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Lost in the GoPro World? We'll Help You Choose the Best Companion for You

14 July 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Looking for that right GoPro travel buddy is like going through a maze; you don’t know which one will suit you best.

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a fitness buff, or a traveler who just wants to capture life's precious moments, GoPro cameras in Malaysia are made just for you. They may be marketed as the go-to camera that could weather through the roughest terrains and ambivalent weather but they are actually the camera brand for all occasions. Finding one is easy though by checking our narrowed down list of GoPro travel cameras, each has its unique features designed for modern-day adventurers and travelers.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

If you’re looking for an impressive camera for travel, this is one of our best recommendations. This is a good camera for starters, shooting amazing 1080p footages and amazing video quality at 2.7K and 4K resolutions without experiencing any problems. What sets it apart from its predecessors is that it comes with an image stabilization feature that avoids jitters and shakes while doing a footage.

Another feature you might like is the voice control that lets you take a photo or record a video by simply speaking to your camera, unlike other models that need you to use the buttons every single time when recording. “GoPro start recording” and “GoPro take a photo” are just two of the 12 voice commands that provide the user convenience.

A great travel camera is never complete without a waterproofing protection. GoPro makes sure you won’t spend a dime on a separate case in order to take your Hero 5 Black into the water. This makes the Hero 5 Black easy to use and a practical option for travelers who don’t want to fumble around the device to fit it in a waterproofing case.

GoPro Hero 4 Session

If you don’t want to break your piggy bank, how about you take a look at GoPro Hero 4 Session? Bring this camera with you on your trip as it has ideal features for traveling including a shooting capability of 1440p and 1080p at 30 fps and 60 fps. It also has a burst shooting feature with a frame rate of 10 fps and an 8 MP image quality.

Although this camera lacks the powerful features of current GoPro models in Malaysia, it makes up for it by its small and portable size, making it much easier to carry around and use when you’re exploring attractions. Its small size makes it less obvious that you’re taking a photo or video, allowing you to use it secretly in places such as museums and restaurants. Another thing that makes it easier to use compared to other models is that with a single press of a button, you can capture videos and photos quickly. With that, there’s no way you will miss those interesting and captivating moments.

Like the Hero 5 Black, the Hero 4 Session is waterproof, meaning there’s no need for you to spend money on additional housing! Plus, it charges very quickly and has a more capacious battery life, much larger than its Hero 4 models.

GoPro Hero 4 Black

When GoPro materialized the Hero 5 Black, the Hero 4 Black joined the ranks of its predecessors. But that does not mean they are outdated; they still remain one of the best range of cameras and still sought-after for their ability to shoot decent videos and photos for an affordable price tag. What’s more, they host other impressive features that travelers and photographers alike find very useful like 4K filming resolution, Night Photo and Night Lapse shooting modes, a slow-motion filming at 240 fps, an image quality of 12 MP, a burst shot of 20 fps, and a waterproofing build.

Aside from being waterproof, it is incredibly durable, making it the ideal camera to take with you while skiing, trekking, cycling, and snowboarding. Also, with its 4K filming resolution, you can take videos with stunning quality that you rarely see in other models.

If you are frustrated shooting in low light situations, the Hero 4 Black has a Night Photo and Night Lapse settings, leaving the device’s sensor open for up to 30 seconds to capture long exposure shots. These settings are not only enjoyable to use but also improve the quality of videos and photos that you take at night.

If you don’t want to shell out for GoPro’s top-of-the-line Hero 5 Black, but you still want something of great quality and durability, then the Hero 4 Black is the best option.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Like the Hero 4 Black, the Hero 4 Silver used to be one of the best GoPro models; now it is a mid-range camera with current features on par with the Black edition. What makes it different from its Black counterpart is that it has built-in touch display LCD screen, giving you an actual view of what the camera captures. Not to mention, it allows you to control camera menu items through its touch controls.

You can also shoot videos in slow motion, full HD, and 4K with the Hero 4 Silver. What’s more, it has the ability to take still photos and do time-lapse, similar to the Black version.

If you consider going for the GoPro Hero 4 range of cameras in Malaysia, but you don’t know which version to choose, here are our recommendations:

  • If you want to shell out for a much better camera, then the Hero 4 Black is the most suitable option. It costs 20% more than the Silver.
  • If you prefer a built-in live view screen, then get the Silver edition. This feature provides more convenience when framing your shots or playing back and reviewing your footages and photos.

Final Thoughts

Every GoPro Hero model has its own noteworthy feature, designed for specific scenarios or situations. Despite that, it doesn't stop GoPro cameras from giving you the best shots for your day-to-day photography needs. Their specific features may have their own share of use when the need calls for it, but at the end of the day, they are just icing on the cake. Choosing the best one for you depends on how further you want to take your photography experience.

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