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5 Car Accessories that make Driving in Malaysia a Real Pleasure

04 May 2018 | Joel Vijay

Driving in Malaysia can be a dreadful task. For the most of us, we encounter a**hole drivers on the road on a daily basis. Large potholes, scattered hazards, unlit streets, and Mat Rempits are just some of the struggles we face when on the road. What’s worse, our road conditions are nothing short of third-world quality. But it doesn’t have to be this way. One way to make driving a pleasure is to equip your car with the right gadgets. We’ve compiled a list of 5 car accessories you can add to your car and give the luxurious feel when on the road.

Dash Cam

Safety first

Safety is one of our biggest concerns in Malaysia. We’ve all heard of instances where people are trying to rob someone in their car. We also see videos of motorists framing each other when caught in an accident. This is almost a daily occurrence. But with the simple use of a dash cam, we can avoid getting in a pickle.

Install a dash cam such as a Xiaomi Dash Cam and you’ve got proof of bad drivers and any other such activity that may hinder your drive. Xiaomi’s dashboard camera is reasonably priced at around RM135 – RM200 each. It is definitely worth the investment.

Magnetic Phone Holder

Not sure where to keep your mobile phone when driving? Not all cars have holders or storage compartments for your smartphone. As holding your phone while driving is an offense, you will need a proper place to put your phone while driving. A magnetic phone holder does the trick perfectly.

A magnetic phone holder consists of 2 parts – the aircon vent mount and the metal piece. Simply insert the metal piece into your phone’s cover or stick it via double-sided tape to your handphone. Place the vent mount onto your air conditioning vent and your phone can easily be placed on it. You can place your phone vertically or horizontally depending on your preference.

The magnetic phone holder is ideal for making calls via loudspeaker, navigating with Waze or Google Maps, or even watching YouTube videos when stuck in the jam (although we don’t recommend the latter). You can even entertain your passengers by putting a video on for them to watch on long journeys.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Passengers can make a mess in your car. It is no wonder why some drivers have a strict no eating policy in their vehicles. But if you do make a mess in your car, the one thing you need is a car vacuum cleaner. The joy of having a pristine interior adds value to your daily drive. You may not want to get out of the driver’s seat.

Car vacuum cleaners are basically handheld portable vacuum cleaners (most of the time without a cord). Some are battery-operated while other variants connect to the car’s USB port or cigarette lighter. Give your car a quick once-over before you go on your daily commute and you’re good to go!

Rain X

Thunderstorms in our country can be harsh on our cars. Flipping the wipers on during a heavy downpour may damage them in the long run. Thankfully, we have Rain X. Rain X is a synthetic product made to remove water droplets from your windscreen and windows. Creating a hydrophobic layer between the glass and the raindrops, Rain X allows for the raindrops as well as any other liquids to safely slide off the surface.

Rain X is perfect for preventing stains such as dirty rain and splashes from puddles from sticking on the surface of your car’s windscreen. It also allows for the raindrops to glide off the angled windscreen when driving at higher speeds. This means that you won’t have to turn your wipers on!

How to apply Rain X? It’s so simple. After a carwash, simply dry your windscreen and dab a little Rain X onto a microfibre cloth. In a circular motion, gently rub in the Rain X on the surface until you see mild mist on the windscreen. Next, wipe off the mist and you’re ready to drive. Rain X also comes in a spray form, so you get a wider surface area covered.

Heads-up Display

Drive into the future by creating an interactive windscreen. If you’ve watched Black Panther or Mission Impossible 4, you would have noticed the cars the hero drives have a heads-up display on the front windscreen. You can have the same!

Portable heads-up displays function as mini projectors to display all your car’s information (speedometer, tachometer, temperature etc) onto your windscreen. With laser precision, the details are clearly shown. Some can be customized to the colour you like. Usually, the details have a futuristic Tron Legacy-like look to them. You won’t have to look down at your steering cluster anymore. Just look straight ahead on the road and all your driving needs are there.

Although some of these accessories require a little effort to get set up, they are a joy to have in your car. So go ahead and get them and make every drive enjoyable.

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