With so many telecommunications companies offering prepaid and postpaid packages today, choosing one is not as easy as it might seem. Over the years, U Mobile has grown to become a favourite amongst Malaysians for offering affordable phone plans. Read on to find out more about U Mobile below.


Advantage of Using U Mobile Plans

Smartphones today allow you to do so much more than just make calls and reply messages, transforming them from discretionary wants to non-negotiable needs. However, for you to use these advanced features, you will still need to equip it with a phone plan. To meet the growing demands of consumers, telecommunications provider U Mobile has tailored several plans to match the needs and wants of data users in Malaysia. Typically, U Mobile provides two types of phone plans available to Malaysians – prepaid and postpaid. Both types have respective advantages, depending on your personal usage. Prepaid plans provided by U Mobile are ideal for users looking for phone functionality at affordable rates. These plans basically offer users access to texting, talk time, and data for mobile Internet.

More Flexible

An advantage offered by prepaid plans is that you have flexibility as you will only pay for what you will be using, preventing you from paying for unnecessary extra costs for services you might not need or want. These plans allow you to pay on a monthly basis, keeping you from committing to a long-term contract which you might not be able to afford down the line.

Different Plans for Every Month

Moreover, U Mobile enables you to choose different prepaid plans based on your financial capability. For example, if you are feeling tight financially for a particular month, you can choose a plan that cost less with fewer benefits. There is also no credit checks or deposits required when it comes to purchasing and using prepaid plans. These seemingly small perks can go a long way in helping you to save that few extra bucks monthly.

No Termination Fees

Another advantage of using a prepaid plan is that there are no termination fees if you want to cancel a contract or you plan to switch service providers. With a postpaid plan, the termination fees can costs up to hundreds of ringgit if you switch to a new provider before the terms are fulfilled.

Benefits of Using U Mobile Postpaid Plans

Apart from prepaid plans, U Mobile also offers a wide selection of postpaid plans for Malaysians, available across different price and data ranges. This allows their consumers to choose which plan suits their needs the most, usually defined by how much data they need to use monthly. At the end of each month, U Mobile will bill the consumer based on how much data you have used. Here are some of the benefits of using postpaid plans compared to their prepaid counterparts:

Better Access to Newest Phones

Most mobile operators today, including U Mobile, offer package deals when it comes to their postpaid plans; sign up for a postpaid plan for 24 months and you can buy a smartphone (usually the latest flagship smartphones) at a discounted rate. Hence, these postpaid plans are great for individuals looking to change their phones yet do not have the financials to purchase a new smartphone at full price.

Never Run Out of Data

Another advantage of using postpaid plans is that you do not have to worry about running out of data. No matter how many GBs worth of data did you sign up for, U Mobile will not cut off your usage, even if you have exceeded your monthly limit. However, you need to keep in mind that postpaid plans are charged how much data you use, so you might need to pay extra charges if you have exceeded the monthly quota.

Do Not Require Manual Top-Up

One of the biggest downsides of prepaid plans is that you have to physically top up your credit and data whenever you run out, either by dropping by at the convenience store, purchasing it through online banking. Postpaid plans, on the other hand, are automatically renewed every month, thus providing more convenience to the user.

Comes with Special Bonuses

This is one of the reasons why U Mobile has grown to become a favourite amongst Malaysians today; the company generously offers its postpaid customers with many extra perks and bonuses such as free data for international roaming, unlimited data for music and video streaming and social media usage, etc. available at an affordable price tag.

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