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If The Avengers Were Phone Brands, This Is What They Would Be

06 June 2018 | Joel Vijay

The latest instalment of Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War brought a huge gasp to the entire audience. The much-anticipated blockbuster from the Marvel Cinematic Universe plunged us into a world of feels for our favourite superheroes. But looking at the Avengers and supporting characters, we can’t help but wonder what Avengers would be like as phones. What would Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow be if they were mobile phone brands?

Captain America – Nokia

The First Avenger – yeah, definitely a Nokia. Just like Captain America, Nokia is the first in its league in terms of date of release. Our favourite phones of the 90s and early 2000s – all Nokia phones.

We imagine Capt’ as a Nokia 3310 in the beginning and a Nokia 8 in Infinity War. He’s been upgraded better than ever before with all the latest tech from Wakanda and if he was a phone, he’d be a Nokia 8 for sure!

Iron Man – Samsung

There’s no doubt about this – Iron Man would be a Samsung. Surely the top-of-the-line flagship phone. We’re thinking a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The Bleeding Edge armour that Tony Stark wears is as cool as the latest Samsung’s curvy edges and near bezel-less display.

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He’s also got an operating system called Friday, much similar to the Samsung assistant, Bixby. Iron Man is also the most well-known among the Avengers and the Godfather of the team. All these characteristics describes Samsung.

Hulk – OnePlus

This one is a little hard to decipher but we got it. Hulk is a late comer to the scene definitely a strong presence. He comes in like a tank and bulldozes his way through the competition. Stomping and chewing on bad guys like cake. Hulk would be a OnePlus. OnePlus is a brand known to bring out strong phones with little hassle on software. Hardware is upgraded to most powerful there is on the market. Size is also large – something Hulk has and so does the OnePlus. The OnePlus 6 in particular would be a perfect fit to Hulk’s persona.

Black Widow – Vivo

Curvy and a looker, Black Widow gets all the boys to her yard. The lead female role in any of the Avengers instalments, Black Widow completes the superhero team with feminine charm all the skills in completing the mission. That’s why she’s a Vivo phone. Aside from Vivo’s curvy good looks, the phone brand also brings in an array of accessories and tools we all need. Black Widow would be a V7 Plus.

Thor – Xiaomi

Before you wonder why Thor would be related to Xiaomi, you have to think of how the underdog became the main player in the team. Thor has always been side-lined in Avengers as his story arc is as a supporting hero. But in Infinity War, Thor emerged to become the ultimate hero. Being pretty much the only character strong enough to defeat Thanos, Thor risked everything to save the universe. Xiaomi has the same characteristics. Bringing out smartphones that are not only compatible, but powerful enough to outperform flagship phones in the market. Xiaomi models such as the Redmi 4X started out as budget phones and later became immensely popular due to their user-friendly nature. Thor would be a Xiaomi for sure. A Xiaomi Mi 5 most likely.

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