HTC U Ultra Elevates Mobile Phone Aesthetics to a New Level

Jonathan So

The U Ultra is one of the latest HTC phone model introduced by Taiwanese manufacturers, HTC. The device is a gorgeous new benchmark that redefines the visual appeal of a mobile phone. Is it better than the HTC One?

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2017 seems to be a year where most OEMs are bringing about new designs and upgrading existing products with minor aesthetic differences. The U Ultra smartphone is a great example of HTC’s efforts to diverge from the flagship moulds that the company had adopted in prior years. Besides sporting a new design and build, the smartphone also features a host of other changes that makes the U Ultra seem to be a captivating phone.

HTC is known as the founder of metal unibody design, being the first to showcase it on its phones for years. Over the years, however, the metal unibody design has become a staple design for many other smartphones in the market and it could no longer be a unique selling point for HTC to sell its phones. Hence, HTC went back to the drawing board to create a new hardware design to be featured on the U Ultra smartphone: metal with a polished glass finish.

According to a statement made by Chia-Lin Chiang, HTC’s president of smartphones and connected devices to, he was moved to create the pearlescent, reflective surface of the U Ultra after gazing at a fountain. He was then inspired to translate the beauty of nature into a feasible design.

Moreover, HTC has opted for a natural curve look for the U Ultra which gives the device a smoother and more natural feel when held, as compared to smartphones that have flat sides and back. The curves of the glass further enhance the appearance of the device, giving it an elegant and stunning look. The U Ultra device in the market can be found in four colours – pink, sapphire blue, black, and white.

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