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You Can Now Pay for Things Using Your Garmin Watch

17 December 2017 | MJ Mendoza

It's almost 2018 but looks like the future is happening right now. Announced just this year, anybody who owns a Vivoactive 3 Garmin watch can now pay for anything from bills, groceries, and other essentials without reaching for your wallet. Although it only works for one Garmin watch as of now, Garmin has big plans to expand Garmin Pay to all their devices.

Garmin Pay is a contactless payment solution designed to compete against Apple Pay, Android Pay, and even Fitbit Pay. With it, you can enroll your debit or credit card to the service and then use the NFC (Near Field Communication) within the watch to pay at contactless terminals. With Garment Pay, you don't need to bring your wallet during a run or any outdoor activity, all you need is your Garmin watch and you're all set.

What You Need for Garmin Pay

Being able to pay with your watch is a thing of the future but there are some things that you need before you can make it work. You would need a Vivoactive 3 Garmin watch, have an account with participating banks, and Garmin Pay terminals in stores.

Setup your Garmin Pay

If you want to use Garmin Pay, the first thing that you need to do is to set it up using your Garmin Connect mobile app. Go to the Garmin devices section under More above the settings menu. Choose Vivoactive 3 (or any device with the Garmin Pay feature) and select Garmin Pay then create your wallet. Once you do, you would need to create a four-digit code to keep it secure and then enter your card details manually.

Go to the Store

Now that you have your Garmin watch set up, you can now use Garmin Pay for your purchases. All you need to do is look for this symbol on a store you wish to purchase from.

Make Payments

To make payments, all you need to do is hold the action button to bring up the Navigation Controls menu then tap the Virtual Wallet icon. Enter your four-digit passcode for security (you would need to enter your four-digit passcode every 24 hours or everytime you take off the watch), then select the card you want to use. Hold your wrist near the contactless card reader until the outer-edge of the watch turns green to signify that the transaction is complete.

If in the event you enter your passcode incorrectly within three attempts, your Virtual Wallet and your Garmin watch would be automatically locked. You would need to enter your old passcode on the Garmin Connect mobile app, otherwise, Garmin would delete your entire Virtual Wallet to protect your banking details. However, you can set it up again starting from step one.

In Conclusion…

The idea that you can now use your watch to pay for anything is amazing and somewhat futuristic. However, the feature is still only available in the United States and in the United States with a limited number of banks and stores offering the service. Regardless, the future looks bright so grab a Garmin watch, specifically the Vivoactive 3 and be the first to use Garmin Pay in Malaysia!

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