Update your wardrobe for the upcoming fall with the timeless, classic and iconic sheepskin boots, UGG from UGG Australia. Once dubbed as the ugly boots, these iconic sheepskin boots were the perfect remedy for the cold and numb wet feet. Now, with the new updated version of the classic sheepskin boots, everyone seems to be sporting the boots, from your average girl next door to the hot A-list celebrities. It’s a sign that the iconic boots are coming back. Want to know where you can get a pair UGG boots? Scroll down below to find out how to get a pair of these iconic sheepskin boots at iprice!

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How UGG is built to be what it is today

The story of UGG begins in 1978 when a young Australian surfer named Brian Smith founded the UGG Australia against the backdrop of Southern California’s endless beaches and relaxed casual culture. It was here where his iconic classic sheepskin boots were first introduced to the world. The unforgettable sheepskin boots were an instant hit within the LA surfer community.

In 1995, Deckers Outdoor Corporation purchased UGG Australia and quickly repositioned it from a regional surf brand to a luxury and comfort brand, targeting a high-end distribution in marketing and high-end fashion magazines. Soon, it wasn’t just the surfers who are slipping them on. Men and women from every level of society were attracted to the authentic, emotional and individual feeling that came with the UGG sheepskin boots.

After that, the UGG boots became a worldwide phenomenon as a result of UGG using only the finest sheepskin available and employing the highest standards of craftsmanship and every product they made, from boots to slippers. As the relentless demand for the brand increases, UGG offered numerous color and style variations such as pink, and baby blue, which sparked an outright frenzy. As the widespread love of UGG continued to catch fire, the brand opened concept stores across the globe to give consumers everywhere access, from the full breadth of products to the ultimate UGG experience.

In addition of flagship stores in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, UGG concept stores continued to open in the world’s leading cities including London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, and Tokyo, with more planned every year. Today, UGG Australia is one of the famous and enduring brands in the world. What begins as a pair of boots on the beach in the Southern California is now a brand that is firmly established in the hearts and minds of passionate fans across the world. People didn’t just like wearing UGG products, they fell in love with them, and never want to take them off.

New collection debut

Rejoice, fans of the Star Wars trilogy! Embrace the dark side of yours with the limited edition Star Wars UGG boots collection, scheduled to release end of this year. The brand is launching a line of men’s, women’s and kid’s boots and slippers, inspired by the iconic science fiction movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. In collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, eight different styles inspired by Darth Vader, will be featured in the collection, and each boot have a signature red symbol for the film associated with the Empire and the Dark Side.

A custom tag that is embedded with popular quotes from the movie, as well as a storyboard tissue paper packaging and a special edition box are included in this collection as well. If Darth Vader isn’t your favorite character, do not fret as the brand will also be launching two more collections inspired by other popular characters from the movie.

But, who is going to be this time? Will it be the wise master Yoda? Han Solo or Chewbacca? R2-D2? Regardless of whichever character the brand decided on, one thing for sure, fans of the trilogy will be waiting excitedly for the upcoming UGG boots collection.

A hit with everyone, from your average girl next door to A-list celebrities

UGG boots have definitely come a long way. What begins as a pair of boots on the beach for men has become the definitive must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. For many, the classic, iconic sheepskin boots remain as the most luxurious and comfortable boots that everyone adores- moms, teens, fashionistas and even the celebrities. Celebrity following include Stella McCartney, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Kate Upton, Sienna Miller, Blake Lively and even Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and The City who were spotted wearing the iconic boots, famously styled with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Care for your UGG boots

One of the best things about the UGG boots is that it keeps your feet warm and comfortable without going out of style. While the shapeless sheepskin boots were dubbed as an ugly footwear in the past, the UGG boots have become a wardrobe staple for many people. Below are 5 helpful tips to keep your UGG boots in tip-top shape.

  • Before you begin to wear your UGG boots, treat your boots with some water and stain repellant. This is to prevent any initial staining.

  • Protect your UGG and the sheepskin boots, either with a spray or a conditioner to prevent dirt from building up on your expensive boots.

  • Wear socks to prevent to avoid ruining the in-soles and the fur of the boots from the sweat of your feet.

  • When storing your boots during summer, stuff some paper into your boots to retain its shape and to prevent sagging. Make sure the boots were completely dry before storing. This is to prevent mold from forming.

  • Use a soft-bristled, suede brush when brushing your UGG boots. A hard, stiff, and coarse brush may help to get rid of the dirt, but it could also leave permanent marks on the boots.

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