The Blu-Ray disc format comfortably sits atop the home video format hierarchy thanks to the quality of audio and video that it provides. Although being widely considered as the best home video format available today, it is still not fully embraced by consumers today. Read on below to find out more about Blu-Rays and why you should start embracing Blu-Ray if you have not.

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Top Blu-Ray Price List 2019

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Sony UBP-X800 RM 1,800.00 Shopee
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Samsung BD-J4500 RM 227.00 Shopee
Disney OZ The Great And Powerful RM 41.90 LazMall by Lazada
Sony BDP-S3700 RM 497.00 Amazon
Sony BDP-S1700 RM 269.02 Amazon
Disney Lady And The Tramp 2 Scamp's Adventure RM 41.90 LazMall by Lazada
Pioneer BDR-209DBK RM 305.65 Nzgameshop
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Sony Sony UBP-X800

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Why Blu-Ray Should be the Only Way You Watch Movies

Now that there is an abundance of streaming video-on-demand services online that offers movies at 1080p resolution, Blu-Rays are not enjoying the popularity that they deserve. It is true that Blu-Rays cost more than your monthly streaming service or a regular DVD that you can buy from your neighbourhood store but you can rest assured that they are worth the price, thanks to these following reasons:

Blu-Ray Offers Better Video Quality

Slowly but surely, video streaming services are improving the quality of their video streams, with many offering up to 1080p resolution. However, the resolution is just a part of the formula to produce superior video quality. Although these services may be able to deliver the same resolution as Blu-Ray, a lot more compression methods such as banding and softness is used to deliver the content over the Internet, thus hindering picture quality. Streaming sites need to compress the movies they offer to lower the file size and bit rates so that the movies can be downloaded and streamed faster. Blu-Ray discs provide ample amounts of storage space – at least five times more than DVDs – enabling content providers to deliver content with less compression needed.

Blue-Ray Provides Superior Audio Quality

The picture is not everything as the audio is what makes you immersed into the movie that you are watching. If you have ever watched a movie on Blu-Ray format before, you know what we are talking about when we say that the audio quality provided by this format is mind-blowing. Blu-Ray’s awesome visuals are complemented with crisp and clear audio presentation that streaming services and DVDs are unable to replicate, hence elevating your movie-watching experience one level higher. The ample space available in Blu-Ray discs allows for uncompressed multi channel audio to be inserted, translating to incomparable audio quality. Nothing draws you more into a film than feeling that you are in the heart of the action and Blu-Rays can do just that.

Blu-Ray Features More Bonus Content

Blu-Ray discs are often loaded with bonus content – behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive interviews, the making-of documentaries, bonus scenes, et cetera – that you will not be able to enjoy on streaming services or on DVDs. Although many streaming services have now included some bonus content with certain movie purchases, they are still unable to rival what you can get on Blu-Rays in both quantity and quality. Besides that, Blu-Rays also allow viewers to explore menu options without leaving the movie, and to bookmark favourite scenes – two very useful features that DVDs and some streaming services are unable to offer.

Furthermore, one bonus feature that is often added into Blu-Ray movie discs is a digital copy of the movie that you can use on your portable devices so you can watch them anytime and anywhere you desire, removing the need to rely on Blu-Ray players.