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Toll Booth Tips for a Smooth Pass

27 September 2018 | Joel Vijay

Stuck at the toll booth? Here’s 4 tips to have a smooth pass with Touch ‘n Go, SmartTAG and RFID

Amid the hassle of driving in Malaysia, we have other nuisances that could ruin our day when on the road. One of these problems comes in the form of being stuck in a long line at the toll booth. Worse still, being the source of the traffic jam. But don’t worry, we’ve got 4 tips to help you avoid this problem altogether.

Keep to the speed limit

This should come as common sense to most people. Unfortunately, common sense is not all that common these days. Keeping to the speed limit ensures an easy and safe ride through the toll gate. It also enables you to accurately space yourself between the toll booth walls – particularly if you’re using Touch ‘n Go card. This would keep you from rubbing your tires against the curb and creating curb rash on your rims.

Wait for the barrier to come down

Most of us Malaysian drivers have no time to wait. This means we often speed through the toll gate as soon as the other car is through. But like all types of electronics, the SmartTAG and RFID sensors take time to reset for the next transaction to be processed. The only trick to a smooth pass here would be to give the barrier 2 seconds to come down before you reach the sensor area.

Have enough credit in your TnG or SmartTAG card

We’ve all seen drivers get stuck at toll gates due to insufficient balance in their card. We see their panicked faces trying to desperately find their secondary card or worse, to frantically reverse out of the toll gate. In this panic and fear, people tend to make mistakes such as reversing into other cars, reckless lane-cutting, and excessive cursing.

Overcome this problem by keeping your credit balance high at all times. It’s best to keep a minimum of RM30 in your card at any given time. If you are travelling outstation or long distances, be sure to have at least RM100 worth of credit.

Have a secondary TnG card

Here’s where many people go wrong – they only have one card. The beauty of Touch ‘n Go cards is that we can have multiple and interchange using them. Particularly on short-distance trips, if you have more than one card, you can ensure one will always have credit on it. That way, you can have enough t use when you get to the toll booth.

Bonus tip:

Yes, we said 4 tips, but we have a bonus to add on to this list: Stop using your phone while driving! Even if you’ve got the latest iPhone XS and can’t take your eyes off it, please put it down and watch where you’re going. It could help you with the tips above.

If you drive on a regular basis, you should already have some tricks up your sleeve to avoid getting in hassles at the toll booth. What are some tricks that you know of when driving?

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