“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing.”

One should never underestimate the power of tea. The magic in one cup of tea can simply make everything better. Twining does not only make your life better but its rich and heavenly taste awakens your taste buds like never before. Click here to find out more.


Twinings of London: Experience The Taste of Elegance In A Cup Of Tea

Twinings Malaysia: The History and Heritage

At a young age of 26 years old, Thomas Twining decided to venture into tea import business. His experience and knowledge acquired while working with East Indian Company earlier was an added advantage as he learnt many things about importing tea business.

In 1706, Thomas Twining established his Twining shop at The Strand, London. His shop was placed at the Tom’s Coffee House and it became an instant success due to its strategic location between London and Westminster. It was a favourite place for the upper echelons to hang out or to conduct their business meetings.

As a result, Tom’s Coffee house continued to gain wide recognition and it was known to have the best tea in town. In addition to that, tea was initially famous among the aristocrats due to its high import taxes. Eventually, tea drinking habit became a practice for the elite members of the society with upper class women buying tea for the shop to be served at their tea parties.

Today tea has become a popular culture even among the common people. Twinings is now globally recognised brands in more than 115 countries. It is perceived as the face of the tea industry owing to its rich heritage and history. Twinings continues to innovate and produce high quality teas for the loyal customers around the world.

Looking Beyond a Cup of Tea with Twinings Malaysia

Every bag of tea has a distinctive taste and the taste can differ due to many factors. A typical tea garden can be very large, thus the result of the tea plantation is affected by the soil, topography and so on. The external environment influences the taste of the tea greatly. Creating the same taste of tea is near impossible but the team behind Twinings has high expertise and experience in doing so.

Twinings tea production is very concern towards the quality and the taste of tea that the company produces. The newly created batch is usually compared to the master blend to ensure that the tea created matches the standard of the master blend. The ‘rolling production samples’ technique helps Twinings to make a perfect tea blends. Once it is approved, the tea is produced in a large batch and it is packed into tea bags or loose teas. Finally it has to be approved by Twinings tea experts for its premium quality and taste.

Twinings Malaysia: The Selection of Teas

Twinings has a wide range of teas that will definitely make your tea session an amazing experience:

Classic Black Tea range is made out of rich flavours. This original premium tea of Twninings is indeed a unique work of art.

Earl Grey Tea
English Breakfast
Finest Ceylon
Lady Grey
Selection Pack

    You may also try Flavoured Black Tea Range which is a combination of aromatic fruits and plants and black tea.

    Four Red Fruits Tea
    Lemon Tea
    Peach Tea
    Vanilla Tea

      Green tea has become a favourite among many people because of its amazing health benefits. Even modern beauty treatment infuses the power of green tea to boost healthy body and beauty. Enjoy Twinings Green Tea Range to feel refreshed and hydrated all day long.

      Green Tea & Apple
      Green Tea Selection
      Jasmine Green Tea
      Pure Green Tea

        If you love a blend of wilderness in you daily cup of tea, Twinings Herb & Fruit Infusions is your match made in heaven. You can now enjoy sweet smelling fruits and herbs in this caffeine free range of teas.

        Camomile, Honey & Vanilla
        Lemon & Ginger
        Pure Camomile
        Pure Peppermint
        Strawberry & Mango

          Twinings Discovery Range is a blend of large-leaf teas mixed with sensational aromatic flavours, and amazing contents. Packed in rich and premium silky bags, this range will be a favourite among the premium tea lovers.

          Budding Meadow Camomile
          Golden Tipped English Breakfast
          London Strand Earl Grey
          Pure Sencha Green Tea

            Enjoy a classic way of tea session with loose tea instead of tea bags. Reminding you of rich heritage and premium lifestyle, Twinings Loose Tea is a must-have in every home.

            Ceylon Orange Pekoe
            Earl Grey
            English Breakfast
            Gunpowder Green Tea
            Lady Grey
            Prince of Wales
            Vintage Darjeeling

              Good News For Tea Lovers

              If you have a committed relationship with tea, then you are in the right path. Besides enjoying the taste of the aesthetic tea, a good cup of tea also keeps you healthy. Your body loses fluid every hour and tea is the perfect way of replenishing the fluid in your body. It keeps you hydrated in hot weather and also gives you a refreshing and balanced feeling. Moreover, tea contains catechin which has anti-free radical property to prevent cancer.

              Buy Twinings Online Malaysia Now

              Catherine Douzel once said, “Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage”. With Twinings, you can now experience every part of the world in just a cup of tea. You may also check out other brands such as Numi Tea, Alvita Teas, Stash Tea and more.