Apple iPhone 8 News and Updates: What is Known So Far

Aaron Tam

The Brand-New Apple iPhone 8 is Finally Here - or is it the iPhone 7S?

Apple just released three new handsets to mull over. On top of the pedestal is the iPhone X, boasting its edge-to-edge display. While the other two - the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sport a traditional design that looks and feels exactly similar to the iPhone 7 Series. If you are thinking of upgrading your iPhone 7, we’ll make it easier for you by comparing these two different yet similar phones with each other.

Same Display, Different Look

If you looked at it above and below, the iPhone 8 has similar bezels, home buttons, and display size as the iPhone 7. The only difference this time is that the 8 now comes with a True Tone feature that lets you adjust the screen’s contrast. Another thing that sets the iPhone 8 apart from the 7 is the all-glass exterior on the front and back that supports wireless charging.

Wireless Charging at Last!

At last! the iPhone 8 comes with a wireless charging technology but that doesn’t mean it ditches the standard charging through a lightning cable. The wireless charging works by placing the device on a QI pad that regenerates the battery juice. While Apple may have granted the plight of its fans with the wireless charging, they haven’t really made any improvements to the battery capacity.

Same dual cameras…but wait, there’s more!

Apple is known for making innovative improvements on the cameras in its phones for many years, and this can also be seen in the iPhone 8. It may have the same number of sensors and megapixels as the 7 but its cameras pack more awesome features this time, wielding an optimal image stabilization and improved autofocus. Aside from that, the front camera now has a Portrait Lighting Mode that will allow you to play with your creativity!

Packs More Power!

Another noteworthy upgrade for the iPhone 8 is its all-new chipset, namely the A11 Bionic, which performs more efficiently, in turn, improving its battery life and power. This can run more demanding apps, play graphics-intensive games, and offers a cutting edge AR and VR experience. Also, the chipset is the fastest one that Apple has ever developed, fast and powerful enough to support AR or augmented reality. With AR taking too much processing power, iPhone 8 can handle this task with no sweat.

Price and Release Date

The iPhone 8 starts at $699 (around 2,935 RM) for the 64-GB model, while its Plus variant is $799 (approx. 3,355 RM). As for the release date, it will be available for pre-order starting September 15 and will ship on September 22.


Truly, the iPhone 8 is one of those phones that has many surprises up its sleeve. It may have a glaring resemblance to the iPhone 7 but it has a lot of under-the-hood improvements that consumers should take a closer look at.

WTF Apple? 512GB on the iPhone 8?

Now that Samsung has released the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, all eyes are turned to Apple as the iPhone 8 is expected to be released in September. Earlier reports suggest that for this edition, Apple has decided to remove the 32GB model and will be launching only two variants of the upcoming iPhone 8 – 64GB and 256GB with 3GB RAM. However, a new rumour is suggesting there will be a third variant: 512GB.

Wait, what?! 512GB on an iPhone 8? No, you did not read it wrongly nor did I make a typo error. Chinese tipster GeekBar posted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo claiming that the iPhone 8 will come in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options. While the former two have been tipped before, the latter 512GB storage is fresh information. Question is, do we really need the 512GB variant?

Chinese tipster GeekBar posted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo claiming that the iPhone 8 will come in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options.

Is 512GB Internal Storage on an iPhone Relevant?

At first glance, 512GB worth of storage capacity on a smartphone seems to be an overkill for a phone. Unlike a Mac or an iPad, we are less likely to store space-consuming files such as lots of downloaded movies and TV shows for viewing while travelling. Even if you do have these files, there is always cloud storage – a technology that Apple has always been promoting which reduces the need to consume large chunks of iPhone’s internal storage unnecessarily.

Here are a few reasons to justify why a 512GB iPhone might not be as absurd as it sounds. Considering that the iPhone 8 will support AR and 3D sensing features that demand more storage, the bump in storage capacity seems to be a welcome change. Moreover, there might be another reason why a 512GB iPhone 8 is very plausible is that 4K content is becoming increasingly popular which also makes the increase in storage quite relevant. There will be times when you find yourself being unable to connect to iCloud which prevents you from storing files on it.

Finally, we all know less-techy people around whose lives are essentially stored on their phones. They could not be bothered about iCloud which means that everything stays on their phone. For them, instant access to all their important media and content is key. For these people, the 512GB version is a godsend. Hence, based on these reasons above, owning a 512GB iPhone is not as preposterous as initially thought.

Other iPhone 8 Rumours

Besides the rumour discussed above, there have been many other leaks and claims regarding the 10th-anniversary iPhone. Straight from Apple’s own early HomePod firmware, iOS app developers have uncovered an icon suggesting an all-screen display at the front of the phone. Yes, that means a possible goodbye to the ol’ home button. This means a possible 5.8-inch screen that stretches from edge-to-edge, both vertically and horizontally.

Furthermore, well-known analyst Kuo Ming-Chi also claims that the iPhone 8 might sport a richer AMOLED display compared to the LCD screens that on the existing iPhones. The new display delivers better contrast, more vibrant colours, and a battery-saving always-on display. It is also better suited for VR and AR.

Besides that, the same Apple source code also revealed something called ‘Face ID’ which could replace (or be an addition to) the fingerprint sensor. It provides a new way for you to unlock your phone – via facial recognition. The 3D sensor is also expected to be more secure than Samsung’s Face Unlock.

If these rumours are proven to be true, the iPhone 8, especially the 512GB variant might take the coveted “Top Smartphone” recognition. It might also be a catalyst to start a new smartphone revolution – phones with a half-terabyte worth of internal storage. In the meantime, you can check out these iPhone accessories to complement the upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 gets a massive leak

Last time, people are pleased to find out that Apple iPhone 8 would feature the wireless charging. As September announcement draws near, there are even more leaks about this upcoming Apple iPhone.

From MobileFun, an accessory maker, it revealed more about its first retail case for Apple iPhone 8 a few days ago. This company boasted a proven track record with its accurately revealed designs for both Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, MobileFun listed nine more cases for Apple iPhone 8. Like the first retail case, the nine new cases are produced by a well-regarded manufacturer, Olixar. These cases are Olixar ExoShield Tough Snap-on iPhone 8 case (Crystal and Crystal Clear), Olixar X-Duo iPhone 8 case (Gold, Jet Black, Metallic Grey, and Carbon Fibre Silver), and Olixar X-Trio Full Cover iPhone 8 case (Red, Black, and Rose Gold).

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It is interesting to note that each case offers a clearer look at the Apple iPhone 8 design. All of them are officially on sale now especially in United Kingdom. Most importantly, these cases actually confirm with most leaks that appeared in recent weeks. Among these confirmations includean almost bezel-less 5.8 elongated display screen, a vertically-aligned rear dual camera, a cut-out at top of the main display for front camera and sensors, and absence of home button. Apparently, it is expected that these features will lead to a radical redesign of iOS 11 with revolutionary Function Area that transforms how iPhone users receive and interact with notifications.

Apple iPhone 8 Gets the Biggest New Feature

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The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 continues to attract wide speculation from around the world. While there were many exciting rumors about Apple iPhone 8, this recent news can prove to be a real game-changer. When CEO of Winstron spoke in the company's annual shareholders meeting, he revealed about new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing while assembly process for the previous generations of Apple iPhones have not changed much.

This was the first time wireless charging had such an official confirmation. When Apple iPhone 8 was rumored to shift to a new glass chassis, wireless charging was long suspected to be the reason. It was worth noting that the charging has been said to be waterproof. This made sense since Apple iPhone was already water-resistant and contact-based charging involved no port. From this revelation, Apple iPhone 8 will get the biggest new feature.

Experts believed that this eye-opening revelation would be yet another cost on the already most expensive Apple iPhone of all time. When you take a look at other previous manufacturing leaks such as OLED with Touch ID and 3D Sensing technology, Apple iPhone will certainly boast a price tag of more than $1000. If you are a true fan of Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 8 does live up to its hype so far.

Apple iPhone 8 might be unveiled on Monday

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Top tech expert from JP Morgan believed that Apple fans would be in for a big treat next week. As the annual Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) will begin next week, stock analyst Rod Hall expects Apple to unveil a vast range of new products. He has written a note to investors specifically about sketchy claims about Apple's plan for WWDC event.

According to Apple Insider, Apple will unveil the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8 as well as updated Apple iPads. Most importantly, tech enthusiasts will be able to get a first look at a new Apple TV device which allows films and programs to be streamed at 4K. Not only that, there will be an Amazon Echo-style Siri Speaker that is rumored to already be in production. Previously, the same stock analyst also suggested that Apple iPhone 8 might incorporate a Samsung-style Infinity Display technology as well as facial recognition technology.

Despite such wonderful news, expert Apple observers gave advice to tech fans that these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt. Some even have gone as far as calling them as baseless in the usual silliness of WWDC season. As always, Apple refuses to comment on any of these rumors because it observes a strict secrecy policy and will never reveal any details about its upcoming products.

Apple iPhone 8 can be cheaper than you think

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Due to numerous recent reports about how Apple iPhone 8 can cost over $1000, the general consensus is that Apple iPhone 8 is going to be very expensive. However, newer rumor suggests that its entry price will be a lot lower than the $1000. As reported by Business Insider, it appears that Apple iPhone 8 will start at the $870. The report comes from a note by USB analyst Steven Milunovich in a note to clients. It is interesting that it refers to 128GB variant since other reports indicate there will not be a 32GB variant.

In the same report, Steven also expects the 256GB variant of Apple iPhone 8 to cost $1070. This variant should confirm other rumors about how Apple iPhone 8 will exceed the $1000 barrier. At the same time, the 128GB variant of Apple iPhone 8 is seen as a great deal at $870. The price is also in line with the expected prices for both Apple iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Based on their predecessors' prices, Apple iPhone 7S and iPhone 7SPlus should be priced at $649 and $769 respectively for their 32GB variant. Steven believes that Apple iPhone 8 will make up for 45% of sales next year. While both Apple iPhone 7S and iPhone 7SPlus are expected to release this year, the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8 will be released on next year instead.

Apple iPhone 8 will cost more for a good reason

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There is a recent report that claims about how Apple's 3D Touch components on its Apple iPhone 8's OLED display are 150% more expensive than its LCD counterpart. Furthermore, this report also supports the speculation that the Apple iPhone 8 is likely to cost over US$1000 during its launch.

According to touch panel maker, TPK Holdings, it mentions that the 3D Touch components for the Apple iPhone 8's OLED display will cost from $18 to $22. As reported by Economic Daily News, TPK Holdings also confirms that Apple has accepted the price quote. Currently, both TPK Holdings and General Interface Solution (GIS) charge Apple $7-$9 for the 3D Touch LCD panels on Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It has been said that the processing cost of the 3D Touch OLED panels is only 50% more than its LCD counterparts but TPK Holdings and GIS are allegedly quoting three times more than that.

Not only that, the OLED display also requires a separate protective glass that is bonded on the front and back of the device. This additional care and process also means that it will contribute towards the increase of production cost. As such, your Apple iPhone 8 is likely to cost more.

Apple iPhone 8 may get incredible supportfrom new Apple patents

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Unsurprisingly, the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 has been receiving a lot of coverage despite there are tons of sketchy rumors as well. Every day, each rumor continues to ignite excitement among Apple fans. This time, there is a speculation that this highly anticipated Apple smartphone will receive amazing features from new Apple patents.

As spotted by Patently Apple, there are two of Apple patents that are said to be potentially related to Apple iPhone 8. Among them is the edge-to-edge display and it actually describes how a flat screen can wrap around the edge of a device to maximize especially the areas that are dedicated to display and touch sensitivity. Needless to say, this rumor alone has confirmed the countless rumors whichsuggests that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to utilize a wraparound, OLED-based display.

Regarding the second patent that is linked to Apple iPhone 8, it is actually about Apple's signature biometric fingerprint technology. According to the patent, the Apple Touch ID will be placed behind the display screen itself as opposed to the current Home button. Such rumor actually resonates with numerous reports about Apple and its own problem with the new location of fingerprint technology. As always, Apple has yet to release any official confirmation or information about the rumors so far.

Apple iPhone 8 Can Be Pricey But It Definitely Worth It

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There is no doubt that this year should be the finest year for Apple as it is going to unveil several Apple iPhone releases that will redefine the future of smartphone forever. Since the year 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iconic Apple iPhone, it has been widely speculated that Apple is going to be one with radical changes that you have never expect in Apple iPhone. In fact, newer leaks from several sources such as Nikkei, FastCompany, and Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8 can be the most expensive model that Apple has ever made.

Previously, the Apple iPhone 8 is expected to cost at US$1000 but most believe the its price should be over US$1000 due to price hike. However, this Apple iPhone 8 can be the best Apple iPhone that you can get because it is going to be very different indeed.

First of all, it should feature the larger OLED display screen, bezel-less all screen design, biometric authentication, and an A11 chipset. Furthermore, it has reportedly removed the physical home button. In addition, you can also expect 3D sensing technology in this Apple iPhone 8 as well. Finally, it is believed that Apple has now locked down the design in order to deal with its closest rivals in the tightly contested smartphone market. This is an exciting time for everyone because Apple must act decisively to prove that its Apple iPhone is at the top of the game.

Apple iPhone 8 may face the worst case scenario

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Without any doubt, the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 has been the center of attention despite there is lack of any official confirmation regarding its status. Yet, this latest leak may mean that we can expect the delay of its release date if the information is proven correct.

Renowned serial Apple leaker, Ming Chi-Kuo believes that Apple is going to face the worst case scenario since Apple may encounter the problem of completing larger units due to new problems that are associated with the newly ordered components. Furthermore, he also adds that there is also "rising probabilities" of challenges that come in the form of major hardware upgrades and shipment delays. These problems may include the issue of merging new OLED panels with the fingerprint reader.

In fact, he expects that the entire production can be pushed back to October or November. Since this will occur outside the normal August-September window, this can potentially create even more severe supply shortages. Even if the new Apple iPhone 8 has been released successfully, there is a high chance that it will only available in extremely limited numbers.

As of now, Apple still has not even announce or release any details about the rumored Apple iPhone 8. Interestingly, it even overshadows the other expected releases of both Apple iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Not only that, Apple also admits any rumors regarding Apple iPhone 8 actually affect the sales of its current Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone 8 : The Announcement Maybe Sooner than You Think

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Although the previous Apple iPhone releases have been rather predictable over the years, the rumors about Apple iPhone 8 just come from everywhere. In other words, all of them are over the map. Despite this, most of the rumors are quite sketchy since they have not been backed with solid official confirmation. Even then, the Apple fans and watchers alike are excited to analyze every piece of information available.

When Rod Hall of JPMorgan released a research note which actually claimed that Apple will show the Apple iPhone 8 at WWDC this year. Basically, he was saying that you can finally see the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8 in just four weeks. If you remember, he was the same analyst that made the claim that the Facial Recognition software on the Apple iPhone 8 will replace Touch ID entirely.

Even though this seems to be an amazing information, it should be noted that it has been rated by commentators as "laughable" and "nonsensical" at the same time. One obvious that they point out is that it is impossible for Apple to show its iconic device in June when everyone believes that the release date of Apple iPhone 8 is still many months away. Another noted observation is that it has been years since Apple has introduced a new Apple iPhone model at WWDC. In other words, this year will not be that special either.

Apple iPhone 8 : The Release Date will be delayed

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Earlier, there are solid rumors that suggest about the delay of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8. In other words, the release date of this pinnacle Apple smartphone will be postponed to a later date.

According to a credible report by a serial leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo, he believes that the mass production of the Apple iPhone 8 may be delayed by one to two months from the usual release date. Mostly, such delay is due to production and preparation of "super high-tech" components in the Apple iPhone 8. Furthermore, some of them include the customized OLED display screens, specialized Apple All 10-nanometer SoC, 3D touch module, and 3D sensing cameras.

Apparently, this delay can also mean that Apple will be left in a disadvantage position as it is vulnerable to competition from its fierce rivals. Moreover, its competitors are getting better than ever especially when there will be more bezel-less or zero bezel Android smartphones in the market. Despite this, most commentators observe that it is more prudent to make the right product rather than just rush an incomplete product. This is even more crucial especially when Apple is planning for a radical redesign of its ultimate Apple iPhone smartphone. As such, it is certain that Apple must make sure that its Apple iPhone 8 earns the well-deserved wait.

Apple iPhone 8 Boasts Serious Game-Changing Features

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In the past few days, the flood of Apple iPhone 8 leaks has been very intense indeed. If the latest rumor is correct, the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will getting the award of being the sleekest smartphone design in the entire history of smartphone designs. This time, there is this Apple iPhone 8 leak from Slashleak which shows an Apple iPhone mold and diagram.

What is striking in this image is that there is no cut-out for the Touch ID sensor in the rear. Furthermore, it also confirms the past rumor that the camera module itself will be oriented vertically. In addition, it might support the claim that the Apple iPhone 8 will feature advanced 3D camera which takes advantage of the 3D sensing technology. As Apple has acquired PrimeSense (Israeli company that is responsible for Microsoft's Kinect) a few years ago, it is expected that Apple should incorporate such technology. At the same time, other observers also assert that the Apple iPhone 8 will boast serious game-changing features that reinvent the user experience.

As for the rumored augmented reality technology, the past concept images have suggested how augmented reality can be a game-changing feature as well. Not only that, it is said the Apple iPhone 8 will incorporate the latest facial recognition technology that puts it ahead of the game. In fact, it can even utilize mobile-based biometric authentication.

Apple iPhone 8 may feature wireless charging

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Every single day, there are lots of exciting rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. This time, there is this new image from OnLeaks that shows the wireless charging could be featured in this next Apple iPhone. From this image, you can see a rounded surface at the back of the supposed Apple iPhone 8. As a matter of fact, it is a spot that you cannot miss it. Indeed, it suggests that there will be a conductive surface to charge the device. Clearly, it actually looks similar to the one that is found in its rival, Samsung Galaxy S8. Although Android devices enjoy the wireless charging for years, it does not mean that Apple fans should not get them at all.

The image also confirms once again that the two cameras on the rear are oriented vertically and the flash will be in the middle. One thing for sure, there will not be any headphone jack at the bottom of the Apple iPhone 8. Although several leaks in the past shows that there will be a Touch ID Sensor on the rear of the device, you cannot find any in this image. Perhaps, Apple has found another innovative way of integrating the Touch ID Sensor in the display.

While the anticipation and excitement for the Apple iPhone 8 grow stronger from day to day, it is rumored that the release date of this Apple device should be in next year instead. Although some are disappointed, many believe that it is a matter of time before Apple iPhone 8 finally transforms the future of smartphone again.

Apple iPhone 8 : Release Date Will Be Delayed

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Earlier, numerous speculations point to the announcement of the Apple iPhone 8 in September 2017. However, newer reports also suggest that the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8 will not be available until 2018. Most people believe that the delay is due to manufacturing delay since there are difficulties in getting suitable and sufficient components for the Apple iPhone 8. Given the fact that the new Apple iPhone 8 will incorporate new technologies, this has been cited as another cause of delay.

Despite this, the observers are optimistic that the delay will be actually a good thing for Apple iPhone 8. Since Apple is going to introduce something big or radical for the Apple iPhone 8, it is normal for Apple to take a longer route when it comes to its game-changing products. The original Apple iPhone and Apple Watch were the examples of themajor delay between the announcement/showing and the release.

Most importantly, the delay has been viewed positively by most people because this will give Apple time to sharpen the key features of the Apple iPhone 8. Rather than launching a smartphone with unforeseen bugs or hardware problems, this is a win-win situation for everyone. The developers can use this period of time to work effectively on the iOS 11. At the same time, the third-party developers will be able to take advantage of the latest features on the Apple iPhone 8. In the past, Apple may display great ideas but it encounters various problems in making sure that the apps and hardware to work well together. Overall, the Apple iPhone 8 will likely to have a smoother launching at the end of day.

Apple iPhone 8 – New Photo Leak Suggests Significant Overhaul

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Last month, there was a report that indicated that the next Apple iPhone 8 would utilize the smoother curves than its rival, Samsung. It is also expected that Apple will introduce something extraordinary on this year's tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone. '' There are new photos that are circulating in the Internet that offer strong hints about a possible overhaul of the Apple iPhone design. In other words, these newly leaked photos support such claim regarding the major changes in how Apple approaches its latest iPhone.

This time, the serial leaker, Benjamin Geskin tweeted these photos of all-screen device with a vertical dual camera. Then, he claimed that it is a dummy model from a source that was related to Foxconn, Apple's supplier. Needless to say, these photos will support the predictions by the analysts regarding the curved glass front and back as well as the hidden home button.

According to the predictions, the all-screen design will get rid of the home screen that you can find on previous iPhones. At the same time, it is also an edge-to-edge screen that incorporates front-facing speakers, cameras and other hardware that will be placed below a glass cover in an inactive part of the display.Furthermore, such speculation seems solid when people found out about the patent that was filed by Apple in February. Despite various speculations surrounding its highly anticipated device, Apple has yet to comment about them.

Apple iPhone 8 Receives Fingerprint Scanner at the Back, According to Leaked Design Drawing

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Despite the release date of Apple iPhone 8 is just several months away, the whole world is eager for any news regarding this ultimate Apple iPhone smartphone. According to serial Apple leaker, Sonny Dickson, the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 seems to be taking a new direction. With an aptly titled tweet, "iPhone 8 looks to be taking a new direction", he backed his claim with the technical drawing of an iPhone design. Apparently, it has been said that the schematic contains the watermark which shows its origin from the Chinese social network QQ.

In the same illustration, it shows that the particular space at the back below the Apple logo might be the potential location of the fingerprint scanner. Not only that, it appears that the dual vertical cameras are on the back as well. At the same time, it also seems that the dual vertical camera represents the shift in design especially when you compare it to the current iPhone 7 Plus design.

Furthermore, the sketch also shows the Apple iPhone case design which measures 72.497mm wide and 149.501mm tall. In other words, this will make this Apple iPhone 8 to boast about 1mm wider and 10mm taller than the current iPhone 7 model. Various commentators also believe that such slimmer and longer Apple iPhone smartphone will be able to compete with other upcoming models by its rivals, especially Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy S8. Moreover, even small cosmetic changes can be decisive when it comes to the reception of the smartphones.

Apple iPhone 8 Boasts a Bezel-Less Design

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As the Apple iPhone 8 continues to top the list of most anticipated smartphones of 2017, there is another latest information that bring iPhone fans to another level of frenzy. With new investor report from Ming-Chi Kuo (a trusted authority in any Apple rumors), the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 is going to feature a bezel-less design. This is seen as the major overhaul for the signature iPhone design since the overall design itself has mostly remained untouched throughout the years.

Not only that, it is also expected that the Apple iPhone 8 will have a full-screen design. Influenced by the adoption of full-screen design by its rivals, Apple believes that the full-screen design will provide a powerful momentum which accelerates the penetration of high-end smartphone segment in the next few years. At the same time, Ming-Chi Kuo also notes that the positive reception of the full-screen design by Samsung actually encourages Apple to go ahead with its plan for the iPhone 8.

There is another expectation that the Apple iPhone 8 will adopt a rear-facing fingerprint reader. However, Apple might be hesitant to do a rear-facing Touch ID after viewing the negative feedback that Samsung receives for its design choice. In other words, Apple might need more time to decide if it is going to implement such design choice in its ultimate iPhone as 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8 takes advantages of Apple's Next Generation Technology

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While the release date of Apple's iPhone 8 is still uncertain, everyone expects that the announcement of Apple's premier smartphone will be in this September along with its cousins, iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. According to Forbes, the latest leak suggests how Apple can enhance the whole iPhone specs while adopting a tried and trusted piece of technology that comes all the way from Cupertino itself.

In fact, Tim Cook and his team have planned to introduce the Apple Smart Connector (debuted on the likes of iPad Pro in 2015) or a variant of it in the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. Furthermore, they also stress how different iPhone 8 is even when compare with iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. At the same time, there will be a lot of room for expansion as the iPhone 8 has been said to represent the pinnacle of iPhone line.

As for the smart connector itself, it is certain that it is very compatible with the accessories for other iPad Pro models. Once again, Apple has managed to craft many more options for numerous case and keyboard manufacturers. In other words, this leads to an increased availability of associated peripherals. Moreover, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the smart connector and how it is being used to incorporate wireless charging as well as augmented and virtual realities. Not only that, many people also speculate the possibility of having the speed ofbi-directional data transfer as an example.

Over the years, the release of new Apple iPhones has been a highly-anticipated affair which generates a fair share of excitement among its growing number of fans. This year, Apple is going to bring the weight of that wait into another different level with its Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 gets a Samsung OLED Display Screen

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As the release of iPhone 8 draws near, a news report from Nikkei showed that Apple has placed an order for 70 million OLED screens from Samsung. Currently, the iPhone 8 is rumoured to sport an OLED display screen. Despite rumour of curved OLED display screen, the general consensus still points to the use of the flat display in the iPhone 8.

Despite the intense rivalry between Apple and Samsung, Apple has decided to place such huge order from Samsung since it was unable to find a suitable manufacturer that could answer its needs. In fact, Samsung would be the sole supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone 8 as it has both the technology and capability to fulfil Apple's requirement.

In the same report, Samsung is more than prepared to produce as many as 95 million OLED panels for Apple when the demands exceed the expectations. Currently, the OLED display panels are only found on Apple Watch and Touch Bar displays. It is believed that iPhone 8 is the only device with OLED display panel in Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup. While Apple is going to release both iPhone 7s and 7s Plus this year, it is obvious that Apple has prepared a grand plan for iPhone 8 as it will be the true star of the show.

Aside from the rumoured IP68 certification for the iPhone 8, another exciting speculation showed that it also featured wireless charging. Unsurprisingly, more and more people are curious about the 3D sensing technology in iPhone 8. Such fearsome feature has been said to allow facial recognition as a part of the new biometric feature. In addition, it might incorporate augmented reality feature as well.

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