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5 Gadgets to Get as You Balik Kampung this Hari Raya

05 June 2018 | Jonathan So

As we look forward to gathering with our loved ones and chomping down on delicious rendang and kuih raya, travelling back to your hometown is not exactly something that most of us will be excited about. Traffic congestion, crowds of people, and boring hours with nothing to do are just a handful of irritations that you will likely encounter. Therefore, any gadget that can make the journey more entertaining and pleasant will be well worth the purchase. Hence, here are 5 gadgets that can make your balik kampung trip journey this Hari Raya more enjoyable.

Mobile Wireless Internet

Having access to the Internet while on the road is extremely vital. Not only does the Internet update your GPS and navigation system for you to choose the best route to head towards your destination, it also keeps you notified about the current weather and traffic conditions so that you remain safe whilst driving. If you are not the one driving or is travelling home via public transport, having Internet access means that you are kept entertained on the way instead of just sleeping or looking out of the window. It gives you access to social media, video and music streaming sites, online news portals, etc.

Telecommunication companies like Celcom and Maxis enable you to stay connected to the online world by offering a wide selection of portable WiFi plans. These plans come with a dongle or portable Internet router that can be carried around easily for you to enjoy secure and speedy Internet access no matter where you are. Moreover, so long as you do not cancel your subscription, these portable WiFi plans can also be used for subsequent travels as well!


You can also consider investing in a headphone this Raya as you can use it in multiple ways as you travel. Firstly, as the headphone can be connected to your smartphone, it allows you to answer calls hands-free while you drive. Therefore, you can focus on driving without fumbling on your phone. Most Bluetooth earphones today provide decent sound quality which means you should not have difficulty listening to these calls.

For those who are not driving, you can also benefit from having a headset. Connect them to your smartphone or portable music player and you can enjoy your favourite media on the go. Moreover, many headphones today come with noise-cancelling abilities, effectively blocking out noise in the environment around. And trust me, things can get pretty noisy when you travel commute via public transport during festivals.

Digital Camera

If you are the type of person that just has to take photos 24/7 wherever you go, why not get yourself a digital camera? That way, you don’t have to solely rely on your smartphone camera to capture photos and can rather use it for other purposes. You do not have to purchase a top-end model; any digital camera should be more than enough for casual photography. Moreover, a digital camera tends to provide better image quality and more shooting modes to choose from than your smartphone can. A digital camera is also more suited to take family photos as you can place it from a distance on a timer to fit more people into the picture.

Power Bank

Question: What’s worse than being stuck in traffic?

Answer: Being stuck in traffic with your smartphone battery down.

Having your phone running out of battery while you travel is not only troublesome, it’s dangerous as well! You won’t be able to contact anyone in case of emergency, which is a risk that you should put yourself in. With that said, having a portable charger or power bank handy will ensure that you can charge your mobile phone when it runs low on battery. Most power banks today have portable designs and are quite affordable, therefore there is no reason for you not to have one with you!

Mobile Gaming Console

While travelling back for Raya, chances are you will come across severe delays, traffic congestion, roadblocks, and many more factors that might prolong the journey. Hence, you can consider going big by getting a mobile gaming console to keep yourself entertained during these moments. Gaming consoles like PS Vita and Nintendo Switch can provide you with hours of gaming fun and make the trip less boring. You might argue that a gaming console is too costly for a trip to and fro from your hometown, but it’s not like you will only be using it there and then. These gaming consoles can also be used for future trips or even on an everyday basis as well.

Hence, these are the gadgets that you can keep an eye out for this Hari Raya! Moreover, with so many sales going on online and offline, this is one of the best times to get these gadgets so make sure you do not miss out!

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all Muslims in Malaysia and happy holidays to all Malaysians!

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