Trodat is a globally-renowned brand, specializing in self-inking rubber stamps. If you want to get the most out of your stamp, here are some tips to keep in mind. You can also check out the latest Trodat stamps below!


Tips on How to Use a Rubber Stamp with Trodat Malaysia

There’s a lot of things you can do with rubber stamps, as long as you take good care of them along with your ink pads and other materials. Here are some tips to get you started.

Inking a rubber stamp that is larger than the Ink Pad

Before applying the stamp onto paper or similar surfaces, tap the ink pad a few times over the surface of the rubber stamp. Do not forget to apply gentle pressure, as harnessing too much of it can result in inky or uneven images.

Inking a rubber stamp that is smaller than the ink pad

If you have a small rubber stamp similar to those from Trodat Malaysia, you can ink it by gently tapping it onto the ink pad. It’s better to tap it gently a few times than forcibly pressing it onto the pad. This can also ink the stamp easily, making it harder to eliminate.

Inking a Large Outline Image Stamp

A large outline stamp has many open areas based on its design. With that, it’s essential to avoid the open areas from getting inked, which can result in a poor stamped image. To properly ink a large outline stamp, lay it on the ink pad and tap it around the lines of the stamp. It is also recommended to angle the ink pad slightly which will help direct the ink. If the ink gets into the open areas, you can still remove it by using a cotton bud or corner of a cloth.

Using Multi-Color Ink Pads

The beauty of multi-color or rainbow ink pads is that they provide neat stamped images, with the various colors displaying good colored stripes. Like the traditional ink pads, you still have to place the stamp carefully on the rainbow ink pad if you want an even or clean image. At the same time, this also ensures that the inks in the ink pad do not mix with each other, resulting in spoiling the ink pad.

Using a Brayer

A brayer is a tool that will help you ink large stamps with ease. It is normally coated in ink and is rolled over the inverted image of a rubber stamp. To apply a decent and even coating of ink on the stamp using a brayer, make sure that the ink is spread on the tool evenly.

Other Tips

  • Carry a pack of baby wipes since they are really helpful if you use the same stamp and change ink colors often. Just gently rub the ink off the rubber stamps before applying ink again.
  • If you do not want to cross-contaminate your ink pads, use a small sponge or a finger dauber. This can also help achieve a layered color look.
  • If you want to ensure a clear image, apply even and firm pressure on your rubber stamp to the paper or similar surfaces.
  • Bear in mind that the surface on which you apply your stamp has a big bearing on the outcome of the image. The surface should be flat, solid, and firm to make sure you get a clean and even image. If you want to apply the stamp on plain paper, add more sheets underneath it to create a solid surface. This helps prevent picking up the texture of the surface under your paper.
  • Inking improperly can result in uneven stamped images. It is essential to get an evenly inked rubber stamp like those from Trodat Malaysia to produce a neat image.
  • Over-inking a rubber stamp will provide blobby images. You can remove the excess ink by tapping it repeatedly on scrap paper. If you see that the stamp is over inked, it’s best to wash it off before stamping.
  • When working with stamps, make sure to work in a place with good lighting. Check whether the stamp is entirely covered with ink before applying it on paper.
  • If there are remnants of dried ink on the ink pad, you can revive it by gently breathing on the pad.
  • Always rub off the ink after use to make sure you get neat stamped images every time.
  • Do keep in mind that rubber stamps will stain over time. This is because most inks could stain your rubber stamps if used repeatedly. Although this is normal for rubber stamps, users can improve its usability by wiping the stamps with a cleaner or baby wipe and drying them afterward, before applying an ink.
  • Do not soak your rubber stamps, especially those with a traditional wooden block design. This is because soaking can deteriorate the adhesive, in turn, ruining your stamps.

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