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Casio’s TR-M11 Selfie Camera is your Pocket-Sized Beauty Studio

14 December 2017 | Jonathan So

Whenever Casio is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is its wide range of watches. Aside from watches though, the brand also offers a variety of other products, one of them being cameras. Speaking of cameras, Casio has recently released a selfie camera known as the TR-M11. Here is all you need to know about the selfie camera:

Overall Design

Well, it is easy to see who the primary target audience is based on the design of the selfie camera. At first glance, you may mistake it as a compact powder case due to its unique rounded clamp shell design. However, it is indeed a full-fledged selfie camera targeted towards females who need to take selfies and update their social media daily. The palm-sized device is easy to carry around; it can simply be placed in your handbag or in a coat jacket.

The usual face mirror is replaced by a camera lens that is encircled by eight LED flashlights whereas the compact powder compartment is replaced with a rounded HD touchscreen instead. The camera is designed to turn on automatically when you open it up.

Available Features

The Casio TR-M11 sports a 12.76MP camera with a 21mm f/2.8 aperture lens, which is more than sufficient for you to snap Instagram- and Facebook-worthy photos. Having ring LED lights also means that Casio is not joking around when it claims that the TR-M11 is a selfie-centred camera. This is because ring LED lights are typically used by professional photographers to take portrait shots.

The ring LED lights can be controlled; users can change the intensity and pattern to give suitable illumination based on the environment’s lighting conditions. Therefore, owning the TR-M11 is like having a personalized photographer tagging along with you to take your portraits.

Using the Device

The camera also comes with a flurry of beauty apps and features to make you look gorgeous in your selfies. They are designed to provide enough illumination to brighten your face while removing unnecessary shadows. Despite being feature-filled, it is easy to use, and you can get familiarised to it the moment you pick it up.

To access the main menu, you just need to swipe the screen inwards from the left to reveal eight beauty modes for you, including Make-up Art, Lighting, Skin Tone, Face Brightness, etc. Swiping the screen upwards will reveal several beauty functions like Auto, Cute, Cool, and many more for you to try out and customise your photos with.

The TR-M11 takes photos and videos in square format, meaning that you do not have to crop these photos before you upload to Instagram or Facebook. The camera also supports Wi-Fi connection, enabling users to control it remotely. This also means that you can send the photos taken by the device directly to your smartphone.


The Casio TR-M11 camera is priced at RM2,199. However, there is currently a Christmas promotion going on until 7 January 2018, which cuts its price to RM1,999 during this period.

While you are on the hunt for a Christmas gift for your loved ones, why not consider Casio watches as well?

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