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Apple iPhone 7S Plus will benefit a lot from iOS 11

Since the WWDC 2017, Apple has featured the latest iOS 11 prominently. This newly updated iOS operating system will incorporate highly innovative features in newer Apple devices. Among these devices include the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 7S Plus. Although there is no official announcement about the Apple iPhone 8, it is widely expected that it should utilize the iOS 11.

Unsurprisingly, the new iOS 11 will likely to feature a new look for the App Store, a focus on augmented reality, upgrades to Apple Pay, improved Message section, a more intelligent Siri and others. In recent years, every new Apple iPhone launch coincides with the release of the new version of iOS. As such, there is no reason to believe thing will change this year.

When it comes to performance, experts believe that the new Apple iPhone 7S Plus is expected to house a quad-core chip. In other words, it is likely that Apple iPhone 7S Plus will employ a new A11 chipset. The Apple iPhone 7S Plus will boast either 3GB or 4GB of RAM.In addition, the upcoming Apple iPhone 7S Plus may feature the Smart Connector from the Apple iPad Pro. It has been said that the long rumored Apple iPhone Pro is meant to incorporate the Smart Connector. However, experts speculate that the Apple iPhone 8 will be the likely recipient of this feature.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus may see a price increase

As rumored, the Apple iPhone 8 will likely to cost over $1000 due to its more expensive components. Most people assume that this should be expected for the Apple iPhone 8 because it is deemed to be the ultimate Apple iPhone of the entire iPhone series. After all, its release coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone series. There should be significant upgrades or radical facelift of the classic Apple iPhone design to commemorate such occasion.

While all eyes are on the Apple iPhone 8, fewer people expect that both Apple iPhone 7S and Apple iPhone 7S Plus will receive price increase as well. According to Instinet, the Apple iPhone 7S Plus will be available at the price of $800 while its lower-spec sibling, Apple iPhone 7S, will cost about $700. The same source also speculates that the slight increase price is reasonable because their components are more expensive these days.

Since there will be just a few months before the September announcement, there will be more upcoming rumors and leaks that will shed more light about the Apple iPhone 7S and Apple iPhone 7S Plus. It is also interesting to note that both Apple iPhone 7S and Apple iPhone 7S Plus have a higher chance of being released later this year than the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus receives new leak about its final design

It is interesting to note that rumors surrounding Apple iPhone 7S Plus, Apple iPhone 7S Plus, and Apple iPhone 8 have been around since 2016 (even before Apple iPhone 7 was released). After Apple's revelation about the revolutionary iOS 11 in the recent WWDC, the entire world immediately turns its attention to this year's three upcoming Apple models. According to a new leak, it claimed to reveal the finished designs of both Apple iPhone 7S Plus and Apple iPhone 8.

From Twitter user VenyaGeskin1, he revealed that mass production of Apple's next-generation iPhone models has begun. Now, he has posted a new drawing of the Apple iPhone 8 design. Obtained from an unnamed source, the alleged Apple iPhone 8 here will sport a 5.8-inch OLED screen with narrow bezels and feature a vertically oriented dual lens camera on its rear. Despite this, the entire screen will be squeezed in its 4.7-inch size.

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As for the Apple iPhone 7S Plus, he posted a second drawing which is said to show the final design of Apple iPhone 7S Plus. Looking exactly like the current Apple iPhone 7 Plus, this confirmed with earlier rumors that Apple iPhone 7S Plus will be based on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Since it will be just a few months to September announcement, expect more rumors to appear in the coming weeks.

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Apple iPhone 7S Plus may get these two Apple iPhone 8 features

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The year 2017 will see the release of three brand new Apple iPhones: Apple iPhone 7S, Apple iPhone 7S Plus, and Apple iPhone 8. Most rumors these days focus on the potential and hype of Apple iPhone 8. However, newer leaks may suggest that the alleged Apple iPhone 7S Plus will be feature wireless charging and waterproof. According to Nikkei Asian Review, CEO of Winstron was the one that gave out such revelation. As reported, Winstron was the company which was tasked with working on assembling upcoming 5.5-inch smartphone (rumored to be Apple iPhone 7S Plus).

In a shareholders' meeting on Wednesday, CEO Robert Hwang discussed some new changes for the smartphone. He further added that new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing despite the fact that assembly process for the previous generations of Apple iPhones has not changed much. In addition, it was said that waterproof function would alter the assembly process.

While Apple iPhone 8 enjoys its hype and popularity, there are concerns that it may encounter problems that will delay its launch. As a result, Apple may push for the release of Apple iPhone 7S and Apple iPhone 7S Plus so that it will not lose its dominance to its fiercest rivals.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus may feature OIS on both cameras

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Despite much coverage on Apple iPhone 8, it still does not mean that both Apple iPhone 7S and 7S Plus do not get enough love from the media. It is just that these two Apple iPhones have more solid information as opposed to Apple iPhone 8 which is rife with numerous sketchy rumors. In fact, both Apple smartphones also have their own confirmed release date as well. As always, the Apple iPhone 7S Plus should be more powerful in almost all aspects than its other sibling.

It is rumored that the Apple iPhone 7S Plus will incorporate OIS or Optical Image Stabilization on both cameras. As of now, the current Apple iPhone 7 only has OIS on the wide-angle lens while its telephoto lens does not get it. If the rumor is correct, this will be quite a great change as photographers and videographers alike are looking forward to shooting telephoto in motion. Due to certain improvements in camera technology, the OIS feature has always been taken for granted. Promising less blurry images and smoother video shooting, the OIS feature is definitely a huge benefit. In the case of Apple iPhone 7S Plus, having OIS feature on both cameras will make it more versatile than ever.

On the subject of cameras, it has been rumored that Apple iPhone 7S Plus may include a 3D camera system that is designed specifically for AR or augmented reality. Even then, this rumor is not as strong as embedded Touch ID or OLED.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus : The Release Date Should Be Back On Track

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Due to massive attention on the upcoming Apple iPhone 8, even Apple has to admit that its other future releases such as Apple iPhone 7S and 7S Plus can be affected by "too much love" on Apple iPhone 8. However, this does not make it necessarily a bad thing despite even the sales of the current Apple iPhone 7 is adversely affected as well.

As a matter of fact, recent rumors suggest that the release date of Apple iPhone 7S Plus is back on track. Partly, this may illustrate the desire of Apple to make sure that its release date does not get delayed any further so that it can help a lot when it comes to maintaining stronger sales of Apple iPhone series. Crucially, any significant delay may not bode well for Apple especially during this time when its closest rivals have been eager to push their powerful flagship smartphones to have their own slices of pie.

At the end of day, Apple needs to plan well if it is going to dominate the fierce market of smartphones. Interestingly, there are also other rumors that show that Apple iPhone 7S Plus may receive certain benefits or advantages from the legendary Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone X. If this is true, the powerful Apple iPhone 7S Plus will grab your attention.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus might supersede your expectations

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The year 2017 seems to be defining moment for Apple as it has been making plans to release not one, not two, but three Apple iPhone smartphone models. While others can criticize Apple for trying to oversaturate the highly competitive smartphone market with its products, Apple does have a strong reason an extra model on top of its usual normal model and its other higher spec counterpart. This is because the year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone series and Apple is delighted to launch the so-called ultimate iPhone to celebrate the occasion.

Going back to the Apple iPhone 7S Plus, everyone is confident that its release date is unlikely to change. In terms of display quality, it has been rumored to feature a more powerful and brighter OLED display screen. Taking cue from its last year's predecessor, it is widely speculated that we can expect the design of Apple iPhone 7S Plus to look largely the same without any significant changes.

However, the hottest leak about the Apple iPhone 7S Plus is that it should incorporate the impressive dual-lens camera while its normal counterpart will not get it. In fact, there is no reason for Apple to ditch the dual-lens camera when it does the same thing for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. What about the price of Apple iPhone 7S Plus? It should cost at least as much as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Is True Tone really coming to the iPhone 7S Plus?

One of the most appealing rumors about the features of the iPhone 7S Plus is the possible inclusion of a “full spectral sensing” ambient light sensor that will give the iPhone 7S Plus a “True Color” screen as seen in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This feature uses four-channel ambient light sensors to automatically adapt the display's colour and intensity according to the external light and temperature of the phone's location, and therefore always gives the best possible display.

Of course, now whether or not Apple will be coming through on this rumor is still up to debate, but, according to investment bank Barclays, the signs are likely pointing to a solid “Yes!”

Currently the iPhone 7S Plus is rumored to be released sometime in September, a likely date due to Apple’s reputation of promptness when it comes to its announcing new iPhones.

Other than that, the iPhone 7S Plus is set to do what all the previous iPhones that Apple has launched so far, which is to bring out the best features of its previous model and to include some upgrades from the smaller model.

And be assured as there will be some improvements in the iPhone 7S Plus, but only in small increments. They certainly aren’t large or impressive improvements, but positive upgrades nonetheless. The iPhone 7S Plus has a slightly larger battery life, continues to be waterproof, and boasts dual cameras. And even if it still lacks a headphone jack, at least Apple’s wised up and started rolling out the 256 GB storage option that loyal Apple users have been asking for.

We already know what features made the iPhone 7 so great – such as the water and dust proof body – and likewise, we also know what features made it… not so great – like the removal of the headphone jack. The iPhone 7S Plus most probably won’t suddenly include a headphone jack, and more to the point, won’t have any incredibly big changes.

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