What We Know So Far About the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

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The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is the latest addition to the Zenfone phone family. Offering strong specs, powerful performance, and superb built-in cameras, this Asus Zenfone model continues the momentum that its predecessor has started.

The Zenfone 3 Zoom sports incredible features, making it a great value phone overall. Like many other smartphones today, the Zenfone 3 Zoom has a minimalistic design, featuring a sleek metal unibody. At the rear, the smartphone houses the primary camera, fingerprint sensor, and the Asus logo at the bottom of the device. The metal body gives a stylish gloss to the device and at the same time providing added durability.

The display of the Zenfone 3 Zoom is also promising, as the device has a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen that delivers 1920 x 1080p resolution. This translates into sharp images, vivid colours, and deep blacks. This makes the device a contender for individuals who enjoy consuming media on their smartphones.

As its name suggests, the key highlight of the Zenfone 3 Zoom is its cameras. Asus claims that it has combined dual-lens optics with the best camera technology for the smartphone. The handset features impressive camera specifications such as f/1.7 aperture, 2.3x optical zoom capacity, optical image stabilization, as well as laser and phase detection autofocus. The camera provides an excellent manual mode and multiple preset modes for those who want more variety for their photo-taking on the smartphone. The 13MP camera on the front side also means that this device should be immensely popular amongst selfie-lovers.

Besides that, the Zenfone 3 Zoom also boasts impressive battery life. Thanks to its 5,000mAh capacity battery, the smartphone can last up to two days on a single charge without any issues. Despite the absence of QuickCharge technology, the smartphone is still a good choice when long-lasting battery life is concerned.

Key Highlights You Need to Know About the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom smartphone released this year did not disappoint. Delivering strong specs, powerful performance, and an affordable price, the device managed to garner rave reviews and positive responses from many smartphone enthusiasts.

Starting with the camera, Asus claimed that the Zenfone 3 Zoom combines dual-lens optics with the best camera technology. Besides its dual 12MP shooters at the rear, the smartphone also comes with a 2.3x optical zoom that has slightly longer reach than the iPhone 7 Plus’ 2x zoom. The smartphone also comes with a laser autofocus sensor, a dual-LED flash, and Dual Pixel Phase Detection Autofocus. Delivering impressive brightness and sharpness in all lighting conditions, the Zenfone 3 Zoom is an affordable yet highly reliable must-have device for photography aficionados.

Another key highlight of the Zenfone 3 Zoom smartphone is its incredible battery life. Equipped with an energy-efficient Snapdragon 623 chip and a massive 5000mAh non-removable battery, the phone’s battery life dwarfs many of its competitors in the same segment despite the absence of the Quick Charge capability. With average use, the battery can easily last two to three days without having to recharge the smartphone.

In terms of performance, the Zenfone 3 Zoom operates speedily thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core chipset coupled with 3GB RAM. The handset handles daily multitasking effortlessly without any noticeable lag or stuttering. It can also handle demanding games such as GTA: San Andreas without any signs of slowing down and compromising gameplay.

Asus also ensures that your storage woes are removed with the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. The smartphone comes in three variants in terms of internal storage capacity – 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The phone’s memory can be further expanded up to 2TB via microSD memory cards.

Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is the Asian name for the Asus Zenfone Zoom S

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When the Asus Zenfone Zoom S was first unveiled at CES in January, it created a lot of excitement especially among those who follow Asus closely. Amazingly, it is actually another name for the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. According to GSMArena, it found the listing for Asus Zenfone Zoom S on Thai version of Asus' website that mentioned the exact model number as the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. Despite the previous rumor that shows smaller 5.2 inch display screen for the Asus Zenfone Zoom S, the official size list is actually 5.5 inch. In other words, it is just the same smartphone with two different names.

What is exciting about the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is that it has been designed with camera-centric specifications. In fact, it utilizes a pair of Sony IMX362 sensors with f/1.7 lenses. Basically, the combination of both 12MP cameras is able to create 2.3x lossless zoom. Furthermore, you also have the OIS and EIS which keep the images stable and crisp. When you add digital zoom, you can even max out at 12x zoom.

SInce it uses DualPixel phase-detection Autofocus technology, this means that the camera can focus all available pixels instead of just small percentage of them. As if it is not enough, it also boasts RGB color correction sensor which offers authenticity when it comes to color accuracy. The upcoming Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom should be targeted for Asian markets such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom: Boasting Possibly the Longest-Lasting Battery Life to Date

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The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom recently made its entry into the smartphone market and has been receiving rave reviews for its astounding battery life, amongst a flurry of other features. The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom was first unveiled at CES 2017 held in January this year. One of the key highlights of this smartphone is its battery life. Equipped with a massive 5,000mAh battery and the highly energy-efficient Snapdragon 625 chipset, the Zenfone 3 Zoom can last almost 17 hours on regular usage, making it superior to its budget competitors.

Asus claims that the device can last up to 42 days on a single charge if the device is set into standby mode, lasting longer than many other smartphones available in the market, including those in the high-end price range. Moreover, the company also stated that the device can support up to 6.4 hours of non-stop 4K recording, a feat that many smartphones today are unable to achieve.

As further proof of the Zenfone 3 Zoom’s battery prowess, Asus has included reverse charging as part of the smartphone’s additional functions. Hence, if one of your other devices are running low of battery, you can connect it to the Zenfone 3 Zoom to recharge it, turning the smartphone into a portable battery pack of sorts. Due to the reverse charging’s 1 amp limitation, the Zenfone 3 Zoom is unable to recharge as quickly as regular battery packs but it is nevertheless handy in emergency situations.

Besides its noteworthy battery life, other impressive features available on this smartphone include dual rear cameras that come with 2.3x optical zoom and 4K video recording capabilities, a new autofocusing technology known as the TriTech+, Full HD AMOLED display with 3GB of RAM, and 32GB internal storage. The Zenfone 3 Zoom devices currently available in stores run on an older version of the Android Marshmallow operating software.

Is this the iPhone 7S Plus’ rival Apple should be looking out for?

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Get hyped for the long-awaited release of the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom!

Marketed and introduced as a rival to the iPhone 7S Plus, the Zenfone 3 Zoom is outfitted with a camera that emphasises heavily on the word “Zoom”. With 12 megapixels packed into its rear camera, a 2.3x optical zoom, an autofocus feature, f/1.7 aperture, and even a dual-LED flash, it allows you to take high-quality pictures, even in low-light conditions.

Along with the camera, is the battery life that Asus smartphones are known for, with a massive 5000mAh battery, Asus promises 48 hours of talk time and an impressive 42 days of standby time, an honest step forward for the future of smartphones.

Aside from those top-notch features, it seems that the rest of the Zenfone 3 Zoom is lacking what most of us want, namely its chipset, software, and display. While these are midrange specs, the Zenfone 3 Zoom is still pretty good when it comes down to it. Some of the specs included in the Zenfone 3 Zoom:

  • Octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor
  • 5-inch touchscreen display
  • 1080 by 1920-pixel ratio
  • AMOLED display

The processor isn’t bad all things considered, but it’s a disappointing step backwards when compared with other smartphones coming out this season. The display, on the other hand, is as high definition as they come, likely to pair with its picture taking capabilities.

Then, there’s Asus’ questionable decision of shipping out the Zenfone 3 Zoom Android Marshmallow. Sure, it’s upgradable to Android Nougat, but it is a bit of an inconvenience.

While the Zenfone 3 Max is certainly not as well-rounded as most would want in a smartphone, it has a camera and battery life in spades, which is honestly the main thing that people would look for in a smartphone.

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