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Travel-friendly Innisfree Masks for Jet-setters

15 October 2017 | Jillian Cheong

We tend to neglect our skin while we travel as it is easy to get caught up in the moment. If you are constantly on-the-go, do not let it ruin your once flawless skin.

The moisture level in our skin will be the first target while flying in dry cabin air. Long flights can cause your skin to dry out because we are usually comfortable with 40 to 70 percent of humidity. However, most airplane cabins are only at about 20 percent. And the simplest way to combat the problem is to be hydrated. Other than drinking plenty of H20, another efficient and surefire way to keep your skin hydrated is by making use of Innisfree masks that are compact enough to be brought wherever you go!

Second Skin Mask - Moisture

Feel as if your skin has regenerated with this second skin mask. It is the perfect item for keeping dry and rough skin at bay with its Hyaluronic acid that is full of moisture. As the name suggests, the sheet masks adhere to the face like a second skin while delivering the active ingredients such as the fermented soybean onto the skin. You will definitely feel refreshed after a long-haul flight as the masks cools the skin down by 5℃.

Capsule Recipe Pack

Every individual has different skin types and concerns. Worry not as Innisfree's Capsule Recipe Pack has plenty of options for you to choose from. The capsules come in form of a sleeping pack, wash-off pack or cold pack. It is recommended to opt for the hydrating and moisturising packs such as the Canola, Green Tea, Bamboo, and Aloe. This tiny capsule will be your perfect partner in crime while you travel as one capsule is sufficient enough to be used two to three times!

It's Real Squeeze Mask

Comes in a variety of 15 unique sheets, the It's Real Squeeze Mask is made with a superior masking technology – 3-layered cotton sheet. This is so that the masks remain moist while providing the necessary nutrition to the skin allowing for a higher absorption rate.

Coconut Bio-Cellulose Mask

Coconut is known as one of the most versatile fruit out there. You can eat it, drink it as well as put it on your face! Innisfree's Coconut Jelly Mask is formulated with coconut water and oil that helps to moisturize dry skin and form a moisture-retaining shield for flawless, soft skin. The bio-cellulose mask conforms to your face which effectively delivers the essence and keeps the skin hydrated even after your land.

Make-up 1 Minute Mask

If you want your makeup looking on point as you arrive at your destination, the Make-up 1 Minute Mask is here to the rescue! Prep your skin for makeup with this foundation mask made with organic Jeju green tea. It is made with pure cotton which helps soothe the skin without stimulating it.

Amp your skincare routine with the only the best naturalism-oriented cosmetic from Innisfree. Check them out below!

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