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Samsung Galaxy S9 Launched: 5 Features that Make It Top the iPhone X

27 February 2018 | Jonathan So

Samsung smartphones are typically recognised as being the best Android phones on the market. After weeks of speculations, the Galaxy S9 has officially been launched during the Samsung Unpacked event held ahead of the Mobile World Congress last Sunday. On paper, the device looks like the new flagship phone to beat, setting new benchmarks and world’s-firsts.

As almost every tech site will be covering the phone’s full specifications, I will not be repeating them here. Instead, I will be focusing on five interesting additions and features that will come along with the Galaxy S9. Here are five main highlights to look out for:

Samsung Health

The Galaxy S9 will also come with Samsung Health to help you live better and stay updated with your health by allowing to track your daily activities and overall fitness levels. The phone is equipped with advanced optic sensors to measure how hard your heart is working. During the launch, it was also revealed that Samsung will be working closely with University of California San Francisco’s School of Medicine to use the optical sensors to measure blood pressure as well.

Dual-Aperture Rear Camera

One of the main highlights of the Galaxy S9 is its new-and-improved rear camera. The phone comes with a breakthrough dual-aperture rear camera that is designed to function like a human eye, automatically adjusting its aperture according to the brightness levels of its surroundings. For example, if it is bright outside, the lens will adapt by using a smaller aperture to allow less light from entering the lens and preventing the resulting photo from being overexposed. Furthermore, the rear camera will also boast the widest aperture ever seen on a smartphone at f/1.5 which will be beneficial in capturing stunning images in low-light environments.

Super Slo-Mo

Speaking of the rear camera, the one of the Galaxy S9 is integrated with a DRAM memory chip to power the device’s super slo-mo capabilities that has been upgraded from the Galaxy S8. The phone enables you to record videos at 960fps, four times slower than the previous model. The slo-mo mode is also supported by automatic motion detect which will automatically record once the camera detects movement. This ensures that you do not miss out on any of the action.

AR Emoji

Another feature that will attract tech-savvy individuals is the AR functions on the Galaxy S9. As Samsung believes that people are communicating with images more than ever before, the smartphone now enables users to make a personalised emoji using the phone’s front and back cameras. The cameras will map your facial features and expressions to create emojis that look like you. This can also serve as a great way to make people remember how you look (no more excuses to forget your name anymore)! The app also allows you to customise further by giving it hair colours, 12 different clothing options, and 7 pairs of glass.

Bixby Vision

Samsung has also added multiple upgrades to the Bixby Vision project. It now allows you to access a myriad of new functions, including estimating the calories of food by pointing your camera at them, a Live Translation feature auto translates a text or menu that you point your phone camera on, and allowing you to try up your makeup virtually.

On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S9 looks like a great contender for the smartphone crown. For those of you who wants to get your hands on the smartphone, you don’t have to wait too long as the phone will be available at Samsung stores and authorised retailers in Malaysia on 16 March 2018. Pre-orders are also scheduled to start from 1-4 March 2018 so make sure you mark these dates on your calendar!

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