LG G7 Smartphone Specs Predicted

Jonathan So

Although the LG G6 has only been launched not too long ago, everyone is already curious about what the LG G7 will be like. Although the LG G7 is scheduled to only be released in 2018, there are some details that have been circulating about the smartphone already. Some of this information have already been confirmed by various sources while others remain as speculations.

Image source: http://lgg7info.com/

As the device will be potentially competing with the likes of other top-notch flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone 9, one certainty is that the LG G7 will feature improved specs compared to the G6. Design wise, there should not be any significant changes as LG is thought to keep the tall design rather than opting for a compact one. LG will also be likely to retain its metallic body and glass front combination for the flagship. To keep up with the current trend, the upcoming device will also most probably be water-resistant, with at least an IP68 rating. Moreover, LG is also expected to adopt a dual-camera setup for the G7’s primary shooters.

The LG G6 was unveiled equipped with the Snapdragon 821 chipset. However, the upcoming LG G7 is expected to feature the latest-and-greatest Qualcomm processor, be it the latest Snapdragon 835 or its successor, depending on when Qualcomm will release its next flagship processor. Moreover, users can also expect a boost in terms of memory, as the G7 is predicted to come with at least 6GB of RAM. As for the G7’s native storage, LG will most probably start with 32GB built-in internal storage with a capability to be expanded via microSD.

Another major improvement that is predicted is the camera setup for the G7. There is a chance that the device will go a step further by featuring four cameras, adopting a dual camera build for both primary and secondary cameras. As Android is currently working on its latest patch and is due to be ready by end of 2017 or early 2018, the LG G7 might run on the Android O right out of the box.

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