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All About the iMac 2017 So Far

05 February 2018 | Aaron Tam

Apple iMac 2017 stands out among its siblings from WWDC 2017 announcement

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Over the years, many Apple fans agree that Apple does not care for Mac series anymore. Yet, Apple's announcement at WWDC 2017 this year has managed to set things right for its Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iMac Pro, and Apple iMac. More than just refresh for these Apple devices, they receive the much-needed boost in terms of performance, user experience, value, and future-proofing. Now, the all-new Apple iMac 2017 offers more exciting experience than its predecessor.

Although the latest 27-inch Apple iMac is not that different from the previous 27-inch Apple iMac at first glance, you will be wrong to think so. This all-in-one Apple computer now gets two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports instead of two Thunderbolt 2 (Mini DisplayPort) ports. In the eyes of Apple iMac users, this is a significant upgrade. Thanks to gorgeous 5K display (5120 x 2880 resolution), the Apple iMac delivers stunning display quality like never before. It is also brighter than before because Apple has built it 43% brighter with 500 nits of brightness.

If you think 5120 x 2880 resolution is not enough for your workspace, you can always crank it up with an app such as QuickRes to unlock bigger resolution. In the realm of creative industry professionals, they will relish the new Apple iMac because it offers better color accuracy and greater dynamic range for their work. Among its siblings, the Apple iMac certainly gets the best upgrades that set it apart.

Apple iMac 2017 is a true force to be reckoned with

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Popular among content creators, the Apple iMac series possesses the much-needed firepower to tackle any given challenges with relative ease. As such, the Apple iMac computers have been favored because they are the real deal. When WWDC 2017 announced about this year's Apple iMac, the crowd was ecstatic. Earlier reviews suggested about how Apple iMac 2017 packed more bang for the buck.

At first glance, the latest Apple iMac is basically identical to its 2015 sibling with the exception of Thunderbolt ports. Its predecessor's two Thunderbolt 2 have been changed to Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C connectors. Twice as fast at up to 40Gb/s, the amazing Thunderbolt 3 can also adapt to almost anything including a single 5K or two UHD 4K displays.

In terms of brightness, the Apple iMac boasts a 43% increase than its predecessor. If you can only find one to two bars of max brightness in the old Apple iMac, the new one offers four to five levels. Many reviewers and users alike agree that the Apple iMac is worth buying. In fact, it even worth buying over a used or refurbished one because the Apple iMac 2017 delivers a massive performance improvement when you compare it to its predecessor.

Apple iMac pushes the boundaries of peak performance

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At WWDC this year, Apple has announced the all-new Apple iMac (27-inch) to replace its venerable 27-inch sibling which was released back in 2014. The Apple iMac receives modest updates in terms of speed and features. As the previous Apple iMac was just 3 years ago, these upgrades were supposed to bring it to 2017 standard.

This new Apple iMac enjoys a significant boost over older models. At the same time, its performance is still comparable to its Windows competitor. In terms of display quality, its Retina 5K displays still remain the best in a class of its own. It boasts the highest resolution display in an all-in-one desktop. For your graphics needs, you have the Radeon RX 580-class graphics to satisfy your never-ending craving.

The Apple iMac is also easier to configure than most Windows 10 systems with their unnecessarily confusing integrated/discrete graphics architecture. Its powerful Thunderbolt 3 port offers up to 40Gbps bandwidth but there are not a lot of drives that can take advantage of this ultra-fast data transfer rate. Despite this, this also means that the Apple iMac helps for future-proofing.

Over the years, the Apple iMac series has been growing stronger and this year's Apple iMac is not an exception. This Apple iMac pushes the boundaries of peak performance just like its predecessor did when it first shipped. More functional and versatile than ever, the Apple iMac is still a solid design with glossy upgrades.

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