With the birth of the digital age, we were meant to put our paper and pens aside. Nonetheless, people still enjoy the novelty of owning stationeries, because not everything revolves around technology. Take a look at what Typo stationary in Malaysia has to offer and click here to get gift ideas for your friends exclusively from the brand!


Unique presents to gift your friends with Typo Malaysia

A stationery-focused brand under the Cotton On group, Typo sells an array of quirky items. Other than stationeries, the brand sells home decoration, accessories, art and craft and much more. Check out some of the unique presents to gift your friends below.

Stationery Beaker Jar LCN DC Comics Erasers

A great present for any DC fans out there! This one of a kind gift comes in fun-sized beaker jars with cork lids. You can either choose sets of bulldog clips or erasers in bright designs! The eraser jar comes with 2 pebble-shaped erasers with Batman and Superman printed on it. On the other hand, the bulldog clip jar comes with 6 printed metal clips. The jar is made of glass, so it might make a suitable for younger children. The erase is made with 100% rubber while the bulldog clips are made from 100% metal.

Essential planner

Another unique gift for friends who you think needs a little organization in their life, the essential planner comes in a handy size that can be taken anywhere with you! It is also the most popular stationary item in Typo Malaysia. The planner features a weekly layout, public holidays, and reference calendars. Moreover, it is only 0.5cm thick and can be simply packed in any school or work bag. This planner comes in plenty of fun and humorous printed cover designs such as My (Dis)organized life, Do Epic Sh#t, and much more.

Typo bookends

Perhaps one of the ideal décor accessories, Typo bookends comes in various styles that will be loved by both children and adult. It could be placed in the bedroom, study or homely environment which will make the area a little more vibrant. The bookends are made of Polyresin which is a sturdy material and bears a similar appearance to porcelain and pottery. Choose from a range of designs such as rainbow, gold hands, stars and moon and so on.

Jumbo gel pen

One of the best gifts for your artistic friends, the jumbo gel pen which comes in a pack of 24 colours will brighten anyone’s day! It comes in a rainbow of glittery and bright shades that are sure to give a splash of colour to any boring notebooks and diaries. It features smooth writing gel ink of vivid neons, glitters, and metallic colours.

Stamp it pad

Have fun stamping with the stamp it pad which comes in a pack of three. You can either pick the pack with blue, black, and pink or red, purple or black. Furthermore, it comes in a simple packaging so there is no hassle when it comes to utilizing it.

Get all sorts of accessories for your phones, tablets, and camera only with Typo in Malaysia.