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10 Tech Products You Should Plan to Buy on 11.11 Sale

08 November 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

11.11 Sale in Malaysia is an exciting way to kick start the holiday shopping season. You will find many deals and promotions that thrive in many stores on the internet, however, when it comes to tech products, it can be tough to determine which deals are worth getting.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are tech deals that are not worth pursuing on 11.11 Sale. So, before you read several blog posts about Singles Day’s best deals or head to your local gadgets store, it’s best to know which kinds of tech products you can really save on during this major shopping event. Read on to check out the gadgets that are worth buying on 11.11 sale.

1. Flagship Smartphones

If you’re in the market for one, there’s a good chance that you would find an awesome deal on one of the models you’re considering on Lazada Malaysia. However, if you’re an Apple fan, chances are slim that you’re likely to find major discounts on recent iPhone models, whether it’s 11.11 Sale or not. The same can be said about flagship models that were just released, as you may not get any big discounts. But online marketplaces are most likely to offer great deals on such devices, especially those from Android phone manufacturers if they have been released for some time.

Also, never forget to do some research before getting a new phone. Among the essential features you need to consider are a high-performing camera, a large amount of RAM, an up-to-date software, and a comfortable screen size.

nova 3i
From RM 1,070.00 PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEED TO PURCHASE COLOUR AVAILABLE : BLACK ONLY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Purchase? 1) Read the description that colour availble. Then select the variation Please Remark Colour and click BUY NOW 2) Click CHECK OUT, Then select the address that you default OR Add a New address. After done click NEXT:SHIPPING OPTION 3) SHIPPING OPTION there you may choose the courier service that you want and pricing for courier service will STATED there. Below there have a word call LEAVE A MESSAGE, then please type in the colour that we available. That's we call REMARK! NO REMARK THEN WE WILL SHIP OUT COLOUR RANDOMLY. 4) Finish LEAVE A MESSAGE OR REMARK COLOUR, then click :NEXT: PAYMENT OPTION 5) Then choose the payment method that convenient for you. ANY PAYMENT DONE AT SHOPEE is direct to SHOPEE. So if you face any problem with the payment gateway please look for Shopee directly. Need further clarification you may contact SHOPEE CARELINE 03-2298 9222. 6) Need more details on how to purchase, you may refer to this link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Specification : Display : 6.3 (2340 x 1080) Processor : Kirin 710 Octa-Core Memory : 4GB RAM Internal Storage : 128GB ROM CAmera : Rear 24MP+2MP AI Camera; Front 16MP+2MP AI Camera Warranty : 1 Year Warranty by Huawei Malaysia #huawei #nova3i #4camera #dualai #AIcamera --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T&C: 1) 1 Year warranty by Local Manufacturer warranty. (Local manufacturer warranty=ORIGINAL MALAYSIA SET) 2) Goods Sold is not Returnable/ Refundable 3) Physical spoiled is not cover in the warranty. 4) Any problem direct walk in to Service center in Malaysia. 5) Any unnecessary request we will not entertained and will process as order received. 6) We don't accept ANY URGENT/RUSHING ORDER due to we want to avoid any unecessary issue occur between seller and customer. 7) FOC item/Freebies is not cover in the warranty. Thank you for the support and Happy Shopping with us. Have a nice day _
P20 Pro
From RM 2,149.00 The New Huawei Full View Display🔥 P2O~~~ 5.8 Full HD+ Display 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM Hisilicon Kirin 970 Octa-core (4x2.4 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4x1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) Leica Optics Dual 12MP + 20MP Rear Camera / 24MP Front Camera Android 8.1 (Oreo) Fingerprint (front-mounted) / Face Unlock / IP53 Rating/ Super Charging (4.5V/5A) Non-removable Li-Po 3400 mAh battery --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P20 PRO~~~ 6.1 Full HD+ Display 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM Hisilicon Kirin 970 Octa-core (4x2.4 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4x1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) Leica Optics Triple 40MP+ 20MP + 8MP Rear Camera / 24MP Front Camera Android 8.1 (Oreo) Fingerprint (front-mounted) / Face Unlock / IP67Rating/ Super Charging (4.5V/5A) Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery ------------------------ #Why #Buy #From #Us? ✓Product included Shipping Fee ✓Product Shipping With Insurance Protect ✓Product Safety Packaging ✓Product 💯 Original ------------------------------------------- Box / Product include: • 1 x Device • 1 x Adapter • 1 x Cable • 1 x Handsfree • 1 x Warranty Card ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set with Gift •1 x ORIGINAL TPU case •1 x ORIGINAL SCREEN GUARD •1 x Tempered Glass •1 x IN CAR CHARGER •1 x Fast Charge USB Cable •1 x MONOPOD •1 x OTG Adapter •1 x 1 Year MALAYSIA Warranty •✓[EXTRA Bluetooth earphone] •✓[Extra iring] •✓[Extra Sim Holder] EXTRA LAGI 1 CAR HOLDER *1 USB FAN --------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Tablets

It’s not wise to suddenly opt for an inexpensive, no-name tablet during 11.11 Sale since there are only a few low-priced tablets that are worth buying. Do take note that affordability isn’t the only aspect you should look out for, you should also consider other features such as the software that powers the tablet, and connectivity options. Once you know the right features to consider, 11.11 Sale is the best time to find the best deals on tablets that sport such specs; you’ll be well on your way to getting the right device at the right price by the time the shopping event comes around.

3. Cameras

Today, smartphone cameras are becoming more cutting-edge that more and more people use them rather than standalone cameras. Not to mention, professional-level DSLR cameras typically have price points similar to high-end smartphones that are otherwise packed with more features aside from the camera. However, 11.11 Sale can be the perfect time to find deals on a new camera, whether you’re on the lookout for an entry-level one or you’re in the market for a DSLR model. Make sure to avoid typical camera-shopping mistakes like focusing too much on pixel count and not considering the sensor size, as you browse through the models that will be discounted on 11.11 shopping event.

4. Televisions

Merchants, whether online or off, advertise countless deals on LED and LCD TVs regardless of size. When it comes to finding the best deals on TVs, don't go for cheaper ones, as they're expected to sport low-quality features. Since it's 11.11 Sale, it's the best time to check out TVs with better quality such as those from Lazada Malaysia.

5. E-Readers

E-readers make great holiday gifts just like tablets. For this reason, merchants offer good deals on these devices on 11.11 Sale since it kickstarts the holiday shopping season. Like any other gadgets, you should do your research first before you purchase your preferred model. Whether you want an e-reader as a gift for yourself or you’re giving it to somebody, chances are good that you’re likely to find a good deal on popular models come Singles’ Day.

Fire 7 Screen Protector, [Scratch Terminator] Premium HD Clear 9H Hardnes
From RM 51.00 Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector designed specifically for Kindle Fire 7 Tablet for perfect protection on touch screen. 9H hardness offers protection from scratch, crash, Shock-resistant of the watch, 0.33mm thickness helps maintain the original touch experience, 90% light penetration ratio preserves the original viewing quality. Easy to clean Oleophobicity coating reduces fingerprints and oily streaks. Advanced fitting technology makes convenience for the fitting and removal. No bubbles or residue. Compatibility: Tempered Glass Anti-scratch Screen protector designed specifically for Kindle Fire 7 Version for perfect protection on touch screen. Well built to protect your Kindle Fire 7 Version for the years to come. Product Description: Toughened glass has high transparency, highly resistant to scratches and yellowing. Premium Tempered glass Screen protector with 9H hardness offers protection from scratch, crash and shock. 0.33mm thickness helps maintain the original touch experience, 90% light penetration ratio preserves the original viewing quality. Easy to clean Oleophobicity coating reduces fingerprints and oily streaks. Advanced fitting technology makes convenience for the fitting and removal. Ultra thin and invisible film for maximum clarity and No bubbles or residue. The Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Kit Includes: - Premium tempered glass Screen protector - Cleaning cloth - Alcohol prep pad - Sticker Note: If re-application is needed, 1. Remove the protector with caution. Using too much force may damage the adhesive layer. Try prying open at different spots each time when removing the protector. 2. There is no need to wash the screen protector. Please use electrostatic film (included) to remove any dust off the screen and both sides of the screen protector.

6. Game Consoles and Handhelds

This Singles Day, you’ll most likely find at least a few awesome deals on game consoles and handhelds on GearBest Malaysia, particularly previous models, such as PlayStation Vita. On the other hand, for newer consoles and handhelds, they may not get any major discounts.

7. Video Games

Regardless of the game system, you’ll most likely find awesome deals on video games on Singles Day. It’s the right time to buy the titles you’ve been waiting to get or send them as a gift to your gamer friends.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
From RM 76.00 Assassins Creed Syndicate is set in London, 1868. The Industrial Revolution unleashes an incredible age of invention, transforming the lives of millions with technologies once thought impossible. Opportunities created during this period have people rushing to London to engage in this new world, a world no longer controlled by kings, emperors, politicians, or religion, but by a new common denominator: money. Not everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of this boom, however. Despite fueling the engine of the British Empire, workers’ lives are little more than legalized slavery while the top few percent profit from their labor. Living poor and dying young, the lower class unite in protest as a new kind of family, gangs, who turn to a life in the underworld in their struggle to survive. A struggle, until watchful Assassins come to their side and re-ignite an age-old conflict involving London’s leaders that will echo throughout modern history, from the underground up. Introducing Jacob Frye, who with the help of his twin sister Evie, will change the fate of millions in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Rise to rally and lead the underworld to break the corrupt stranglehold on London in a visceral adventure filled with action, intrigue, and brutal combat. Features THE First Assassin AT THE Birth OF THE Modern AGE As the brash, rebellious Jacob Frye, put up your dukes and take enemies on with lightning-fast multikills and countermoves. Use improved stealth tactics to elude your enemies and unleash your arsenal of weapons, including the kukri knife, brass knuckles, and sword cane. Utilize new technology like the rope launcher to scale buildings in seconds and take your enemies by surprise. Traverse THE Fast-Paced World OF Industrial London From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, fight and triumph across the massive open world of Victorian London. Parkour across moving vehicles to track down enemies or escape after a daring raid, hijack carriages to engage in a no-holds-barred street race, or blaze a trail of destruction aboard steamboats along the River Thames. Take Over THE London Underworld With Jacob as the leader, gamers can establish Great Britain’s fiercest gang, the only force that can challenge the elite and defeat rival gangs to bring freedom to the oppressed masses. Enemy strongholds can be infiltrated by using an arsenal of weapons to dominate London’s underworld. From robbing trains to rescuing child laborers, players will stop at nothing to bring justice to London’s dangerous streets. Master THE ART OF Stealth AS Evie Frye Play as Jacob’s twin sister Evie, a relentless Assassin who has perfected the silent, swift, invisible strike. Parkour across London’s immense open world using your status in London’s leading gang to change the city for the better.

8. Budget-friendly Laptops

Singles’ Day is also the perfect time to find good deals on budget-friendly laptops. However, for high-end models, they won’t probably be steeply discounted. If you’re in the market for an affordable laptop, make sure to do your research on essential aspects like the processor, and RAM count to avoid computer-buying mistakes. On Microsoft 11.11 sale, you’ll most likely find laptops that are not only affordable but also wield impressive specs.

9. DVDs and Blu-Rays

If you think DVD players and Blu-Ray players are already obsolete, think again. You may not realize that if you’re used to streaming your favorite TV series and movies instead of watching them on a Blu-Ray or DVD, you’re probably missing out the best video quality. Blu-Rays offer exceptional video and audio quality, much higher than what is found in streaming. So, if you are in the market for a DVD or Blu-Ray, Lazada 11.11 sale is the best place to find great deals.

10. Smartwatches

Whether you’re after a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, there are a plethora of wearables around, and everybody’s expecting to find awesome deals on some models on 11.11 Sale Malaysia. To help you find the best deals, do not only focus on affordability; make sure you know what features to look out for in smartwatches. Top-of-the-line chipset, capacious battery life, and connectivity options are just a few of the many important specifications you’ll probably want for a wearable.

All that online shopping gets better on Singles Day, as soon as the prices of some of these tech products go down, making it more practical for shoppers on a budget. Although some electronics are still going to be pricey, 11.11 Sale Malaysia will be an opportunity to get the best prices on them.

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