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Nokia Steel is not just your ordinary wearable, it's a fitness tracker

19 November 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Today, the smartwatch market is saturated with a wide range of fitness trackers; from Garmin to Fitbit, you know when someone who owns one. But with the Nokia Steel, it’s not just a stylish fitness tracker, it’s also a smartwatch that can monitor your sleep, weight, and has a range of other features perfectly designed for fitness buffs.

Regular fitness trackers come with basic functions such as step count, heart rate, and sleep quality monitor. However, the Nokia Steel offers more, allowing the user to track more than 10 different activities, such as running. Plus, it offers water resistance up to 164 feet so you can monitor your swim.

Design and Battery

Design-wise, the great thing about the Nokia Steel is that it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker. It just looks like a normal fashion watch with two color options, white and black. Also, the Nokia Steel has holes in its band which are very close together, allowing you to adjust it to fit your wrist perfectly.

The Nokia Steel's simple design is its selling point, as it doesn't display any fitness information, unlike other wearables. The watch's display is not filled with extra information and is similar to that of a normal watch. In addition, it’s worth noting that the Nokia Steel doesn't rely on rechargeable batteries; it comes with a battery life that is good for eight months. Nokia decided not to hop on the rechargeable battery trend, as there have been studies that reveal people tend to give up on their wearable if they have to charge it, which is why the Nokia Steel has been packed with a durable, hassle-free battery.

Fitness and Sleep Tracking

The Nokia Steel monitors your activity levels all the time, as long as you wear the watch. There's no need to use the phone app in order to enable the watch's settings. Simply sync the watch to your phone through Bluetooth whenever you feel like checking your current activity levels. The watch can also differentiate between a range of activities including walking, running and swimming, as well as estimate the calories you’ve burned. It also comes with a Health Mate app that detects activities including tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis, weightlifting, soccer, dance, boxing and more!

Like most fitness trackers, the Nokia Steel claims to record your sleep activity. The watch monitors the duration and progress of your sleep such as the time spent in bed, the time taken to fall asleep, and the number of times you woke up during the night.

Healthmate app

The Nokia's Health Mate app is very easy to navigate around. Like the recent Facebook app, the app comes with a menu bar found on the bottom of the screen, which is quite intuitive. The data for activities and sleep is shown in a simple manner and can be displayed graphically if you prefer. Essential information like steps, calories, and distance are represented in a circular graph that tracks your fitness goals.

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