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Singles’ Day 11.11 Sale: Score the biggest travel deals with Agoda, Expedia and Many More

08 November 2017 | Jillian Cheong

Taking the e-commerce scene by storm this coming Saturday is the Singles’ Day 11.11 Sale. A little backstory about Singles’ Day also known as China’s anti-Valentine’s day which was co-opted by e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2009. The massive sale is slowly gaining traction not only in Asia but all over the world.

If you’re always on the hunt for travel promotions, the Singles’ Day 11.11 Sale is the day you should make full use of it. Here’s a guide on how you can make the most out of this one-day deal!

Follow the recommendations

Since this is a one-day sale, time is limited and decisions must be made quickly. While your wanderlust is still in full effect, it is advisable to follow the recommendations provided on the site. Do take note that each travel site proposes their destinations in different ways, but do not fret as here are guides for you to look for the best deals within a short amount of time.


As time is ticking away, a sure-fire way you can get the best travel deals is via Expedia’s ‘Last Minute Deals’. On this page, you’ll get the most popular recommendations such as last-minute flights, last minute hotels, last minute holidays as well as last minute packages. Whether if you plan to travel within the week or next, Expedia has properly picked out the dates and airline that will ensure that you get the best deals! On the other hand, if you’ve already bought your flight tickets but still on the lookout for an accommodation, Expedia has hand-picked the best hotels that will ensure you have a restful night of sleep.

Similar to Expedia, also offers the best last-minute deals where you can “book today and holiday tomorrow”! The recommended top destinations for each region (Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas) will help you make your selection easier. You can also opt for the ‘Deal of the day’ where there are multiple destinations for you to choose from., has also listed star ratings for hotels with their estimated prices so that you can roughly gauge how much you’d be spending. For more specific recommendations, the site has provided a list of hotel deals in Japan, Korea, and resort getaway.

Read Reviews

Another way of narrowing down your options is to read the on-site reviews. has roughly accumulated over 15,000,000 reviews from travellers all over the world. Simply look for the perfect place to stay and read honest reviews from the Agoda travel community. For each accommodation that you have selected, simply scroll below to read all the verified reviews that may be useful for your search. Simply sort it from the most recent or adjust the ratings in terms of high to low or low to high.

Customize your coupons

Passionate about everything travel, brings every traveller the best deals from travel destinations to accommodations. After waiting all year long, you can finally have the best year-end getaway without breaking the bank.’s unique approach to the Singles’ Day celebration is for travellers to generate their own coupon code and get up to 10% off! Users are given “ingredients” to create their perfect holiday. From the dropdown menu, there are four categories of destination options to choose from which are city, resorts, nature, and historic sites. On top of that, there are four activities that can be chosen based on your travel interest. Once you are satisfied with your decision, simply click the ‘generate a coupon’ button.

Be a smart traveller and get covered

Many travellers dismiss the importance of travel insurance as they are not willing to spend the extra money on something that is not considered a necessity. In actuality, getting travel protection while you’re overseas is a smart move.

Celebrate your single-hood with some retail therapy and start browsing through the awesome coupons offered on iPrice. If you missed out on the 11.11 Sale, you can always anticipate the aftershock of this event with the 12.12 Sale!

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