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10 Tech Products You Should Plan to Buy on 11.11 Sale

08 November 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

11.11 Sale in Malaysia is an exciting way to kick start the holiday shopping season. You will find many deals and promotions that thrive in many stores on the internet, however, when it comes to tech products, it can be tough to determine which deals are worth getting.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are tech deals that are not worth pursuing on 11.11 Sale. So, before you read several blog posts about Singles Day’s best deals or head to your local gadgets store, it’s best to know which kinds of tech products you can really save on during this major shopping event. Read on to check out the gadgets that are worth buying on 11.11 sale.

1. Flagship Smartphones

If you’re in the market for one, there’s a good chance that you would find an awesome deal on one of the models you’re considering on Lazada Malaysia. However, if you’re an Apple fan, chances are slim that you’re likely to find major discounts on recent iPhone models, whether it’s 11.11 Sale or not. The same can be said about flagship models that were just released, as you may not get any big discounts. But online marketplaces are most likely to offer great deals on such devices, especially those from Android phone manufacturers if they have been released for some time.

Also, never forget to do some research before getting a new phone. Among the essential features you need to consider are a high-performing camera, a large amount of RAM, an up-to-date software, and a comfortable screen size.

2. Tablets

It’s not wise to suddenly opt for an inexpensive, no-name tablet during 11.11 Sale since there are only a few low-priced tablets that are worth buying. Do take note that affordability isn’t the only aspect you should look out for, you should also consider other features such as the software that powers the tablet, and connectivity options. Once you know the right features to consider, 11.11 Sale is the best time to find the best deals on tablets that sport such specs; you’ll be well on your way to getting the right device at the right price by the time the shopping event comes around.

3. Cameras

Today, smartphone cameras are becoming more cutting-edge that more and more people use them rather than standalone cameras. Not to mention, professional-level DSLR cameras typically have price points similar to high-end smartphones that are otherwise packed with more features aside from the camera. However, 11.11 Sale can be the perfect time to find deals on a new camera, whether you’re on the lookout for an entry-level one or you’re in the market for a DSLR model. Make sure to avoid typical camera-shopping mistakes like focusing too much on pixel count and not considering the sensor size, as you browse through the models that will be discounted on 11.11 shopping event.

4. Televisions

Merchants, whether online or off, advertise countless deals on LED and LCD TVs regardless of size. When it comes to finding the best deals on TVs, don't go for cheaper ones, as they're expected to sport low-quality features. Since it's 11.11 Sale, it's the best time to check out TVs with better quality such as those from Lazada Malaysia.

Sharp LC50LE275X
From RM 1,759.00 HIGH-EFFICIENCY LED BACKLIGHT Using LEDs as the light source in AQUOS enables precise brightness control and high-speed response. Combined with the next-generation X-Gen panel, AQUOS achieves a higher contrast ratio and delivers vibrant red colours. 7 Shields All of our products pass our strict Japanese quality standard.Customers feel relief using TVs under various circumstances, which are proven by many tests done for final products. Our hope is letting the customer enjoy with good quality TV always centered in your family and your private time with our care for your safety. Seven Ecological Features Sharp has been committed to the protection of the natural resources. Sharp products are equipped with various energy-saving eco-features that make our TVs true energy savers. Seven superior ecological features and additional ecological features are built into the AQUOS series. Key Features: Full HD panel (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) Analog / DVB-T / DVB-T2 (1.3.1) The photograph, music, video which are downloaded to USB drive can play. MHL function for enjoyment collaborating with Smartphone Teletext 2 HDMI terminal USB movie, music and photo playback D-sub 15 pin terminal for PC *Remarks: LED TV refers to LCD TV with LED Back-lit Photos and images are for illustration purpose only. 50LE275X.jpg Specifications: Energy save (Eco mode) : Yes Category : Full HD Backlight System :Yes Digital audio amplifier : Yes Noise Reduction : Yes Eco picture control : Yes Automatic volume level control/C : Yes 1080 / 24P : Yes Alarm Timer : Yes Digital audio out : 1 (optical fiver) Visible screen size :50 Resolution : 1,920 x 1,080 Widescreen format : 16:9 Contrast ratio : Mega Contrast Digital comb filter : 3D Y/C PAL-B/G, PAL-D/K, PAL-I, NTSC-M : Yes SECAM-K1, SECAM-B/G, SECAM-D/K : Yes NTSC 4.43, PAL 60Hz, PAL, SECAM, : Yes NICAM/A2 stereo decoder : Yes Bass Enhancer : Yes Output power : 10W x 2 Picture & Text : Yes USB (Video/Photo/Music playback) : Yes TELETEXT : Yes Active Backlight Control : Yes Low-power stand-by : Yes No-signal off/No-operation off : Yes PC input : 1 HDMI input : 2 Headphone (3.5-mm mini socket) : 1 (Shared Analogue Audio Out) Analogue audio out : 1 (Shared Headphone) Video : 1 Component : 1 USB : 1 Power consumption (approx.)(W) : 98 Standby mode (W) :

5. E-Readers

E-readers make great holiday gifts just like tablets. For this reason, merchants offer good deals on these devices on 11.11 Sale since it kickstarts the holiday shopping season. Like any other gadgets, you should do your research first before you purchase your preferred model. Whether you want an e-reader as a gift for yourself or you’re giving it to somebody, chances are good that you’re likely to find a good deal on popular models come Singles’ Day.

6. Game Consoles and Handhelds

This Singles Day, you’ll most likely find at least a few awesome deals on game consoles and handhelds on GearBest Malaysia, particularly previous models, such as PlayStation Vita. On the other hand, for newer consoles and handhelds, they may not get any major discounts.

7. Video Games

Regardless of the game system, you’ll most likely find awesome deals on video games on Singles Day. It’s the right time to buy the titles you’ve been waiting to get or send them as a gift to your gamer friends.

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Syndicate
From RM 73.00 Journey through London's 1960 Industrial Revolution in Assassin's Creed Syndicate! This historical action-adventure open world stealth video game offers groundbreaking features which will be first in the series' long running famed titles: a female protagonist to be featured in the series’ main entry, new gameplay mechanics, new travelling systems, new set of weaponries, a larger open world to traverse, and so much more! Together with twins Jacob and Evie, unite London's criminal underworld and forge a different kind of battle in Ubisoft's biggest title yet: Assassin's Creed Syndicate! At the tail of London's flourishing times of industrial revolution and with the Assassin's Brotherhood all but eradicated, twin assassins Jacob and Evie arrive at a city controlled by the Templars. Raised to follow the brotherhood's creed, they battle to win back the city for the benefit of the city's working class in able to do this they must first infiltrate and unite the city's criminal underworld and get the aid of some notable figures in the said era like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. For the first time in the series, players can choose from a male or female character in the person of Jacob and Evie and switch between the two freely; with each having their own missions, abilities, and skill sets. Jacob specializes in close combat while Evie excels in stealth and uses intelligence and wit. Enjoy an impressive set of weapons including brass knuckles, a cane sword, a compact revolver, and the fearsome Nepalese curved kukri knife. Experience the fastest game in the series yet as the game cuts its latency in half and allows multiple enemies attacking all at once. A new traveling system is also featured in the game which maximizes the utilization of the victorian era atmosphere. Players can now traverse the game's six boroughs including Westminster, the Strand, the City of London, Whitechapel, Southwark, and Lambeth through iconic vehicles like carriages and trains, or by parkouring through rooftops with the help of a rope launcher or ziplines. You could also now take down enemies by using the environment like dropping things on them for a more immersive gaming experience. further info Official Release Date Oct 23, 2015 Genre Action Adventure Version US ESRB Mature Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. PAX-Code PAX0006984212 Catalog No. 2100648 Item Code 0887256014360
Ubisoft Just Dance 2017
From RM 45.00 Ps4 Just Dance 2017 Game Digital Download English Version Here's the difference between basic and premium version - Basic/No Active - use my id to download the game then play the game by using MY account, trophy everything will go to MY account , must connect internet only can play the game, for those who dont mind and save money to play. Premium/Active - use my id to download the game then play the game by using YOUR OWN account , trophy everything will go to YOUR account , connected internet or no connect also can play the game. How to download the games - Log out/Switch User, New User, Create a User, Accept the user agreement, create user next, sign in by the id and password we provide you , go to library, go to purchased download the game. Many Customer's Question - Is it save to download it or is there any chance of banned by sony ? Answer - The game we provided is download from the official PlayStation Store Website , 100% original game , Safe and Guaranteed . Important note for Premium/Active Version buyers !! Please make sure you going login and download the game on that day only make your payment, after I give the Id/password download the game as soon as you can, after few hour the account will take it back, old password will not able to log in ,the game just only for one ps4, do not share.Remember finished download the game DO NOT DELETE OR UPDATE the id , use your own Id to play the game but my id user must keep there , if u deleted or update it will locked and unable to play. Products sold are in digital form,therefore no physical disc is provided Products are non refundable once id have send out Terms&Condition DO NOT CHANGE THE ID AND PASSWORD WE PROVIDED YOU,DO NOT UPDATE THE GAME BY YOURSELF, if we found out cilents who make mistake we will call to Sony Centre and take back the account #Ps4Game #DigitalDownload
Ubisoft TrackMania Turbo
From RM 86.20 TrackMania Turbo features an “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay style that relies on time-attack racing where players set their own limits and challenges. The gameplay revolves around the perfect combination of matchbox car fantasy on a massive scale, focusing on the pursuit of the perfect run around the track. Players can test their skills in the campaign mode, which includes more than 200 head-spinning tracks set in four beautiful environments, each with their own gameplay style. Among these environments is the brand new Lagoon Rollercoaster set in a tropical paradise, which relies on gravity and magnetic forces to keep the drivers on track. To bring these new environments to life, the team has developed a new art direction led by academy award-winning Creative Director, Francois Alaux*. The new direction uses next-generation graphics, based on racing culture elements, to create a visual identity that immerses gamers in the arcade racing experience. Trackmania Turbo also introduces an all-new mode to expand the gaming experience. Double Driver is a co-op mode which challenges two players to coordinate and control the same car with two controllers. It also implements a new systemic music feature, where the music is tied to the racing experience, creating its own variations of intensity and dramatic drops. For those looking to create their own experiences, Trackbuilder is an innovative feature that provides a diversified gaming experience by blending arcade-style racing with an intuitive, customisation toolbox. Players can use Trackbuilder to design an infinite number of unique and creative tracks, or try their luck by generating random ones. Tracks built in Trackbuilder can also be saved and shared amongst the Trackmania community. Required for VR Features (not included): PlayStation VR Headset PlayStation 4 Camera Free VR update for TrackMania Turbo is now available (Internet Required to Download) for owners of the ultimate arcade-racing game. A free demo, featuring four tracks, is also available for members of the public who are eager to discover this powerful VR experience. Through 40 exclusive VR tracks set in four different environments (International Stadium, Valley Down & Dirty, Rollercoaster Lagoon and Canyon Grand Drift), players will be able to experience the intense speed and the spectacular jumps, loops and wall-rides of Trackmania Turbo like never before, thanks to the latest VR technology. For players who have never tried the game before, a free four-track demo on the Rollercoaster Lagoon and Canyon Grand Drift environments is now available on PlayStation VR

8. Budget-friendly Laptops

Singles’ Day is also the perfect time to find good deals on budget-friendly laptops. However, for high-end models, they won’t probably be steeply discounted. If you’re in the market for an affordable laptop, make sure to do your research on essential aspects like the processor, and RAM count to avoid computer-buying mistakes. On Microsoft 11.11 sale, you’ll most likely find laptops that are not only affordable but also wield impressive specs.

9. DVDs and Blu-Rays

If you think DVD players and Blu-Ray players are already obsolete, think again. You may not realize that if you’re used to streaming your favorite TV series and movies instead of watching them on a Blu-Ray or DVD, you’re probably missing out the best video quality. Blu-Rays offer exceptional video and audio quality, much higher than what is found in streaming. So, if you are in the market for a DVD or Blu-Ray, Lazada 11.11 sale is the best place to find great deals.

10. Smartwatches

Whether you’re after a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, there are a plethora of wearables around, and everybody’s expecting to find awesome deals on some models on 11.11 Sale Malaysia. To help you find the best deals, do not only focus on affordability; make sure you know what features to look out for in smartwatches. Top-of-the-line chipset, capacious battery life, and connectivity options are just a few of the many important specifications you’ll probably want for a wearable.

All that online shopping gets better on Singles Day, as soon as the prices of some of these tech products go down, making it more practical for shoppers on a budget. Although some electronics are still going to be pricey, 11.11 Sale Malaysia will be an opportunity to get the best prices on them.

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