Why Your First Luxury Bag Should be a Louis Vuitton

Jillian Cheong

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to something fancy occasionally, because it is a form of reward that we bestow upon ourselves. In the world of luxury items, Louis Vuitton is unarguably the biggest handbag brand in the world and owning one will ensure a lifetime investment.

Quality, craftmanship, resale value are some of the benefits of selecting Louis Vuitton as your first luxury handbag to purchase. Many people settle for this brand due to its reputability as well as its ubiquitous monogram logo. Purchasing your first ever luxury item can be daunting, but here are reasons why you should own a handbag from one of the world’s most recognizable brand.

Affordable Luxury

Louis Vuitton offers handbags that run the spectrum of affordable luxury to ultra luxurious. You do not have to be filthy rich to own an LV handbag which makes it easier for everyone to find an item they fancy. For the average woman, it is somewhat of a steal in terms of pricing especially in the great scheme of designer handbags.

Dozens of options

Although the brand is well-known for their monogram canvas, not everyone will be fond of the logo prints. There are plenty of other options available as well as whatever graces the runways that season, because Louis Vuitton comes up with a new designs nearly every season.

Quality over quantity

Loyal customers of the brand love their LV handbags as they are practically indestructible. This makes it another great reason to select this brand as your first luxury purchase as you do not have to worry about any kind of damage. Originally developed for travel gears such as suitcases, the canvas is made out of really sturdy material which makes it the perfect handbag for every low-maintenance girl out there!

Available everywhere

Whether you choose to purchase it online or in stores, Louis Vuitton is easy to purchase and available literally anywhere. Nonetheless, there are plenty of counterfeits out there so do make sure that you look for the best sources to invest in the handbag.

Whatever your reason for choosing Louis Vuitton as your first luxury handbag, do ensure that you do a little research on the brand. This is because; by researching about the iconic bag’s history, you will gain a better appreciation not only for their vintage beauty but also of their enduring value.

About Louis Vuitton

Established in Paris, France, Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest luxury brands with over 160 years of history. The brand is known for its LV monogram and various luxury goods. Founder Louis Vuitton originally observed stackable trunks or suitcases and decided to produce his own version and in 1858, he introduced the canvas trunks where he changed the norm of using rounded-top, un-stackable trunks. 21 years after Vuitton’s death, his stackable trunks have made its marks in France and beyond and the brand finally opened a flagship store in Champs-Elysees. Kick-start your luxury collection with the bags below!

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