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After 10 Years – Why iPhone is Still Relevant

14 July 2017 | Jonathan So

In conjunction with iPhone’s 10th anniversary, Apple will be launching the iPhone 8 smartphone (be prepared for insanely long queues!) Although Apple has a multitude of innovative products in its inventory such as the iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch, the iPhone is still arguably the company’s most iconic and recognisable product.

With the smartphone industry being increasingly saturated today, the competition to remain relevant globally is a challenge that most smartphones manufacturers struggle with. However, the iPhone seems to still remain prominent amongst smartphone aficionados around the world. Hence, let’s discuss the factors that enable iPhone to continue being amongst the most sought-after smartphone today.

Simplistic Interface

One key highlight on iPhones that attracts smartphone users is its easy-to-use interface. You can pick up the iPhone and teach yourself how to use it within mere minutes without thinking too much thanks to its intuitive and user-friendliness. There is too much complexity in our lives already, so humans will appreciate the convenience and simplicity that iPhones offer.

iPhone Receives the Best Apps First

Although the apps for iPhone is not as abundant as those available for Android smartphones, developers tend to make the best apps for iOS first. Take Snapchat and Spotify for example. New features that were pushed out on these apps were made available on iPhone before Android. Furthermore, some apps are exclusively made for the iOS; others are available on both platforms, but the iPhone versions have the best features and designs.

Developers tend to make the best apps for iOS first

Minimalistic Design

One similarity that you will notice on all the iPhones is its minimalistic yet classy design. Throughout the years, Apple has opted to retain similar design aesthetics to not only make the phone easily recognisable but also to retain the simple-but-classy appearance that has become a signature for the iPhone.

Stable Operating System

iPhones run on the iOS, Apple’s patented operating system – the iOS – that many users claim to be more stable compared to Android. This means that iPhones can be used for up to three years without showing any signs of lag or slowing down. The performance is consistent across all iPhones and this consistency translates into big bucks for Apple. This has also been one reason many smartphone users stay loyal to the brand despite the abundance of other high-end smartphones available in the market.

Faster iPhone Updates for Every Device

As soon as an update is available from Apple, it is available on every device regardless of the carrier, something Android seems to be still struggling with. Moreover, devices up to three years old can still receive the latest updates from Apple. For example, when the iOS 10 update was released in 2016, iPhone 5 (released in 2012) owners were still able to receive them.

Absence of Bloatware and Carrier-Bundled Software

Another reason that makes iPhone so likeable is the fact that it comes with no unnecessary bloatware out of the box. When you purchase an iPhone and turn it on, the phone will only be pre-installed with a few essential apps from Apple. The rest is up for you to customise. You will not get those nonsense apps that take up space on your device yet the likelihood of you using it is quite minimal. Moreover, these apps cannot be deleted or uninstalled and can only be disabled at best unless you decide to apply less than legal methods.

The phone will only be pre-installed with a few essential apps from Apple.. the rest is up for you to customise..

The reasons above show why the iPhone is still highly regarded by many as the best smartphones in the market. As we await the arrival of the iPhone 8 that is due to be launched in Q4 this year, hopefully, it can continue the legacy that its predecessors have managed to build over the years.

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