Asian beauty had always been admired by its Western counterparts for its flawless, almost perfect porcelain skin. Defining the very standard of Asian beauty is TST or TST Tin ‘Secret and their amazing selection of beauty products ranging from skin care, creams, lotions, and their most well-received product - the TST Yeast Face mask. Check out our selection of products from TST Malaysia or click here to read more about the brand.

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TST Malaysia - For Flawless Porcelain Skin

The popularity of Asian beauty products in the international market is now making a steady rise thanks to the Internet. More and more people around the globe are enjoying the huge benefits of using Asian beauty products because of its stunning results and unique ingredients which mostly utilizes plant oils and essential extracts. These naturally derived ingredients prove more potent with the use of technology and premium formulation. Among the many popular brands available today is TST Malaysia or TST Tin ‘Secret.

About TST Malaysia

TST or TST Tin ‘Secret is one of the rising stars in skin care today because of their unique formulation and active ingredients. Using the power of nature and technology, TST Malaysia is able to provide its consumers with premium quality items that are gentle, yet effective on the skin. The brand was first established in 1999 by Lin Ruiyang and have been providing top quality skin care focusing on common skin problems such as ageing, acne, oily, and dry skin. Among the brand’s products include lotions, masks, creams, serums, CC creams, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that would provide you with glowing, flawless, and youthful glow.

TST Skin Care Collections

TST Tin ‘Secret Immaculate Series

Designed to provide moisture to your skin and to protect it from harsh elements, the TST Tin ‘Secret Immaculate Series comprises of several skin care products such as eye creams, CC creams, serums, cleansers, makeup removers, toners, and masks. You can instantly feel the difference after using products from the TST Tin ‘Secret Immaculate series, so make sure to grab them for your beauty collection!

TST Tin ‘Secret Frozen Age Series

If you are concerned about ageing and the harsh effects of time on your skin, then the TST Tin ‘Secret Frozen Age series would be perfect for you. Using the power of yeast and its unexplored potential in skin care, TST Malaysia is able to create skin care products that would tuck, tighten, enhance the skin’s natural elasticity to make it look younger and more radiant.

TST Yeast Face Mask - What’s so good about it?

Perhaps one of the most popular product in their array of TST skin care collections, the TST Yeast Face Mask is an all-in-one treatment for many skin problems such as acne, ageing skin, dark spots, sagging skin, dry skin, and wrinkles. Big Chinese names like Zhang Ting are all in love with the product’s effects, and are rapidly gaining popularity not only in China but also th erest of the world.

One of the main ingredients of the TST Yeast Face Mask is yeast, which helps fight bacteria, cleans pores, and reduces sebum production. Aside from the product also employs cutting-edge submicron technology which penetrates deep within layers of skin to provide the nutrients needed for cell regeneration. It is a revolutionary product designed for sensitive skin but other skin types such as normal, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin are also welcome to try out the product.

How to use the TST Tin ‘Secret Yeast Face Mask

The best thing about the TST Tin ‘Secret Yeast Face Mask is that it is very easy to use! Like any other facial mask, clean your face and your hands before applying, spread it thinly and evenly across your face, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. For first time users, before applying, test out the product on your neck or at the back of your ear to see if you are sensitive or allergic to the product. Aside from that, if you have a history of skin allergies, or skin ulcers, then we highly recommend to not use this product. Listed below is a quick guide that would help you with the application process:

Skin type



Oily Skin

3 to 4 times a week

15 to 20 minutes

Dry Skin

2 to 3 times a week

5 to 15 minutes

Combination skin

3 to 4 times a week

5 to 15 minutes

For Pregnant women

Twice a week

Depending on skin type.

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TST Malaysia brings you a wide selection of products that would help you achieve that flawless, younger-looking skin. Among their best-sellers is the TST Tin ‘Secret Yeast Face Mask which answers to all your skin concerns such as ageing, acne, dry, or oily skin. Using Yeast as a main ingredient, the product cleanses and moisturizes your skin on a cellular level. Check out our selection of products from TST Malaysia here.