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To pay or not? Why free computer antivirus is insufficient

28 August 2017 | Aaron Tam

If you think your free computer antivirus offers sufficient protection, think again. Here are reasons why your basic computer antivirus software cannot protect your computer adequately.

Slow Response

Basic computer antivirus programs can only stop at least 30% - 50% of new zero-hour malware when it first appeared. Most antivirus programs need a full day to deal with the threat. Only a handful of them take up to eight hours to reach 90% level. When you take a look at the amount of time they spend at stopping these cyber-attacks, you will realize that you are missing adequate protection for a long time.

From time to time, cyber-threats continue to evolve to a point when they can infect through non-traditional means. A huge problem of basic computer antivirus programs is that they usually lack the latest means to respond to any particular cyber-threats. If you are serious about getting an antivirus protection, make sure that it is fully updated to deal with the latest cyber-threats effectively.

You are Still At Risk Despite Not Clicking Anything

Most people still assume that the past approach of avoiding suspect links or bad sites is generally the best policy to deter all cyber-threats. However, this is no longer the case because we are living in an era when there are new attack vectors that can come from anywhere. Nowadays, vigilance and common sense are not enough to protect your computer.

As an example, you can be easily targeted by a malvertising attack. When this happens, a legitimate site unknowingly pulls malicious content from a bad site. After that, this malicious content seeks ways to install itself on your computer or system. Also known as "drive by downloads", you can get infected just by visiting a good site on the wrong day. Since some software were designed at a time when computer security was not a major concern, they are vulnerable to all kinds of malware.

Lack Layered Security

According to some antivirus experts, any computer or system definitely requires a layered approach to security. They compare this approach to the combination of an airbag and a seatbelt that is found in most cars these days. Both features help keep you safe in different ways. Talking about computer security, you need to implement multiple types of defense so that you can be truly safe from any possible threats. In other words, you should not put all eggs in the same antivirus protection basket.

From anti-malware program to anti-exploit program, each free program can only offer rudimentary solutions that are inconsistent because it has a limited scope of dealing with specific threat. Most of the time, these free programs utilize outdated protection for your computer. Why settle for basic antivirus protection when you can enjoy full protection from some of the best antivirus protection in the market?

Best Antivirus Protection in the Market

At this age, you cannot afford to be complacent about the level of protection from your basic computer antivirus software. From Norton to Bitdefender, these antivirus brands offer the most comprehensive protection at minimal cost. It makes sense to get the best line of defense to protect your computer and precious data.

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