Is The iPhone 11 Pro Worth Upgrading To?

Febriana Ramadhanya

For tech enthusiasts, September can only mean one thing: the always awaited Apple Keynote event. This year, Apple revealed the upcoming launch of several new products like new iPhones, new Apple Watch, a new iPad, and more. The highlight, of course, is their new smartphone line, the iPhone 11. The new line comprises of the 11, and the Pro series, 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max. The Pro series start from $999 and it goes up to $1499 if you max out your storage.

Considering the Pro series is the leading variant in the new collection, clearly, the Pro has more advanced specifications than the iPhone XS. The 11 Pro has longer battery life, XDR Super Retina Display, Night Mode, and the widely talked about triple camera system. However, it surprisingly still lacks a lot of features despite its label as a “Pro” model.

With the not-so-wallet-friendly price tag, the 11 Pro should have everything a brand new smartphone would have, especially with all the upcoming technological advances. Be that as it may, these following factors, or lack thereof, might push you to reconsider getting the iPhone 11 Pro.

5G not supported

The first phase of 5G will most likely be released this year, so it’s a bold move from Apple to build the iPhone 11 Pro without the ability to support the new network technology. Although the availability of the network is not yet widespread, the rationale remains that people would want to own the 11 Pro for a long time so that whenever 5G becomes available, users, and their phones, would be ready to enjoy the technology. Considering that this phone is supposed to be Apple’s most advanced phone yet and its hefty price tag, the lack of 5G support is something that most people can’t turn a blind eye on.

No USB-C port

Before the keynote event, there were rumors flying around that the next iPhone would have a USB-C port. Putting wireless charging aside, this makes it more convenient, especially for those with a complete Apple ecosystem, to juice up their phones. Yet, the iPhone 11 Pro still boasts a lightning port. The one upside is that the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the first iPhones to include a lightning-to-USB-C charging cable to make it more convenient for you to charge your phones using your Macbooks.

Limited colors

This may not be a major discouraging factor for some but the 11 Pro is only available in 4 colors while the 11 has 6 new pastel colors. Perhaps the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are geared towards a tech-savvier demographic who takes their gadgets more seriously. Still, the addition of the new midnight green is not as groundbreaking as the color choices of the iPhone 11, which comes at a significantly lower price point.

The question remains, should you be copping the new iPhone 11 Pro? If the 3 points above don’t bother you too much and you’ve got the dough to spend, the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max offers so much more. On the other hand, do consider the iPhone 11 as a more budget-friendly alternative. It has similar specs with the 11 Pro and it’s more aesthetically varied.

If you’ve just upgraded to an iPhone XS or an XR, maybe you’d want to sit this one out. If you don’t mind not having the night mode feature on the triple 12MP cameras, then you won’t be missing out on much.

Apple iPhone 6 16GB Gold RM 620.00
Apple iPhone 6 32GB Gold RM 850.00
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rose Gold RM 2,850.00
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Silver RM 5,399.00
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB Gold RM 4,599.00
Apple iPhone 12 RM 3,639.00
Apple iPhone 12 256GB Red RM 4,339.00
Apple iPhone 12 64GB Black RM 3,639.00
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Midnight Green RM 4,100.00
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Silver RM 3,495.00
Apple iPhone 7 256GB Red RM 1,450.00
Apple iPhone 11 128GB White RM 3,039.00
Apple iPhone 11 64GB Green RM 2,899.00
Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128GB Green RM 3,279.00
Apple iPhone XR 64GB White RM 2,899.00

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