Apple has Released the iPhone X but Skipped the 9

Reymart Sarigumba

After Apple unveiled its three latest devices – the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, many fans have noticed that a number is missing. So, where’s the iPhone 9? With that, Apple does seem to have skipped a device, which is similar to how Microsoft skipped launching its Windows 9. If Apple wanted to maintain the proper number progression and mark its 10th anniversary of iPhone, then they would have had to unveil 3 new iPhone devices this month – iPhone 8, 9, and the X.

However, due to the differences in models and price levels, labelling them as such would have been a tough task for the multi-billion dollar company and would have been difficult for its users to figure out what phone is best for their needs and their budget.

Labelling it as “X” as a way of symbolising 10 is a way for Apple to make the distinction that this phone is better than iPhone 8 without actually naming it “iPhone 10.” With the release of the iPhone X, it’s unlikely that Apple will keep its Roman numeral naming convention. Also, it is named X because it's a symbol of the culture of sensitivity and a remembrance of the company's late co-founder, Steve Jobs.

It’s still not clear whether they will name their next device the iPhone 9 but there should be no problems labelling it as such. They could call their next line of devices - the iPhone 9, the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XI. However, as of writing, the iPhone 9 doesn’t seem to exist with no mention at all of why. That said, Apple fans have been again left without an answer on the device’s existence.

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