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What We Want to See in the iPhone 9

27 February 2018 | Joel Vijay

The rumours are out and about. The iPhone 9 lurks somewhere in the shadow of its predecessors – the iPhone X and iPhone 8. But we can’t help but wonder what the big difference the new Apple device will bring. More so, we can only guess which one of our favourite specs and features the new iPhone will keep. Here are some favourites we hope the iPhone 9 would retain.


It’s the app that made everyone go wild in 2017 – Animojis. An Animoji is basically an emoji that lets you customize an animal while mimicking your facial movements and speech.

The iPhone X set the standard for customized messaging with this creative app. We definitely need to see more Animojis in the iPhone 9.

Portrait Lighting

Another favourite in the iPhone X that should be a must-have in the iPhone 2018 is the Portrait Lighting feature in the camera. Portrait lighting gives an amazing, professional look to any portrait photo that you take with your rear camera. It allows you to use pre-set settings to make your portrait look stunning.

Like a professional photographer shoots models in a studio, you can shoot epic photos of your mates (or yourself if you’re a narcissist) in perfect lighting.

A Secured Ecosystem

One reason why most iPhone users choose the device over Android devices is the secured ecosystem that is the iOS. The smartphone’s ability to be minimalistic along with a safe and easy system is what iPhone users love.

The absence of bloatware and ‘spam’ apps that come with Android phones creates the perfect the environment for both work and play. It is fast and efficient, giving a no-nonsense feel to any application.

A Bigger Display

Finally, we have a bigger display in the iPhone X. After years of waiting for Apple to release a phone that could compete with its competition – namely Samsung, it finally came out with a large display. The OLED screen is one we would love to retain in the coming upgraded iPhone.

These are just some of what we would love to see in the rumoured iPhone instalment. What would you like to see in the upcoming iPhone of 2018? The iPhone 9 is said to be released in Sept 2018.

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