4 Things We Love to Hate about the iPhone Xs

Joel Vijay

The iPhone Xs is barely out for a month and already there is so much hate on this phone. YouTubers have taken to their portals to review, rant, and even glorify the iPhone Xs. News portals cover as much as they can about Apple as a trillion-dollar company and the lay-man wonders what makes it worth so much. Let’s look at 4 things Malaysians love to hate about the iPhone Xs.

The iPhone Xs Price in Malaysia

Let’s address the elephant in the room – the ginormous price tag. Looking at the iPhone Xs 64GB price which stands at around RM5000 at lowest, most of us will not be able to afford it. Hence, the old joke, “You’ll need to sell your kidney for an iPhone”.

There are just too many options of other smartphones with similar or better specs you could get for a fraction of that price. Just off the bat, we think of the OnePlus 6 at RM2000, Google Pixel 2 (RM2200) or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128 GB) at RM3300 or the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 at one-fifth the cost (RM1100).

..need we say more?

The Notch

This is more nit-picking than anything. We heard the word “Revolutionary” the first time the notch was announced. Unfortunately, it falls short of its status as announced and the notch seems to be nothing but a location in which the front camera and sensors are housed. To add to that, the notch doesn’t disappear when viewing videos or photos unlike the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 or Oppo Find X.

A Boring Apple Keynote

Keynotes used to be Apple’s strong point. Telling a story about how it comes out with revolutionary technology in computing and smartphones is part of the genius behind their marketing. But of late, Apple has empowered more external sources such as YouTubers and reviewers to tell us what the upgraded iPhones are all about. This means only the bare minimum is given in the Keynote address.

What’s more annoying, the way the facts are presented is lecture-style. There’s nothing exceptional or exciting about its recent keynote. You can tell that by the applause (or lack of).

No Quick Charge Standard

Samsung has it, Xiaomi has it, Oppo has it, Huawei has it, OnePlus has it. Literally every other smartphone competitor in the flagship phone market has quick charge. But the ultimate flagship – iPhone Xs doesn’t have quick charging standard. Instead, you need to get a fast charger separately for an added cost.

This may be Apple’s age-old way of getting more out of the customer or a way to increase the phone’s battery life span. Either way, this really get on our nerves.

Like many of the previous iPhones released, the iPhone Xs can have many flaws. What are some flaws you see as an iPhone user?

Here's a satisfying tear-down of the iPhone Xs Max by YouTuber, JerryRigEverything:

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