Millennials love everything aesthetic and that’s why they love Typo and its products. From stationery to gadget accessories, Typo Malaysia has everything you need to spice up your space. You can guarantee that all of Typo’s products and supplies will add a splash of millennial aesthetic to your work or study life.


All the Essential Items You Should Get from Typo Malaysia

Why settle for boring office supplies and home décor when you can spice it up with aesthetic supplies? As a subsidiary of Cotton On, the Typo store has everything you need to help you study, work, travel, shower, and more while spicing it up with unique designs that follow today’s trends.

Typo Stationery

The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind when it comes to the Typo store is fun and unique stationery. People these days don’t want to just settle for plain notebooks and supplies so the Typo store provides a great alternative. The stationery from Typo Malaysia include diaries, journals, planners, notebooks, writing tools, and miscellaneous desk accessories. They are not your typical stationery, though; for instance, the novelty pencils and pens are attached with a design of flamingos, pretzel, a faux diamond, and even a middle finger design to (hopefully) prevent anyone from stealing your precious Typo pen.

Typo Home Décor and Homeware

Not only does the Typo store can help amp up your work or study sessions, their products can also help your house and any other spaces more cozy and homey. The Typo homeware product lie includes wall arts, pillows, cushions, lighting, and even candles so not only your house will look good, it will also smell good.

Typo also has other miscellaneous items like easel chalkboard like those usually found outside of cafes and pubs, makeup brushes (rose gold, of course), robes, and bath bombs. Other than that, the Typo store also offers fun mugs and other dining utensils that are as unique as their stationery like mugs in the shape of popcorn, R2D2 from Star Wars, or a mug shaped like an amplifier.

Typo Travel Accessories

If you’re a busy bee who’s always on-the-go or you just simply need to satisfy your wanderlust, Typo Malaysia has some great things in store for you. To keep up with all the unique novelty stationery and homeware, you need to check out Typo’s travel accessories. In this collection, you can find carry-on suitcases with trendy designs like marble and chevron, travel wallets, passport covers, and travel sets that include toiletry bags, sleep masks, luggage tags, and more.

Typo Tech Accessories

Millennials are tech-savvy and that’s a fact; to go along with their high-end gadgets, they need novelty tech accessories that separate them from all the basics. If you’re not a tech-savvy millennial, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t accessorize your gadget with products from the Typo store anyway.

Typo has camera lens compatible for most smartphones to elevate your selfie or Instagram game, laptop covers and bags so you can carry your laptops with style, earphones and headphones with printed designs, power banks, novelty phone cases, and speakers, including a waterproof speaker for you to use in the shower.

Typo Gift Ideas

Sharing is caring and Typo stationery and trinkets are better if they’re shared. They make the perfect little gift for your loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and any other special occasions. If you’re not sure which Typo stationery and products you should give to your loved ones, follow these simple steps.

Find their interests

The first thing you should do is to get to know your loved ones and find out their interests. For instance, if they’re tech-savvy and loves to travel, go for the laptop bags to help them carry their gadgets safely across the world. If music is their passion, you can give them Typo speakers, earphones, or headphones.

Let them make their own gifts

If you still have no clue what your dear ones are interested in, you can buy them a gift that they can make or craft themselves using items from the Typo store. There’s a variety of arts and crafts supply like postcards, twine, hand and peg frame kit, stamp pads, and kits to make their own DIY dreamcatchers.

Or give them something that you made

Another way of giving a thoughtful gift is to create your own presents. Instead of letting them do the DIY projects themselves, you can take it upon yourself to create something unique for each one of your friends and family members. Take their interests and hobbies into consideration and you can make personalized presents that can hold more sentimental values.

Complete the gift with a message

To make your gift even more unique, give them a card and write a heartfelt or playful message. Typo Malaysia has some great gift cards with a variety of designs and quotes for every occasion. The gift cards from the Typo store are not your run-of-the-mill gift cards, they often feature memes, funny and witty phrases, as well as cute, aesthetically-pleasing designs.