5 Flaws Found on the Google Pixel 2 Smartphones

Jonathan So

Google marked its return into the smartphone industry with the recent announcement of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones earlier this month. Many were looking forward to seeing what these smartphones have to offer, especially since Google made an impressive debut into the smartphone world with the Pixel smartphone.

Off the bat, Google seems to have done a great job with the Pixel 2 smartphones. Its camera stands heads and shoulders above the competition, has incredible battery life, has a visually-appealing design, and many others impressive features. Unfortunately, the phone also comes with its own set of flaws; five to be exact.


One major flaw on the Pixel 2 XL that simply cannot be ignored comes in the form of its display. Unlike most of its rivals that use P3 wide colour gamut for their displays, Google decided to opt for a sRGB colour spectrum instead for the Pixel 2 XL, claiming that it provides better colour accuracy. However, here comes the problem; the display is not correctly calibrated to sRGB which causes the display to have a less accurate colour reproduction. Icons look notably flat and colours are dimmer than usual, thus affecting gaming and video and image quality.

The lacklustre display is a far cry from the immersive and vivid displays that we are so used to seeing today on reigning champions Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and other flagship handsets by other brands. The display is simply not good enough, especially for a phone that has a starting price tag of USD649.

Burn-In Damage

The second flaw that the Pixel 2 XL has is also related to its display. There are several reports that the display of the smartphone is leaving screen ‘burn-in’. To briefly explain what burn-in is, it is a condition whereby a shadow remains onscreen after the elements have disappeared from the screen. This usually happens when an element is fixed on the screen for long periods of time. Although not all the units suffer from burn-in, the fact that some devices are affected is a cause to be concerned about already.

Viewing Angles

The problems with the display do not just stop there as the Pixel 2 XL suffers in terms of viewing angles too. The handset has a blue tint that you will see if you look at the screen from an angle. This issue might not seem too serious of an issue as we primarily view our phones from straight ahead, but it does affect the visual quality, especially when seen at an angle.

Whining and Clicking Sounds

Although the weaknesses mentioned above primarily affect the XL version of the Pixel 2, this particular issue affects both versions of the Pixel 2 smartphones. Users have also reported that they have been hearing “clicking” and “high-pitched whining” sounds coming out from the phone’s top and bottom speakers, hence affecting the audio quality provided by the devices. Again, not all units are affected, but Google support has instructed affected users to return the phones.


As aforementioned, both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL look aesthetically-pleasing. However, question marks have been raised about their long-term durability. Although both versions have features to enhance the durability of the smartphones, the smaller Pixel 2 might have a potential bendgate situation as the antenna band is fitted at the weakest part of the device. The Pixel 2 XL seems unaffected though.

Despite these flaws, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are still great options to consider if you are looking to change your smartphone with all-around solid specs.

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