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LG smartphones, televisions, and home appliances on the cheap this Black Friday 2017

22 November 2017 | Jonathan So

The LG G6 smartphone caught your eye? Sick of watching your favourite K-dramas on blurry TVs? Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to do so this Friday (24 November 2017) during the Black Friday 2017 sales.

What are Black Friday 2017 sales?

First off, no, it is not a sales event where you can only purchase black-coloured products. For those who have not heard of the Black Friday sales, it is a year-end sales event whereby retailers will offer exclusive deals and promos as an effort to increase sales volumes before the year ends. This sales event originated from the US, is held a day after Thanksgiving – the period where Americans will start their Christmas shopping.

LG products to look out for during the Black Friday 2017 sales

As 2017 is about to conclude, this is a good time to prepare for a fresh start approaching the new year. If you are looking to upgrade your home, LG is a good brand to start with. This South Korean brand is known for its home appliances and consumer electronics, making it the brand of choice if you are looking to pimp your crib. Here are some LG products to check out this Black Friday:

LG Home Entertainment Systems

You cannot talk about LG without mentioning its award-winning home entertainment systems. LG’s line of Full-HD LED, OLED, and UHD 4K televisions are constantly regarded as being amongst the best available in the market today. The TVs are known for delivering immersive picture quality and accurate colour reproduction with minimal power consumption. With these televisions, you will be able to bring cinema-level visual quality to your living room.

To complete your home theatre setup, LG also provides other components such as home audio systems and sound bars that boast rich acoustics, ensuring an eargasmic audio experience to complement the visual quality. Speaking of visual quality, LG also has stylishly-designed Blu-Ray and DVD players to complement your home entertainment system ensemble for you to enjoy picture-perfect movies at the comfort of your own home.

LG Home Appliances

From the kitchen to the laundry room and every space in between, LG provides functional, reliable, and energy-efficient home appliances to equip your home with. LG’s range of home appliances enables you to create an efficient, stylish, and functional home, offering innovative solutions to cumbersome household chores that you absolutely abhor.

From kitchen appliances to help you store, prepare, and cook food effectively, to useful laundry solutions that give you noiseless and energy-saving performance, LG home appliances are must-haves that provide the convenience that you need. With LG’s range of state-of-the-art home and kitchen appliances, life has never been easier.

LG Air-Conditioners

The hot and humid Malaysian weather can take a toll on all of us. LG’s range of air-conditioners is the perfect counter to the heat, making our homes cool and comfortable. Not only are they effective in keeping the temperature cool, they also protect you from harmful bacteria and particles in the air.

LG Tech Products

LG also manufactures tech products that you can rely on. From smartphones, smartwatches to headphones, LG offers a wide selection of mobile technology that fits your life. Moreover, if you are looking to upgrade your computer monitor, LG might be just the brand for you. Offering clear colours, sharp details, and immersive viewing experience, LG computer monitors are great options for both work and play.

With so many products to offer for everyone, LG is a brand that you should look out for this Black Friday 2017 sale. Thanks to these Black Friday deals and promo codes, you will be able to enjoy exclusive savings and many other benefits when shopping for LG products.

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