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Best TV, Video & DVD Accessories Prices in Malaysia August 2018

TV, Video, and DVD accessories complete the viewing experience that you get from your home theater system. You simply need them because they're meant to be a part of your entertainment appliances. So, in case you're not yet sure which one it is that you're missing, check them out right here!

Top TV, Video & DVD Accessories Price List 2018

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Rii i8 mini Plus RM 46.60 Lazada
Rii i8 mini RM 34.10 Shopee
Rii i25 RM 43.10 Lazada
Avantree Oasis RM 285.00 Lazada
Logitech Harmony 650 RM 150.60 Lazada
Avantree Clipper Pro RM 247.90 Lazada
Avantree Priva III RM 163.50 Amazon
Logitech Harmony Elite RM 1,599.00 Lazada
Samsung 3D Active Glasses RM 55.00 Lazada
Logitech Harmony 700 RM 441.50 Lazada
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Rii i8 mini Plus

Cheapest at Lazada RM 85.60 RM 46.60 Go to Shop

TV, Video, and DVD Accessories Malaysia for your Home

A home theater system’s major component is the LED TV, next to it is the DVD player or the media player. Without those especially the TV, there’s basically no point in calling it an entertainment system. While we can easily do without the tiny details of it like the accessories, it’s going to make your viewing experience a tad less entertaining. That is why if you want to just watch Netflix and chill or to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, having the essential TV and DVD accessories are a must.

So, what are these TV and DVD accessories?

TV, DVD Remotes

Apparently, remotes are important because they save you the effort of having to walk all the way to your TV to change the channels using the hard buttons. Another important thing to remember about remotes is that the TV and the Video/DVD players are separate.

There are, however, universal remotes that work for all types of TVs, whether it’s a Panasonic TV, Samsung TV, or LG TV in Malaysia, it won’t matter. Different TVs come with different programming, so for universal remotes to work, you need extra effort in pairing them up with your TV. Normally, they come with instructions but for some that don’t, you can easily find the instructions online.

As for the Video or DVD player, some universal remotes also work with them, but most of the time they tend to limit the functions. So, the best choice when it comes to finding the best DVD and Video player remote is to buy one from the equipment’s manufacturer.


For people using TV boxes, DVR, DVD players, or multimedia players, the cables are very important to watch the video being played by these sources. Otherwise, you’ll simply be looking at a static channel on your LED TV or just a local channel. Today, with the popularity of High Definition picture, the typical red, yellow, and white cords are a thing of the past. HDMI Cords are now the standard cables used to hook up a TV with a certain media player. Though, the standard yellow, red, and white cords are still accommodated by many LED TVs, and DVD players today. They are now least favored because they can’t support high definition resolution which has become a standard for most video formats today.

TV Mount

Gone are the days when TVs could literally stand on their own because they have a huge body that could easily support their weight. Today, light, slim, and compact TVs are the thing – LED TV. For these TV to hold themselves to the ground, literally is to hook them up with a wall mount or a TV rack. There are various types of TV mount that you could choose from: there are those that could be screwed in place on your walls, TV carts with floor stand, full motion brackets, and simply TV stands. These are designed for LED TVs, so there’s basically no limitation as to which one you could go for. It will all boil down as to how you want to organize your TV set.