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6 Things Malaysians Will Do During World Cup 2018

23 May 2018 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Can you believe it's already been 4 years since the last World Cup? This year, football's biggest tournament will take place in Russia from June 14 to July 15. Most fans' favourite teams like Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil will be back to fight for the coveted gold trophy.

Although the World Cup 2018 is an international event, there are some things and habits that one can only find with Malaysian football enthusiasts. Check them out below!

Lepak at mamak for hours

Source: Yahoo News

A known Malaysian tradition when the World Cup comes around is to hang around at a mamak for hours on end. Whether we're with a group of friends or by ourselves, Malaysians would usually arrive at the mamak at least 2 hours before the match to grab some food, a cup of teh tarik, and enjoy their Winston cigarettes or taking a drag from their vapes.

Source: The Hive

During the match, everyone suddenly turns into football experts, acting like we're the ones playing and giving commentaries here and there like “walao, pass la” or “like that also cannot score”. After the match, everyone usually stays back to discuss the match over some more teh tarik. In the end, we won't realize that we've been lepaking at the mamak for at least 5 hours!

Skipping sleep just for the match

Since the last World Cup was held in Brazil, the schedule for the matches followed local timings which means we had to stay up all night and sacrifice our sleeping time. A lot of the matches during World Cup 2014 were scheduled around 3 AM Malaysian time. Instead of getting some shut-eye before the match, many of us decided to just cincai lah and stay up all through the night.

This year, however, Russia is only 5 hours behind Malaysia so hopefully, we won’t have to chug down some Red Bull just to stay awake when World Cup 2018 comes around.

...And sleeping at work instead

We don’t support this behavior but some of us really do catch up on sleep at school or work because of the World Cup! Avoid angering your boss with a cup of coffee from your nearby Starbucks or a sachet of Old Town. Nevertheless, some people will still be filled with so much adrenaline from the last match that they can go through the day just fine while yapping about what Neymar did or didn’t do.

Bet on it, bet on it

What’s a World Cup without a little friendly bet? To make World Cup 2018 even more fun, best believe that us Malaysians will hold a friendly bet among our friends. The bet doesn’t have to involve money; the loser can just belanja the winner their next meal. Just make sure you bet smart so you don’t end up losing hundreds of Ringgit.

Go crazy for football jerseys

Source: Astro Awani

Just like fans of famous artist or musicians, football enthusiasts also go crazy for merch. Since there will be new jersey kits for every World Cup, people are going to get out of their way to have the latest official football jerseys from their favourite team.

If you’re atas you’d probably get the original official World Cup 2018 jersey kits, containing both home and away jerseys. If you’re an economical fan though, a Grade A replica from the pasar malam is okay also. Just don’t be that guy who changes jerseys every time their favourite team gets eliminated.

Shopping till you drop

The World Cup 2018 won't be just to satisfy the football fanatics; it's also the time for shopaholics to shop till they drop. Malaysians will make use of the World Cup exclusive coupons from merchants like to get great bargains for their World Cup merch and other necessities.

Those looking for sporty clothes opt for coupons from Yoox, Farfetch, and Shopee, while those looking for gadgets to improve their World Cup-watching experience will shop with coupons from Lenovo and Lazada. Not only do Malaysians tend to shop more during this period, they'd also travel using World Cup exclusive promotions from merchants like KKday.

When else can you get your favorite World Cup merch, jerseys, and more at only a fraction of the price?

Did we miss any habits Malaysians do during the World Cup? Leave your comments below and tell us which team you’ll be supporting in the upcoming World Cup 2018!

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