DVD players are one of the best ways to kick back and relax to enjoy movies on your own whim. No more cinema lines and cinema schedules, you decide when you are watching. Learn more about DVD players below.

How do I choose a DVD player? | What other file types play on DVD players?


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What You Need to Know About DVD Players in Malaysia

The term DVD is the acronym for Digital Video Disk, a media which was initially designed for video storage. Eventually, when DVD's popularity soared and became a preferred storage media over its predecessor the CD. With that, the words that made up its acronym was changed to Digital Versatile Disk.

DVD Media Format and Support

With today's super-powered protocols, you should be certain that your DVD player supports the new HD format. High-definition is exactly what its name implies, yet it produces so much more. Most devices made in the last year or two will have these capabilities and still display the same traditional DVDs from previous decades. The difference in HD is the quality and resolution that you'll be able to view with your crisp, new home theatre system.


This is the most common type of DVD data, which the DVD was originally designed to do. The invention of DVDs was a giant leap into the future, as it could reinvent how videos could work in media players. Most DVDs released movies flaunt an interactive video interface, a feature that could never be applied to CD videos.


The most prominent advantage of DVD over CD is its storage capacity. While CDs can only store around 650 to 800MB worth of digital file, the DVD, on the other hand, can hold up to 1 to 16 gigabytes depending on the types. With the advantage of having more storage space, DVD videos boast a higher quality than the CD, perhaps 3 to 4x better. DVDs that could store more than 4.7 gigabytes double-layered DVD disks or Double-sided.

DVD Players Types

The various model types and styles available are numerous, and there are different price levels and options to suit every need. Electronic manufacturers Sony, Philips, Sylvania, Coby, Panasonic and RCA just to name the most popular brands are revolutionising the way we watch DVDs. There are flip screen models, headrest-mounted players, dual Portable DVD Players (some which allow you the flexibility of watching two different films simultaneously or play the same film on both screens) and enough screen sizes and resolution levels to satisfy even the most demanding consumer. Besides that, DVDs’ popularity paved the way for many DVD players to offer alternative methods of playing multimedia files, like those stored in flash disks that can be played through built-in USB ports in DVD players.

Entertainment Value

As far as modern-day inventions go, there are more impressive and advanced gadgets than the Portable DVD Player. The smartphones and tablets come foremost to mind - but not many offer as much entertainment value as DVD players, especially when you're away from a wi-fi connection. Aside from that, nothing beats the fun that late-night movie marathon with your family or with your friend watching it in front of your widescreen TV than on doing so on your computer or laptop, alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a DVD player?


At a minimum, you need a DVD player featuring a component video connection. For audio, you’ll find two kinds of digital connectors (for Dolby Digital and DTS digital surround sound) — the coaxial and optical (or Toslink) connections. Make sure the connectors on your DVD player match those on your A/V receiver.

Most new DVD players have moved on to digital video outputs. If your display supports an HDMI connection, consider a DVD player that has one of these outputs.

Surround-sound decoder

If you’re starting your home theatre from scratch, consider a home theatre receiver (or separate components decoder) that can decode (at a minimum) Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Digital surround-sound signals. If you’re adding a DVD player to an existing home theatre with an older receiver that doesn’t support digital surround sound, buy a DVD player with a built-in surround-sound decoder.

Audio disc support

All DVD players can playback store-bought, prerecorded CDs. Not all, however, can homemade playback CD-R or CD-RW discs, nor can many DVD players playback CDs containing MP3 music files.

Recording capability

DVD recording is becoming a truly consumer-friendly technology.

DVD extras

Some DVDs have alternate camera angles — so you can click a button on the remote control and see the film from a different character’s perspective. You can also find DVD players with special features, such as a digital zoom that lets you enlarge part of the picture on your screen, or a frame-by-frame fast forward.

All-in-one functionality

The DVD players with built-in surround-sound decoding are the first step in this direction, but if space is limited in your home theatre, you may want to take the full leap — DVD players and A/V receivers in an all-in-one slim chassis.

What other file types play on DVD players?

Many DVD players now support online video file formats such as DivX or Xvid. This can come in handy if you’re downloading HDTV video clips from the Internet using these formats — you can burn DVDs on your computer and play them back on your DVD player. Some DVD players also provide the option to play from a USB memory stick or an External Hardrive.