Asus ROG Zephyrus – Is the Flaw Worth the Exorbitant Price Tag?

Jonathan So

Asus is known for producing reliable laptops across all genres for all purposes – from everyday computing to gaming. The ROG series is Asus line of premier gaming laptops and its latest addition, the ROG Zephyrus is widely considered as one of the best gaming laptop available today. The ROG Zephyrus has taken the gaming laptop industry by storm as it sets a new benchmark for gaming-centred laptops, featuring a sharp and innovative design, ample gaming performance, a colour-rich display, and amazing speakers.

ROG Zephyrus GX501 – A Revolutionary Gaming Laptop

Until now, there have two main classes of gaming laptops: big and powerful or thin and portable. However, Asus has managed to create a hybrid that combines the best of both worlds – combining exceptional performance in a slim laptop. The ROG Zephyrus measures a mere 16.9-17.9mm body, making it amongst the thinnest gaming laptops around. In fact, its svelte design makes the ROG Zephyrus closer in size to an ultrabook than a high-end gaming laptop. Its innovative design does not stop. The bottom panel can drop down like a ramp, providing better airflow to keep the internals cool even after prolonged hours of gaming.

Besides sporting a thin design, it features hardware that can rival high-end gaming desktops. The ROG Zephyrus represents a new generation of Max-Q gaming machines that provided three-times faster performance. In the heart of the device are the NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics and a quad-core 7th Generation Intel Core processor, giving the power and sharp graphics needed to handle demanding games.

Despite sporting a thin design compared to all its predecessors, it features hardware that can rival high-end gaming desktops.

A Flaw Amidst Perfection

Although the ROG Zephyrus seems like the perfect gaming laptop, there are a few possible setbacks that might make you think twice to purchase it. Firstly, you cannot neglect the price that it is being marketed at. At $2,699 it might be more than you have ever considered spending on a 15-inch gaming laptop. A big part of the exorbitant price point is caused by the advanced processor and chipset of the device. However, it is a good investment in the long run as the powerful processor can support games in the up to the next five years. That means you do not need to upgrade your graphics card and internal components in the next few years to enjoy your favourite games.

Despite its innovative design and impressive specs, one issue that experts, reviewers, and users have brought up is the ROG Zephyrus’ mediocre battery life. Based on tests conducted on the device’s battery life, the device can only run up to a maximum of 2 hours. Even with the keyboard backlight turned off or only having a few applications running, the battery could not surpass the two-hour benchmark.

However, if you look at it realistically, the battery life is not much a problem as you will be plugging in most of the time while gaming. Since the device is lightweight and thin, it is a great device to be brought along for LAN parties in place of a bulky desktop. Since you will be plugging in the laptop while you are gaming, battery life is the least of your problems.

Since you will be plugging in the laptop while you are gaming, battery life is the least of your problems.

The ROG Zephyrus GX501 laptop is giving high-end gaming desktops a run for their money with its aesthetics and specs. Despite its poor battery life, the laptop is a gaming monster that is worth the exorbitant price you are paying. However, if it is still out of your budget, you can check out other models in the ROG line.

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ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401 AMD Ryzen 9 RM 5,368.00
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