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Welcome the New Year with Sharp Products for Your Home

25 December 2017 | Jonathan So

As we get ready for 2018 to arrive, it is time to start afresh and look towards improving our lives. Instead of setting new year resolutions that are more often than not unachieved by the end of the year, why not upgrade your home with innovative products from Sharp instead?

Sharp is a Japanese company that specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative electronic products and appliances, primarily for residential usage. Hence, they are the best appliances to have at home if you are looking for a new start for 2018. Here are some of the top Sharp products that you should look out for:

Sharp Televisions

One of Sharp’s bestsellers is its range of televisions. A Sharp AQUOS LCD or LED TV is a must-have addition to your living room if you plan to convert the space into your personal theatre. These televisions are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enable you to experience cinema-standard graphics in the comfort of your living room, delivering rich colours and immersive visual quality. Sharp televisions are available across multiple sizes – from the compact 19” units to ultra-wide 90” models, so you can easily find one that best matches the size of your living room. Apart from televisions, Sharp also has audio systems to help you complement your home theatre ensemble.

Sharp Refrigerators

Sharp is also known for providing top-quality refrigerators for households. Sharp refrigerators can be found in a wide range of storage capacities for you to choose from. These units come with Sharp’s patented cooling technology that keeps your food items fresh while maintaining their nutrients. Moreover, these units are designed to be energy-efficient, enabling users to save on their electricity bills in the long run. Available in one-door to four-door units, Sharp refrigerators can accommodate individuals staying alone as well as big families.

Sharp Air-Conditioners

Sharp also manufactures a wide variety of air-conditioners that you can install at home to counter the hot and humid Malaysian weather. These units are designed to not only cool down the air effectively but also to remove harmful contaminants that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This means that by installing these units at home, you and your loved ones can breathe in fresh and healthy air. Enjoy ultimate comfort with Sharp air-conditioning units.

RM 2,145.00 2.5hp wall type (R410a) 23,500Btu 3 star rating energy saving Super Jet Comfort mode Gentle cool air system 12-hour on/off timer Low wattage type Auto sleep mode Auto Swing Louver 5 year warranty on compressor Product details of Sharp Plasmacluster 2.5hp eco Non-Inverter Split Air-Conditioner AHAP24SMD & AUA24SMD - R410a Plamacluster ions - High density 7000 which clean the room air powerfully and quickly. Super jet delivers powerful cool air downward and cools the room and your body quickly. Baby sleep mode, gentle, healthy cooling for delicate people such as babies and mothers-to-be Gentle cool air system provies cold air traveling up the ceiling during cooling operation in order to abvoid direct airflow. Low wattage type, highly efficient evaporators and condensers enable these models to operate with greater energy efficiency. Plasmacluster Ions clean the air inside rooms, as well as break down and remove unwanted odors. The air inside ordinary houses contains invisible, harmful organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Sharp's unique Plasmacluster technology, installed in your air conditioner, uses the actions of positive and negative ions to clean up these airborne contaminants and create a pleasant living space. image Plasmacluster Ions minimize the growth ofmold inside the air conditioner. (Inverter and Super Deluxe models only) While air blow and dry operations are performed for about 40minutes, Plasmacluster Ions are blown through the interior of indoor equipment. This prevents odor-causing mold from growing on the surface of the heat exchanger. (Note: Mold already formed cannot be removed.) Energy-Saving design dramatically reduces the electric bill Comfort mode keeps you cool and comfortable image Baby sleep mode protects delicate babies from excessive cooling Super Jet Powerful airflow directed straight at the body. Delivers a powerful blast of cool air. When you stand in front of the air conditioner, you can feel the cool breeze with your entire body. For times when you want to cool down quickly, this offers relief from hot, humid weather, or after exercise or other exertion. The new model reaches the set temperature approx. 30% faster than conventional models, as shown in the graph above. Powerful Jet cools the room quickly, so you don't have to wait to relax. image All- aluminum heat exchanger supports durability for long, reliable use. Specifications of Sharp Plasmacluster 2.5hp eco Non-Inverter Split Air-Conditioner AHAP24SMD & AUA24SMD - R410a What's in the box: 1 x set x Sharp Plasmacluster 2.5hp eco Non-Inverter Split Air-Conditioner AHAP24SMD & AUA24SMD - R410a 1 x remote control General Features: No inverter Model AHAP24SMD & AUA24SMD Power Consumption 2590 Size (L x W x H) 24.9 x 100.6 x 31.6 & 33 x 85 x 71 Weight 60 Type Air Conditioner Split Air Conditioner Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty Type On-Site Warranty

Sharp Kitchen Appliances

Plan to pick up cooking next year? Then Sharp has you covered. Featuring a wide selection of kitchen appliances in its inventory, Sharp allows you to unleash your culinary creativity. These kitchen appliances simplify the cooking process, enabling you to whip up delicious dishes without too much hassle. Whether you are a professional chef or in charge of feeding your loved ones, you can definitely benefit from having Sharp cooking appliances in your kitchen. Blenders, ovens, mixers, cookers, you name it, Sharp has it.

Whether you are looking to replace old appliances or purchase new ones to upgrade your lifestyle, Sharp is the brand for you. End 2017 with a bang and welcome the new year with Sharp products!

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