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What is Known So Far about the Apple iPad Pro 2

07 February 2018 | Aaron Tam

Apple iPad Pro 2 is powerful enough to rival even MacBook

28 June 2017
Aaron Tam

After its debut at WWDC 2017, many people are impressed with the incredible performance of the Apple iPad Pro 2. While the public admire how amazing the Apple iPad Pro is, the Apple iPad Pro 2 brings even more surprises. For the first time, the new Apple iPad Pro 2 line is now available in the original 12.9-inch variant and the newer 10.5-inch variant.

Obviously, the Apple iPad Pro 2 is far superior to its predecessor. Once people have a taste of this Apple iPad Pro 2, even the skeptics change their mind because this Apple tablet brings something new and refreshing that emphasize user experience. At first glance, the gorgeous display screen of the Apple iPad Pro 2 captures your full attention as you marvel at its vivid-like and sharp display quality. The Apple iPad Pro 2 is now brighter than its older sibling when it boasts 600 nits of brightness. Thanks to its reflective coating, you can enjoy viewing your content indoors or outdoors.

Another thing that the Apple iPad Pro 2 offers is its revolutionary True Tone display. This revolutionary feature ensures authentic viewing experience by adapting the color and intensity of the display screen. O that it matches the light in the surrounding environment. Flaunting high refresh rate, the Apple iPad Pro 2 showcases something that even the highly advanced Apple MacBook Pro does not have. In conclusion, the Apple iPad Pro 2 is as good as it gets and it is powerful enough to match the Apple MacBook Pro.

Apple iPad Pro 2 brings bigger screen for bigger future

21 June 2017
Aaron Tam

From WWDC 2017, Apple unveils two new Apple iPad Pro models: an updated version of the 12.9-inch model and a totally new 10.5-inch model. While you can get the former in colors such as silver, space grey, and gold, the latter also has the same color selection but you can get it in rose gold as well. The new 10.5-inch model is all about accommodating the larger screen in the same size of chassis while reducing the size of bezels.

Both new Apple iPad Pro models house a modified version of the A10 Fusion Chip that was seen previously in the Apple iPhone 7. Known as A10X Fusion, it features three high-performance cores and three efficiency cores for improved power efficiency and battery life. At the same time, it boasts powerful twelve-core GPU. With such combination, Apple expects 30% faster CPU performance and 40% faster graphics performance than the old A9X chip in the first-generation iPad Pro model.

They also receive the newer True Tone display that was denied to the old 12.9-inch model. Amazingly, their display screens offer 600 nits brightness and are capable of displaying HDR video. Depending on what you are looking at, their display screens can adjust the refresh rate. As a result, you can enjoy longer battery life. From these, you can already tell that these Apple iPad Pro 2 models can deliver a promising experience.

Apple iPad Pro 2 is so powerful that it can even replace your laptop

16 June 2017
Aaron Tam

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When Apple revealed 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro 2 at WWDC 2017, it received a warm response from people around the world. The appearance of Apple iPad Pro 2 offered promising performance which made it a worthy successor to its predecessor.

Smoothness and responsiveness are Apple iPad Pro 2's biggest advantage. When you compare it to both Pro and non-Pro iPad designs, Apple iPad Pro 2 has a slightly different design. While the difference in terms of design is not that big, Apple iPad Pro 2 boasts a bright display screen with outstanding refresh rate. Apple iPad Pro 2 also delivers high responsiveness to touch and is optimized for multi-tasking.

Thanks to ProMotion display technology, it offers refresh rates of up to 120Hz for better responsiveness, smoother motion, fluid scrolling, and lower Apple Pencil latency (20ms) for a more natural drawing experience. Besides, it is able to automatically adjust the display's refresh rate to match the movement and preserve battery life. At the same time, it employs palm-rejection technology which can prevent accidental touchscreen activation.

Apple iPad Pro 2 includes brighter 600-nit display for better performance in outdoor lighting conditions with True Tone and wide color gamut support. This allows auto white balance and more vivid true-to-life colors. In short, Apple iPad Pro 2 stands proudly as the compact device that manages to combine performance and responsive into a more solid package.

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