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The Only 2018 Mother's Day Guide You Will Ever Need

17 April 2018 | Ben Sim

You love your mom. She has been there with you thick and thin, through the harshest and most joyful times of your life. She’s been your biggest fan and supporter. Now, you want to return the favour and say “I Love You” in as many ways as possible.

If there’s just one day during the year to show your mom love, it would be Mother’s Day!

This year, it’s going to be on May 13.

Here’s how to show your mom love on Mother’s Day!

Every Mom is Different

Not all mothers are the same; some prefer gifts, some prefer quality time, some prefer words of affirmation.

According to the author of the best-selling book The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman, states there are five distinct styles of communication when it comes to receiving love. All you have to do is figure out which are mainly your mom's and do more of that.

Ask yourself:

“What does mom respond to more - gifts or acts of service?”
“Is she the type who likes hugs or beautiful worded messages?”
“Does she prefer quality time with you or you doing things for her?”

You know your mom best - pick the two love languages she gets most delight from and have your activities on Mother’s Day structured around that.

Check out the following ideas you can do to make Mother’s Day unforgettable for her.

1. Words of affirmation

  • Give you mom a call and chat for a while
  • Send her messages of appreciation
  • Spend time to craft a beautiful letter highlighting the sacrifices she made and the most beautiful memories you two have together.

2. Physical touch

  • Give your mom a hug
  • Kiss her on the cheek
  • Hold hands

3. Receiving gifts

What does she enjoy or use on a daily basis? The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be thoughtful. Here are some gift ideas:

4. Quality time

  • Focused one-on-one conversations
  • Special moments together - doing novel activities together (we recommend Fave)
  • Cooking together (we recommend honestbee to have the groceries delivered to you)
  • If you are away from home, take a flight back and spend time with your mom (we recommend AirAsia)

5. Acts of service

  • Do chores together
  • Make dinner together
  • Reduce her daily workload

If you are looking for something simpler, here is an itinerary you can follow on Mother’s Day that will melt her heart and make you a proud daughter or son.

a) Have flowers delivered to your mom while you are at work

Nothing screams “I Love You” more than a surprise flower delivery, especially so when you are busy at work and your mom least expects it.

When it comes to flower delivery, we pick Flower Chimp for their wide selection of flowers and fast delivery. Just order your favourite bouquet of flowers and you’re set!

b) Buy food to cook at home

We recommend honestbee for grocery delivery and takeaway.

You can also show your mom how to order online so she don't have to find parking everytime she goes to Sunday market or the nearby supermarket.


c) Bring her to her favourite place to eat

Think back to the places where she lights up when she eats the food. What was her favourite dish? How did she like it done? Recount your steps and treat her to a dinner she enjoys most.

d) A few days after Mother's Day, bring her to experience something new together

Who doesn’t like surprises? She expects something on Mothers Day, but she wouldn’t expect anything for the other days.

No need to wait till the next Mother’s day to show appreciation - any day can do :)

We recommend Fave for their wide range of adventures, relaxation and travel activities.

e) Fly back if you are abroad

If you are working in a city away from your mom, flying back to her would be the ULTIMATE gift.

Be sure to book your flights early with AirAsia to get the best prices. Meanwhile, you can start shopping for her favourite foods from your city and plan the special day.

Loving your mom has never been easier. You can send freshly cut flowers from a thousand miles away, send a good morning voice note to bring a smile on her face, or record a video full of kisses. You can fly back and surprise your mom on a moment’s notice and have a warm hearty dinner together. When it comes down to it, all she really wants to is to spend time with you - going the extra mile will make her day that much sweeter.

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