LTE Feature of the Apple Watch 3 Won’t Work Outside of the US

Reymart Sarigumba

The much-awaited Apple Watch 3 is making the headlines this week as its LTE feature won’t work when traveling abroad. The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first timepiece from Apple to a sport cellular connectivity. As mentioned during Apple’s launch event last week, the LTE-integrated Apple Watch wearables will have the same number as your primary line and will let you make and receive calls, enable app alerts, send text messages, and use the voice assistant – Siri. What’s even more compelling, especially for active people, is that they will allow users to stream music from a vast selection of 40 million songs without having to bring your iPhone.

With that, there’s no question that this new LTE model of the Apple Watch takes the higher pedestal when it comes to wearable technology. However, there seems to be a small problem worth mentioning. An Apple representative recently spoke to MacRumors, saying that the LTE won’t work when traveling outside of the United States. Apple’s statement reads:

“If you purchased one (an Apple Watch S3 GPS + Cellular) through the US Apple Online Store, it’ll only work for the 4 US carriers. It wouldn’t work internationally, unfortunately. I’m not entirely sure what type of error it would show if you took a US Watch to Germany, but it wouldn’t be compatible with Telekom.”

In addition, on Apple Watch 3’s product listing, the roaming feature indicates that it will not be available outside the provider network coverage area. Although this news is far from a deal breaker for many prospective buyers, it’s worth keeping this in mind if you are going to use your Apple Watch while traveling outside of the United States.

Price and Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 3 will come with a 4G LTE variant and a non-4G LTE model which will be cheaper than the former. Unfortunately, some countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia won’t be supported by the 4G LTE version, so it’s expected that consumers will be better off with the non-4G LTE model. As of writing, there are no release dates yet for Southeast Asian market or pricing details, but it is believed to make its way in November or December.

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