Looking for a bottle to keep your drinks in? Tupperware offers a range of bottles for all your tumbler needs in Malaysia.

Are Tupperware bottles safe for drinking water? | Other Tupperware Products


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Tupperware Bottle: Safer Storage For Your Beverages.

Tupperware is commonly referred to as any plastic container used to store food. However, Tupperware is originally a brand that came into existence in 1942 but the invention of a bell-shaped lidded container by Earl Tupper. Tupperware products came to market in 1948, seven years after the invention of the first Tupperware container.

The Tupperware company put forward a marketing scheme named the Tupperware Party. A Tupperware Party is held by a Tupperware consultant who invites friends and family over for a party where they can see the product line and do direct transactions with the consultant, in this case, a friend or family member. Tupperware consultants with higher sales numbers are awarded free products.

Tupperware products are widely used in Malaysia to store food and beverages. The sizes and shapes of Tupperware products vary saving space effectively. Perishable food can be stored in refrigerators using Tupperware. Tupperware containers including Tupperware water bottle are manufactured taking into account ergonomic factors and contain essential storage features.

Are Tupperware bottles safe for drinking water?

Bisphenol (BPA) is a chemical that is used to make plastics. In small amounts, BPA's presence in food is non-toxic BPA used in the manufacture of Tupperware products is minimal to none depending on the product. Regular water bottles contain higher levels of BPA. Unlike regular water bottles, Tupperware offers a range of bottles called Aquasafe that is designed not only to store water but can be used for storing other beverages as well.

The Eco Bottle

Tupperware Eco bottle is a range of Tupperware water bottle. Eco bottle does not contain any Bisphenol (BPA). The eco bottle is environmentally friendly, reducing plastic pollution and wastage in landfills. An eco bottle is durable and versatile and comes in multiple colours and sizes. One of the major advantages of Tupperware bottles is the fact that they come in two different cap options, the regular cap and the flip-top. The design of the bottle enables it to be carried around easily. Tupperware eco bottles come in two sizes and are suitable to store drinks both inside and outside the home. The eco bottles keep you healthy and hydrated on the go.

Other Tupperware Products

Tupperware produces a range of high-quality storage containers to store your food and beverages. Tupperware also has a variety of other household items such as the Tupper Cookware and Tupper bags. The brand caters for a large market internationally. The product line varies according to specific countries and their markets.

  • Elegenzia / Illusion: A range of serving dishes that are "glasslike". "Glasslike" serving dishes are well suited cheaper option of containers/
  • Wonderlier / Bowl Maravilloso: colourful and round storage bowls.
  • FlatOut! / MiniMax / Go Flex / Compactware: flexible storage contains that can easily flatten when necessary.
  • FridgeSmart / PrimaKlima / Marine: with air control vents, these containers are modular containers intended for refrigerated fruits and vegetables. These containers have air control vents intended to allow different levels of airflow around different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as a corrugated bottom, to allow them to store securely on a refrigerator shelf.
  • Stuffables / Bungee: containers with flexible lids to allow more room in cases of overfilling.
  • UltraPro / UltraPlus: plastic ovenware that can be used in a microwave or a conventional oven. The material of the plastic ovenware has heat-resistant properties that allow it to be used safely in microwaves or conventional ovens.

How long can Tupperware bottles be used?

An Aquasafe water bottle can be reused several times reducing the amount of plastic waste. Tupperware products are easy to clean. Stains can be wiped off and washed easily with a sponge. A tougher stain may require baking soda. Tupperware bottles are made with polycarbonate making them last longer.