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The Ultimate Guide to Watching FIFA World Cup 2018 at Home

07 June 2018 | Ben Sim

It’s time — for the FIFA World Cup 2018! Compared to the Olympics, the only other once-every-4-year sports event that riles up Malaysians even more is the FIFA World Cup.

Get ready for a spike in sports subscriptions, seeing kaki bola's sporting World Cup jerseys and the occasional cheers and roars at the nearby mamak that will wake you up around 2AM.

This post is for real football fans who aren’t afraid to show their love for the sport & who want to spend time at home with their friends as they cheer like madmen at their TVs.

Finding the World Cup 2018 schedule


Before anything, get to know when is the latest football match so you can time your dinners and naps to fit the FIFA World Cup schedule. Find the latest FIFA World Cup schedule and qualifier rounds here.

As to where you can watch the telecast, you can catch 41 of the 64 matches, of which 27 will be shown live for free on RTM. Alternatively, if you wish to watch ALL 64 matches, you can pay RM120 (lower if you’re an Astro subscriber) to watch it on Astro GO. You can purchase the passes here.

Bookmark it, screenshot it, write it down on a notebook — whatever you need to do, to not miss the game!

Stock up your fridge & energy ammo

Candy bars, energy drinks, coffee — these are all necessary if you are in it to the end. Prepare some snacks and drinks to keep yourself awake and boosted for each game. Invite some friends over, keep some Red Bulls, beer and tidbits, and have a blast! Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with water.

For the nights you have your friends over, have some food delivered to your doorstep. Use this coupon from Foodpanda for RM20 off your first order, or you can use this coupon from GrabFood to get RM15 off your first two orders.

Bring out your inner fanboy / fangirl with your favourite team jerseys

No football viewing is complete without sporting your favourite team jersey as though you are playing alongside them!

Get your hands on some of the World Cup jerseys:

Germany World Cup Jerseys

Brazil World Cup Jerseys

France World Cup Jerseys

Argentina World Cup Jerseys

Spain World Cup Jerseys

Didn't see the team you want? Check out all the complete FIFA World Cup 2018 Jersey collection on iPrice.

If that's isn’t enough for your the football fan in you, wrap your neck and don a cape with your favourite team’s World Cup scarves and flags.

But sometimes, we still need to work...

Not all of us can sit around and enjoy watching the game sadly. Some of us would still have to work late into the night just to catch up. But no worries, you can still catch the game and finish your work!

To make sure you can talk to to your friends and your boss with a smile the other morning, get a portable laptop desk to use and work in comfort while you watch.

Ladies, if you’re worried about looking tired the next morning at work, put on some face masks while you watch the game to keep your face looking fresh the next day.

After the game, get a good night’s sleep

Who says we’re stopping at just watching the game? Cleaning up and getting ready for bed is part of the process too, you know.

With a huge chunk of matches being broadcasted past midnight, getting every minute of quality sleep matters a whole deal. Especially since there’s still work to do the following day. Equip yourself with some fine pillows to make sure you have sound and well deserved rest.

We all want to enjoy the game to the fullest & roar our lungs out when we win bets against our friends. Just remember to know when the game will be playing, stock up on food & drinks, sport your favourite team’s jersey, and if you really need to, get a portable laptop desk or put on a facial mask to feel productive while glued to your screens.

Anything we left out to make watching the World Cup even more epic? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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