Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus shows why bigger size does matter

Aaron Tam

When people eagerly anticipate the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, it is for a right reason. As such, many of them still do not know whether to choose it or its other supposedly more powerful sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Depending on your budget, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is obviously more expensive but it also offers even more impressive features that will take your breath away.

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With its ridiculously huge 6.2-inch display screen, it emerges easily as the best big Android smartphone that you can buy and own. When it comes to VR experience, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is your ticket to most cutting-edge smartphones with VR-ready capabilities. In fact, its design is what Samsung fans have been wanted for several years as Samsung incorporates its Infinity Display element in a nearly bezel-less front face. This all-screen smartphone also offers a more viewable screen in terms of size without the need to increase its own size. Needless to say, you will be treated to such a tantalizing viewing experience that is further enhanced by its huge display screen.

Despite its large screen, it is actually surprisingly lighter than other premium flagship smartphones with smaller display screens. Furthermore, this huge Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is also protected against the elements with its IP68 rating. Overall, you can be confident that this Samsung smartphone is certainly worth the investment.

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