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Oh, Snap! Looks like Oppo F1s is the New Selfie Expert in Town

10 August 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Up your selfie and groufie game with this sleek “selfie expert” from Oppo – the F1s. With its stunning camera, the F1s promises an amazing mobile photography experience for its users.

The ever-popular selfie mania in Malaysia is not showing any signs of waning, as thousands of people post their countless selfies on social media platforms every second. Smartphone manufacturers like Oppo have realized this, in turn, launching devices that sport features built for selfie-lovers. One of their current handsets holds a treat for all selfie maniacs out there, the F1s. Here’s a breakdown of the specifications and features of this promising device from Oppo.

So expensive-looking yet so affordable!

This pocket-pleasing 5.5-inch device from Oppo comes with an attractive design, exhibiting an elegant rose gold exterior that will remind you of the iPhone 6s. Plus, its curves are all in the right places together with a home button that can operate as a fingerprint scanner, which is gilded with gold trimmings.

Found at the bottom are two speakers and a rear snapper that is flanked wonderfully on the phone’s body. Oppo further improved F1 Plus’ successor by ridding it off with the overt antenna lines, resulting in a neat, suave chassis.

Stunning Selfies, everyone

Most camera phones you see these days sport a camera with a high pixel count on the back. But it’s a completely different story for the F1s, as it comes with a 13MP camera resolution on its rear, while its front wields a larger 16MP sensor. This, coupled with a f/2.0 aperture, results in crisper, sharper, and brighter images than any other selfie phones on the market. With that, you’re bound to get outstanding selfie images.

The F1s has a Beauty 4.0 mode which tweaks your images, providing 7 levels of “beautification” and 2 skin tone modes to up your selfie game even further. Unlike other beauty-enhancing settings in many smartphones, the F1s ensures that your selfies won’t turn out unnatural or waxy by exhibiting natural colors and a decent amount of saturation.

Other awesome things you can do with the F1s’ camera include shooting timelapse, panorama, and double exposure. Also, you can make GIFs and tap into Expert mode to adjust control shutter speed, white balance, save in RAW format, and ISO. With all these magnificent selfie-friendly features, the F1s can definitely meet the expectations of every selfie-lover.

Performance - As smooth as its sleek chassis

In case you didn’t know Oppo has its own version of the Android 5.1 which they call the Color OS 3. It provides an elegant home screen filled with neatly-placed icons and just a minimal amount of bloatware.

Yeah, Android 5.1 may not be a top-of-the-line processor but the Oppo F1s makes up for it by giving users a seamless experience when navigating and opening apps. All thanks to its MediaTek CPU with a whopping 8 cores and a decent 3 GB RAM, helping in handling demanding tasks extremely well like playing HD videos and running graphics-intensive games.

Many smartphone manufacturers these days are hopping right on the capacious battery life train, creating devices with batteries ranging from 3500 mAh to 4000 mAh. This means that F1s’ 3075-mAh battery life can easily fade into oblivion if it goes head-to-head with other smartphones with a heavy battery. But these numbers do not actually matter, though. This is because you can go over 24 hours of sending emails, web browsing, watching inspirational videos on Youtube, and much more!

The Verdict

The Oppo F1s succeeds in almost every parameter, especially in the selfie camera department. Along with its shoestring price tag, the F1s can easily be considered one of the best smartphones that Oppo has offered to date.

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