close the Ultra Sleeves effortlessly when it comes to charging your battery of your electronic device.

Protecting Your Prized Possessions

Proudly providing tons of products that cater to your needs, Ultra Pro proves that it always able to solution to everyone that faces many different kinds of problems. Ultra Pro products have been designed to protect your prized possessions, be it cards or comic books. Aside from cards and comic books, you can trust Ultra Pro products to protect your beloved memorabilia, tablets, sport equipment and others. At the end of day, you can trust Ultra Pro in protecting your prized possessions.