Vivo V5 takes your selfie game to the next level 

Aaron Tam

These days, there are more smartphones that continue to churn out impressive capabilities. In fact, some brands actually come close to beat even the other established smartphone brands. Among the many phones that punch above its weight is the amazing Vivo V5 phone. Making its debut as the all-purpose selfie smartphone, this Vivo phone is going to take your selfie game to the next level.

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Boasting the power of a 20MP front camera, you can be sure that your selfie pics will look even better. As one of the biggest megapixel cameras in the market, the number does not betray its results as the pictures will be clearer and more detailed. Furthermore, it also sports a unique flash softlight technology that offers effective lighting which does not overpower your photos with excessive brightness like most camera flashes. As a result, your selfies will definitely look more authentic as well. Amazingly, you can also get clearer pictures even if you do not use its camera flash.

Another attractive feature of the Vivo V5 smartphone is it gives Smart Motion options which you can move it in order to activate certain functions. For instance, you can shake it to turn the flashlight one or tilt to zoom pictures. With these handy features, you can enjoy your Vivo smartphone in a more intuitive and seamless manner.

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