You might not know this but Tumi products are as good as items from luxury designer brands. Their luggage and bags are on par with other luxury luggage brands but with a fraction of the cost. You can trust that with the money you invest in a Tumi suitcase and you’ll be left with a sturdy suitcase that will last you a long time. Read more about Tumi Bag Malaysia in the article below.

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Accompany Your Travels with Luggage and Bags from Tumi Malaysia

Tumi Malaysia has products that you can take on all kinds of trips. Whether you’re flying across the globe for a long vacation, a road trip along the coast, or just across town, best believe that Tumi luggage and bags will carry your items with no hassle. Tumi also has a line of business-centric collection for working ladies and gents that are always on the go. Whatever your travelling circumstance is, rest assured that Tumi will always have what you’re looking for and more. Keep on reading to find the best Tumi bags and luggage for your journeys.

Long Haul Journeys

Travelling across the world for 20+ hours and have a ton of items to stuff inside your luggage? Well, the Tumi Large Wheeled Luggage got your back. For long journeys, Tumi recommends using their Alpha 2 Medium Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case. It has ample space for all your clothes, toiletries, shoes, and other travel necessities. It uses the Tumi patented FXT Ballistic Nylon, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Extension Handle, DuraFold construction method, Omega Closure System, Tumi Tracer, and X-Brace 45 Handle System. This luggage can easily handle the bumpy ride across the globe and be traced back if the flight misplaced your Tumi luggage.

Medium Haul Journeys

If you need to travel for a business trip to a neighbouring country, you might want to opt for a slightly smaller Tumi luggage than the Alpha 2 Medium Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case. Instead, consider the 19 Degree Aluminum Short Trip Packing Case or the Tumi V3 Short Trip Packing Case.

Think of the 19 Degree Aluminum Tumi luggage as the smaller version of the Alpha 2. Despite its size, it can still fit many items inside and protect it from damage. It’s also available in polycarbonate, a more affordable option compared to the 19 Degree Aluminum luggage. The Tumi V3, on the other hand, is the lightest Large Wheeled Luggage that Tumi has to offer. Made from multi-layer polycarbonate alloy, the Tumi V3 is ideal for business travels or short trips over the weekend.

Short Haul Journeys

Short-haul journeys can mean anything; from going around the block to the grocery store to a morning commute across town. Not only does Tumi have high-quality luggage for your long and medium-haul trips, but they also offer casual, everyday bags that are convenient for you to use on the daily. Choose from Tumi Messenger bags, Tumi Backpacks, Tumi women’s bags, or the Tumi Weekenders to fit all of your daily essentials in. The Tumi women’s bags are especially chic; mostly black with golden zippers and detailing, it’s stylish and functional at the same time. Not only that, but Tumi also has a series of briefcases, totes, and laptop bags for businessmen and women.

Tumi Travel Essentials

When going on a journey, a suitcase is often not enough, You need to have several other smaller bags for easier organizations. Tumi travel essentials include travel kits, compartment packing cubes, utility packs, accent kits, toiletry and cosmetics cases, and clutches to help you easily categorize different travel items. For instance, gather all your toiletries and skincare into one bag, makeup in another, and underwear and socks together in one bag to avoid losing or misplacing any of them.

Other than that, Tumi travel essentials also include travel hanger sets to hang your dresses and suits, shoulder straps for extra shoulder support, and Tumi’s very own padlock for extra security. Even then, Tumi still releases other essential products like agendas and portfolios for the business-savvy travellers, umbrellas to face the wetter part of the globe, key fobs so you don’t lose your home key while travelling, and belts. While not serving any advantages for travelling, Tumi’s belts are still durable and stylish for any gentlemen on the go. Mainly made with Saffiano leather and nickel buckle, these belts are smooth and reversible. It keeps any travelling gentleman stylish even when they are travelling for 20 or more hours around the world.

Tumi Engraving Service

Looking for a way to personalize your Tumi luggage and bags? The brand offers a complimentary monogramming service when you purchase selected Tumi products. First, choose the font and the colour that you want your initials to be printed in. Then, key in your initials or the initials of the gift recipient and the monograms will be finely printed on the front of your Tumi bag.

Is Tumi luggage worth the price?

Tumi bags and suitcases have a higher price point than average because they are meant to last you a very long time. They are made with the highest quality of materials and they store your personal belongings securely and safely. With every Tumi purchase, you’re granted a warranty and a complimentary Tumi Tracer program where you can track a lost suitcase by registering in the bag’s serial number.

Do all tumi bags have tracers?

Most Tumi luggage, briefcase, and bags have a tracer number. This number will help you locate and recover your Tumi luggage if you’ve ever misplaced or lost it. You can register your bag online by providing your personal information and the 20-digit tracer number printed on a metal plate on your Tumi bag, luggage, or business case.

How can you tell a real Tumi bag from a fake one?

If you want to verify the authenticity of your Tumi bag, locate the Tumi Tracer ID and call the customer support hotline. They will be able to tell you whether the number matches what they have in their database. If it does match, it means your Tumi is authentic.

Are Tumi bags anti-theft?

Some Tumi products are equipped with a Tumi ID Lock that can block RFID signals to protect your personal information safely. The Lock is built into the lining to prevent anybody from swiping your sensitive data.